Monday, January 29, 2007


I stole the cartoon from Dr. Sanity. It says it all. Since I ripped-off her 'toon, I suppose I should invite you to read the post that goes with it. She reminds us of the myths that are continually thrown at us, then she delves into the inner workings of a left thinking mind. Continue reading here.

Hat tip to "Hillary Needs A Vacation" for the video. It's of Hillary meeting with Code Pinko, where she explains why she's supporting the invasion of Iraq--supporting Bush. She was adamant about the threat Saddam presented--based on her "careful review" of intelligence, ect. At the end of the vid, the Pinkos turn on her, sending Hillary into her oh-so-familiar shrill mode. Now that the political winds have shifted, Hillary has adjusted accordingly. The woman is totally full of crap.

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