Sunday, January 28, 2007


Last week, Newt Gingrich testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which is chaired by Senator Biden. In his testimony, Gingrich discusses the problems we currently face in the war, problems that, he says, have been known for a couple decades but have yet to be addressed. And because of these breakdowns in our system of government, we face greater challenges in the war effort and will most certainly face even greater ones in the future.

Gingrich's testimony includes across-the-board criticisms of our government, media, as well as the president's current strategy. He points out 4 major threats against the United States, 3 weaknesses in the handling of the war and, more importantly, he lists 18 solutions that, in his opinion, need to be implemented before the machinery in Washington can expect to function at a level that will yield positive results in the overall war effort.

We, as consumers of news, are accustomed to people inside the beltway slamming this policy and that policy on a daily basis. But it's refreshing to have someone include a coherent list of solutions to these policy breakdowns. Refreshing, too, is having that list written in a manner that the average citizen can comprehend.

The inner workings of Washington are exceptionally complicated and political in nature; Gingrich goes out of his way to explain not only the problems but the solutions as well. Some problems, partisanship, are probably not going to be fixed given the political season we find ourselves in, however, they need to be pointed out.

If you're trying to understand the challenges we, as a Nation, face today, Gingrich's testimony is a must read. Here's the link.

***THE ANDREA SHEA-KING SHOW--TONIGHT!! (Produced by Mark Vance)

That's right, Aaron from Lifelike Pundits will be interviewed about his trip to the anti-war rally in Washington DC, which was held on Saturday. Aaron put together a great post about it and included some fantastic pictures and video.

Also on tonight's show will be David Bellavia--you don't want to miss this one. He is beyond amazing--a true American hero, on and off the battlefield.

Andrea's show will be broadcast live via the internet on 580 WDBO in Orlando at 9 PM EST.

Enter the chat room here--upper right--or call the show with your questions, toll free, at: 1-800-329-5858

Don't forget to check out Mark and Andrea's latest posts at Radio Patriots.

Brainster has his own take on the DC rally too.

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