Monday, January 29, 2007


The Sandy Berger case is just too good. Can't leave it alone--too juicy. This story, I think, has all the makings of a full-blown scandal that has political consequences that could shake the foundations of Hillary's campaign, not to mention poor Bill's legacy. I'm just waiting for a dead body or two to show up.

Anyway, I've been holding out hope that this story would take hold somewhere in the media, spread, and force the Justice Department out of its slumber. To my surprise, that very thing could be happening right now.

The WSJ has an article about Berger's case and it appears that a group of republicans in congress have taken it upon themselves to force the Justice Department's hand:

"But the report did catch the attention of Rep. Tom Davis, the ranking Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, who last month, while he was still committee chairman, finished his own probe of the Berger affair. This week he and 17 other top Republicans wrote to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to detail the deficiencies the committee has found in the Justice Department's handling of the Berger case. They specifically asked him to administer the polygraph examination that Mr. Berger agreed to but was inexplicably never given."

Read about it here.

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