Friday, December 08, 2006


It's "BLOGGER FRIDAY" on Constitutional Public Radio--Pat Curley will be Mark and Andrea's guest today.

Pat blogs at Brainster, Screw Loose Change, Lifelike Pundits, and is a guest blogger at other sites as well. Most recently, Right Wing News. Pat's interviews are among the best ever on CPR, so I suggest tuning in. You won't be disappointed.

For those of you who are new to Pat, he co-blogs with James B at SLC, and together they have received NATIONAL ATTENTION with their debunking of the 9-11 conspiracy theories. Their posts are the best. However, the real entertainment is in the comment section. I compare it to feeding time at the zoo.

You can listen to CPR live via the internet. The chat room is located here. Curtain goes up at 3 PM EST M-F. Be there.

Don't forget--Mark and Andrea blog at The Radio Patriots.

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