Friday, September 21, 2007


When Arizona, Oklahoma, and Missouri began passing sweeping legislation to rid their states of illegals, it was predicted that illegal workers would begin to migrate to neighboring states with a more favorable view of them. And that's exactly what happened. Since the federal government refuses to enforce laws already on the books, individual states are taking charge of the situation in a most effective way.

But, with all these new state laws being passed, an unintended consequence has begun to take shape: Illegals are fleeing to Canada.

Apparently, some illegals are noticing the trend here in the U.S. and are looking for not only a more friendly state, but a more friendly country. And that country would be good ol' Canada.

One city just over the border had been noticing a few families showing up on their doorstep. Then late this week a few hundred arrived. Officials are expecting thousands to arrive in the coming weeks, and they have no idea what they'll do.

Also, officials are saying they've never seen anything like this--welcome to the club--and they don't have the ability to handle such an influx. Again, welcome to the club, folks.

In Naples, Florida, an organization is finding itself at the center of this recent northerly migration. According to reports, the organization helps illegals to find a better locale in which to live and work as, well, illegals. Because these illegals paid this organization for information leading them to Canada for what they believed would be a better life, the organization is finding itself under increasing pressure. Apparently, illegals were told they'd receive refugee status upon arriving in Canada, but that's not the case. Of course, the organization denies any wrong doing in the matter.

Keep your eye on this story. It should be interesting. For other interesting posts about illegal immigration, head on over to COMMON SENSE AMERICA. Christi King will be there to welcome you.

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