Monday, December 04, 2006


Years ago it was called "Red Scare"--commies hiding under our beds, in our closets, at our workplaces, and worse, inside our government. Hollywood was a hotbed of Red activity. The good news at the time: There was an active campaign to bring it to your attention-to warn you.
Tailgunner Joe was the most famous of those sounding the alarm. Some say he was over-the-top, dangerous, and even crazy. The sad fact is, you will not see another Tailgunner Joe in the Senate these days, or the House, because of political correctness. Might offend someone. That's for another post, though.

"No other American did more to rouse the nation to fury over the Left's failure to confront, and battle, the 20th-century's greatest enemy of freedom. No man did more to horsewhip out of town the New Deal-Fair Deal Democrats who had frittered away the fruits of victory. In 1952, Republicans swept the House, Senate and White House, and it was Joe McCarthy who led the bayonet charge."

The Radio Patriots are posting about Dr. Jack Wheeler's call for the creation of the modern-day version of the "Red Scare."

"Jack Wheeler and Steve Baldwin, a former California legislator and the executive director of the Council for National Policy teamed up to create the “Anti-Islamofascism Movement.” They warn the current war of global conquest being waged by Islamofascists will be an even tougher fight than the battle that focused on the Soviet Union."

If this idea gets off the ground, expect the PC crowd to go nuts. Get over to Radio Patriots and hit all the linkage.

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