Monday, October 09, 2006


The Jackie Gleason Show was one of the best programs on tv. To this day, Gleason is my favorite all-around performer. He could do it all.

Elizabeth Allen, the "And away we go" girl, passed away, recently. She was hired to say that one line, and it will always be associated with the Gleason show. It's even on Jackie's headstone.

"There is nothing sad about his monument. It is a small Neo-Roman temple. Four steps lead up to a dais on which, between four pillars, rest two stone representations of Roman couches. On the head of the couches is inscribed the names of Jackie and his wife. The only other inscription is on the front of the last step. It reads 'And Away We Go'. "

I wonder if Mark Vance knew her? (see update below)

Update: As it turns out, Mark did know her, and on today's radio show he told the story of how he first met her in Hollywood. Mark was a gentleman, too, as he didn't give out too many details.

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