Monday, October 09, 2006


Now that North Korea has tested a nuclear device, America has yet another reminder of its loss of influence on the world stage. The world's response, along with Washington's, was weak, at best. The sad fact is, there isn't a damn thing we can do about it.

China is the only player with influence over North Korea. It's in China's interest to keep the Korean peninsula destablized, to an extent. They won't let Kim Jong-il do anything too crazy, and they won't let his government fall, either. Allowing the North's government to fall would invite the South to take over and become an even bigger economic power. Trust me, you'll see dogs and cats roaming the streets of Pyongyang before China allows the South any more influence.

You would think this turn of events would take Mark Foley off the news, but I tuned to MSNBC this morning and they were still beating it to death. The Leninists (dems and MSM) know that taking over the House and Senate next month is much more important than a nut with a nuke, so expect to hear more about Foley. More emails? You bet.

The news that the North Koreans actually tested a nuke is very disturbing; the fact that we, the USA, couldn't do anything to stop it, is equally disturbing. However, what really scares the hell out of me, is this.

Not to worry, though, at the end of the day the UN will do something. Or not.

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