Monday, January 22, 2007


Last night's interview with Jack Cashill was beyond my expectations. After listening to an interview like that, it's difficult to remain positive, especially knowing that Hillary could be in the White House in a couple of years. Disheartened? Somewhat. Podcast is available. Cashill's site.

***Andrea had a caller who has family in Lebanon--said there's a warning in the area for residents to remain inside their homes on Tuesday because something's going to happen. Just caught my attention.

***Malkin brings us Hillary playing Hardball.

***Parcells resigns from Cowboys. Thanks, T.O.

***The Brainster discusses conference champions as it relates to HER ROYAL C.

***Our man in the Morton Grove Bureau of Pajamas Media follows-up on Hussein Obama.

***Angel to Angel.

***Remember bumper cars at the fair? Well, Portland has its own version.

***Julie in Stowe reminds us of Milton Friedman's warning.

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