Saturday, January 27, 2007


This story appeared Friday but soon went away. I found that rather odd since it's the type of story the MSM and the Dems love to point to when arguing that the mission in Iraq has fallen apart. Now, after some thinking, it's possible they are saving the story for when Pelosi and Murtha return from Iraq. Then they can hold a presser and point to this incident as a prime example of why we need to bring our troops home. From CBS News and AP:

(AP) "In perhaps the boldest and most sophisticated attack in four years of warfare, gunmen speaking English, wearing U.S. military uniforms and carrying American weapons abducted four U.S. soldiers last week at the provincial headquarters in the Shiite holy city of Karbala and then shot them to death."

"The security breakdown and the dramatic kidnapping and murder of four soldiers leaked out just as President Bush faces stiffening congressional opposition over his plan to flood Baghdad and surrounding regions with 21,500 more American troops. Two of Congress's most vocal war critics, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. John Murtha, were in the Iraqi capital as the news broke."

Murtha is very good at "sounding retreat." Expect more of this when he returns.

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