Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Bush will be in the skies over the Folsom area today as he attends a luncheon in El Dorado Hills. Marine One will be landing at the Serrano Country Club for a fundraiser. Also, Bush will be giving local Congressman John Doolittle a helping hand in his re-election bid. Doolittle is in the toughest election of his career. From the Sacramento Bee:

"The good news: no highways clogged by presidential motorcades.

Instead, the president is expected to arrive via helicopter, "helo-ing in" as the White House calls it, for lunch on a hilltop overlooking Folsom Lake, then "helo-ing" out two-plus hours later."

I'm just a few miles away from Serrano, so I'll be looking out for his flight.

UPDATE: Bush made it to town, raised $600,000, and was met by protestors.

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