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Through back channels here in northern California, intel indicates that yesterday was a special day for a young man down in Alabama. His name is Chris and it was his 10th birthday. That's a milestone birthday in my book!!

My report also says that Chris is a 4th grader--top of his class--attending middle school in Huntsville. He's fond of things like Transformers, Legos, and all things Star Wars. Enjoys movies, Napoleon Dynamite being his favorite. Weird Al Yankovich sings his favorite song, "Stuck In The Drive Thru." I like it too--here's the music video. Now, let's take a closer look at young Chris from Huntsville:

From what I gather, this report is telling me that Chris has quite the imagination coupled with a witty sense of humor. What's more, he's compassionate as well as humble. Some very important qualities in life, to be sure. Young Chris comes from good stock, I'd say.

Chris has his eye on a little gal he's known for half his life: Keely. It's reported there's a marriage already in the planning stages. Add "forward thinker" to his other list of qualities.

After reviewing Chris' school transcripts, they indicate that he's a STRAIGHT "A" student. In fact, he's been a STRAIGHT "A" student four years running. Chris is going places, and we'll be needing smart men like him in the future.

It's obvious that Chris has an aptitude for learning. He thinks he'd like to be a scientist, or a his dad. Here's his Dad--the one on the right, 1st Sgt CJ Grisham:

Here at TWD, the rest of the week is dedicated to Chris Grisham's 10th Birthday. All new posts will drop in below this one--Chris' rides up top. Happy Birthday, Chris!!

And if you'd like to pass along birthday wishes to Chris, drop him an email at:

Others reporting Chris' news.

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