Sunday, May 09, 2010


"THAT'S A TEA PARTY"--Yes, just a bible-thumpin', gun-totin', radical, fringe element of no consequence whatsoever. That's what you were told time and time again by the dispensers of truth in the left media.

The real truth: The Tea Party Movement isn't just a rally or a bus tour anymore; it's a fact of political life. Deal with it.

Incumbent politicians across the nation are going through a painful and sometimes humiliating political credit check before they are "loaned" the power and privilege to do our nation's business.

After an extensive review of Sen. Bennett's political credit history, the people of Utah found that he has a record of not making all his payments. As a result, Bennett was deemed a political credit risk and his application was rejected.

Breitbart TV has the story. (Since Bennett had a need for a tissue, you'd better have one handy too.)

The Radio Patriot hears "Laughter in the Rain."

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton introduces Gabriella, a person you will NOT see in the left media.


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