Wednesday, June 15, 2005


The big news this week wasn't Jacko's verdict; it was Arnold's call for a "special election."

After being elected governor, Arnold got a few things done, and fast. Then he made attempts to work with the legislature to make the big changes needed here in California, but the Dims weren't having any of that. When it comes to messing with the entrenched power brokers in Sacramento, "no" is the automated response. Since it's obvious the Gov isn't in a position to get anything important accomplished, he's presenting it to people who can: The voters. The blood-letting will soon begin and the streets of California will be running red. This is much bigger than the re-call election that brought him to Sacramento, and if it's successful it will have nationwide significance. It's a rare politician who puts his entire political future on the line and goes "all-in." I think he has a winning hand.


***LIFELIKE PUNDITS didn't go to medical school, but they're able to pinpoint Terri's cause of death. Makes sense to me. And, Mrs. Media Matters weighs in along with La Shawn Barber's two cents' worth.

***The MSM relishes a good story. It wouldn't surprise me to see this coward on 60 Minutes, Hardball, and that show where they don't allow the idiot host to wear a shirt and tie, Coast to Coast.

***Howeird is Dean? Click here and listen up.

***She's feeling their pain. Those poor SOBs. Oh, the humanity!

***A reminder of "real" pain.

***For the "lib-dims," minorities can be oh so pesky.

***Ruffini has a good point. I hope someone's listening.

***1984 is here. Type in your address and look over Big Brother's shoulder.

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