Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Crime in the Sacramento area is so bad that people have become numb to all the stories reported through the local paper and tv newscasts. Privately, police will tell you that crime in this area is much worse than reports would indicate.

It's a war zone in Sacramento. In some areas it's just not safe to be out, especially if you're a woman. Your home, no matter what area, is becoming increasingly unsafe, too.

For some years now, the "home invasion robbery" has become the crime of choice for criminals in Sacramento. In July 2005, I was a victim of an attempted home invasion. I was lucky, though. I survived, and the police caught the guy. The trial date in my case is scheduled for the end of this month, but because of the story I'm about to tell you, I fully expect the defendant's lawyer to postpone the case. Putting his client in front of a Sacramento jury at this time would be inadvisable, in my opinion.

The other day, in a south Sacramento community, a crime occurred that was so shocking, so horrific, that public outcry is being felt all the way to the top of local law enforcement and government agencies. Here's what happened last Friday:

Sean Paul, Sr. and his son, Sean Paul, Jr., were out for a drive, planning to stop at a friend's home for a social call. Upon arriving at the house, Sean, Sr. walked to the front door. Sean, Jr. waited in the car. After Sr. knocked on the door, the resident opened it for him. Just then, a number of men materialized and forced Sr. through the open door--at gunpoint. A fight began just inside the door; Sr. was shot twice and fell to the floor, dead.

As the robbers fled the scene, one of them noticed Jr. sitting in the car parked curbside. With gun in hand, the robber reached into the car and placed the gun to Jr's head...and shot him while he sat strapped into his tiny car seat. Jr. was all of 7 months old. His father, who lay dead just inside the doorway, was 21.

What kind of animal does such a thing? I haven't a clue.

Originally, the police thought Jr. was hit with a stray round. But after further investigation, it was clear that Jr. was indeed executed. And these animals are still at large.

The horrific news of how Sean Jr died was told to Sacramento residents in Sunday's edition of the Bee.

Today, another article appeared in the Bee; this time with comments from Sean Paul, Jr's mother. She's 19.

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