Saturday, October 24, 2009


It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out the problem with a radical like Jodie Evans having the ear of Obama. So put your slide rules away.

As Glenn Beck has pointed out on many occasions, Obama is surrounded by radical leftists within his administration. These radical policy makers simply want to transform America into something more pleasing to the likes of Mao, Stalin and Castro. To date, they are making huge progress.

Jodie Evans, co-founder of CODE PINK, doesn't work in the Obama White House, but she does have Obama's ear. Oh, really? Yes, really.

Now you're probably wondering how a radical like Jodie Evans could get this close to the president of the United States. I was wondering that very thing, too. The answer can be found in a breaking story by Free Republic's Kristinn Taylor and The Radio Patriot's Andrea Shea-King.

On Friday, this stunning report exposing Jodie Evans and Obama was featured at both Big Government and Big Hollywood. It's required reading.

NOTE: On Monday, I fully expect Glenn Beck to place Jodie Evans' picture on the blackboard next to the other radicals surrounding Obama. Watch for it.

The name is EVANS, JODIE EVANS. Make a note of it.

Andrea blogs at The Radio Patriot. (Evans and Obama on video)
Kristinn's writings can be found at Free Republic.

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