Thursday, June 16, 2005


Durbin should be kicked out of the Senate and brought up on charges for giving "aid and comfort" to the enemy. He's welcome to make these statements, however, they should be made behind closed doors so not to embolden our enemy. Pam at Blogmeister USA has a post with details.

I was curious what other members of the Senate had to say about Durbin's comments against our troops. I called a few Senate offices to get the staff's response.

Ted Kennedy 202-224-4543...."Not quite sure, I'll have to check on that." Not quite sure?

Joe Lieberman 202-224-4041...."Mr. Lieberman has no comment at all." Really?

John Kerry 202-224-2742...."Sen. Kerry doesn't have a position on Sen. Durbin's comments." Why doesn't this surprise me?

This is your United States Senate at work. Proud?

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