Thursday, September 27, 2007


Haven't been feeling well lately, so posts have been sparse. Then, of course, after I get to feelin' better, my cable connection begins to go haywire. And so it goes.

The Dream Act, if you haven't been paying attention, is the little sister to Immigration Reform, which went down in a ball of flames a couple months back after enough Americans grabbed congress by the throat. At the time, the message was very clear: Americans DO NOT want amnesty for the illegals; Americans want their government to enforce the existing laws. Very clear, I think.

So, ignoring the will of their constituents yet again, congress comes up with the Dream Act, which doesn't give amnesty to the entire estimated 12 million illegals at one time, it gives out amnesty to smaller blocks of them, beginning with the younger age set. In other words, this is piecemeal Immigration Reform, and congress was kinda hoping you wouldn't notice. But you did.

Congress attempted to slip the Dream Act through by attaching it to another piece of legislation, but it FAILED, again.

I know you've already read about this at a million other sites--I just needed a place to put this great cartoon. Thank you, America!!

Michelle Malkin has the story.

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