Friday, June 30, 2006


Chris at Lucky Dawg News thinks this would be a good way to start your 4th of July weekend. And he'd be right. Thanks, Chris.

Listen here.



The space shuttle is slotted for launch at 3:49 pm est tomorrow, July 1st. However, weather could be a factor tomorrow afternoon with the threat of thunderstorms in the area. At any rate, STS-121 will be launching soon, and with a little luck, it will be tomorrow.

The shuttle program is winding down and could be a thing of the past at any time. Though NASA has plans for future launches through 2010, congress could pull the funding plug without notice.

I had the rare pleasure, in 1972, of watching Apollo 17 blast-off to the moon as I stood on the shore of the Indian River. Words can not describe the shear power of these machines, nor can you describe the pride that is felt knowing this is your nation's greatest scientific accomplishment.

After Apollo 17, there were several more moon missions planned, but the program was folded and that was that. The space shuttle could, and probably will, end the same way. The end of an era could very well be at our doorstep, so I encourage you and your children to watch this mission from beginning to end.

Being born in 1956 gave me the opportunity to follow the space program from its infancy. The 60s were full of excitement as NASA accomplished feats that were topics only found in science fiction books.

In 1976, while returning from Death Valley by military convoy, our company stopped at Edwards Air Force Base late one night for some shut-eye. We slept inside a closed hanger on the floor. In the morning, when the hanger door was opened, we were bursting with pride, because just across the tarmac sat a giant 747 with our first shuttle perched on its back. We didn't care about chow time--we wanted to go over and be next to her. But that wasn't happening. Something about security. Instead we settled for taking photos until our film ran out. A proud day.

I will be following STS-121 from launch to landing, but I will be doing something I haven't done with past missions. Since the shuttle usually re-enters over the SF Bay area, I will be going to the mountains, Placerville at least, maybe Tahoe, to watch as it streaks across the night sky on re-entry. And since I have some friends on Florida's space coast, I hope to be in contact via cell phone to let them know their bird is lookin' good and on its way home to Florida. Sounds like a plan to me. I just hope they take my call.

For the latest on STS-121, go to

***************Other Space Coast News*************

A big "You're Welcome" goes out to PFC Nathaniel on the Cape. The card you sent was just perfect. I want you to know how proud I am of you and your grandmother. Keep up the good work, and always keep our troops close to your heart. Ok, Private, you're dismissed!!

PFC Nathaniel with his new dogtags. A good soldier, he is.


Thursday, June 29, 2006


You have to give Rush credit; he's livin' the life. We'd drop our firewalls for Chloe O'Brian, anytime. Right, Mark?

Those eyes....
Hack me, please....

You found a virus?


Wednesday, June 28, 2006


40 years of insane, liberal policies has put our nation's school system behind that of the rest of the world. Billions and billions of dollars have been wasted on endless tinkering by so-called "educators" that seem to know what's best for our future generation as they negotiate school life.

And what has all this "wisdom" gotten us? Nothing. In fact, the school system of the United States is nothing to be proud of. It's an embarrassment. But yet, the tinkering goes forth.

Now it's recess. Yes, recess. Let's just get it over with and issue tea sets to all the delicate children. Then, at recess, form them into "conflict resolution" groups so they can discuss how unfair the world is.

"In January, Freedom Elementary School in Cheyenne prohibited tag at recess because it "progresses easily into slapping and hitting and pushing instead of just touching," Principal Cindy Farwell says."

Just touching? Who are these people?

Chris at Lucky Dawg News posted a quote that applies to the "pussification" of our future generation:

"History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid."--Dwight D. Eisenhower

Read the USA Today article.

"Namby-pamby Nation"--Malkin a year ago.

Jack Kelly has some thoughts at Irish Pennants.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The LA Times tries to explain why it decided to expose the U.S. Treasury Department and its efforts to monitor worldwide money transfers. Keep in mind, they (Treasury) are doing this in an effort to locate "terrorist" funding, funding that will be used to kill Americans--that's you, me, and your family.

Their explanation doesn't wash with me, and it starts with this statement:

"We sometimes withhold information when we believe that reporting it would threaten a life."

The editor is either trying to do Bush harm or he's an idiot. You pick. Both the LAT and the NYT should be taken to task for this exposure. Clearly, neither has our best interests at heart. You can call the USAG and urge him to take action: 1-202-353-1555. Malkin has more here.

Quote of the Day:

"It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into."--Jonathan Swift. (Thx, Mark Vance)

This is why it isn't a good idea to engage with liberals when it comes to politics and the "fight for America's survival." It's a waste of time.

However, the other day I found myself commenting on something Tamarika said over at Paul's blog. Her statement was so outrageous that I couldn't help myself.

In my post I made reference to her bio. In it she mentioned her "life partner" and I "assumed" that meant an alternative lifestyle (lesbian). In my universe, "life partner" doesn't mean a traditional relationship: husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, ect. In hindsight, that comment wasn't necessary nor appropriate. Please accept my apology, Tamarika.

Additionally, the movie reference was out of line, too, so here's another one.

On the other hand, the "wingnut" comment IS necessary AND appropriate, and still stands.


Sunday, June 25, 2006


Michelle Malkin post: Khobar Towers-10 Years Later. It's important to remember those who lost their lives in this murderous act. Sadly, we have too many of these events to remember.

Remembering our military is important. FISHER HOUSE not only remembers them, they support them and their families in times of need. Of course, everything FISHER HOUSE provides to our military is due largely to your direct support.

I posted about this outstanding organization a year ago after Denzel Washington made a generous donation to them. We usually hear of Hollywood types bashing our military, not supporting them. Denzel's act of generosity reminded me of a time when Hollywood was on America's side.

If you can, drop by FISHER HOUSE and toss a saw-buck or two in the hat.

***********OF NOTE***********

This is Tamarika, and she's my "wingnut" of the day. Maybe the week. Oddly, her pic reminds me of someone.

Paul at Shadow of Diogenes frequently poses questions to his readers, and today's question was, "Which nation of the world poses the greatest threat to American security?"

I gave my honest opinion. Later, when I checked back to see the other opinions, Tamarika had offered hers:

After seeing "An Inconvenient Truth" I would have to say - America.
Posted by: Tamarika June 25, 2006 at 09:54 AM

Because many on the "left" still haven't received the memo that AlGore lost in 2000--it was in all the papers--the remark didn't surprise me. But I wanted to "pull the curtain back" a bit to learn more about Tamarika, and what I found was even less surprising: She's a teacher. Perfect. And later in her bio she mentions a "life partner," which I assume means there's NO MAN in her life. Not surprising, either. So, Tamarika, here's a movie I'm sure you'll enjoy. (UPDATE: Greybeard at Pitchpull added a colorful and fitting comment, too)

This is Tamarika's lucky day, too, because tonight on THE ANDREA SHEA-KING SHOW, Andrea's guest will be Congresswoman Katharine Harris. Andrea's show broadcasts out of Orlando, Florida, and with Katharine Harris as the guest, you just can't help but think of AlGore.

So, Tamarika, I'm hoping you can join the show this evening. The live web stream is at WDBO 580 am from 9-11 PM EST.

Join the other listeners in Andrea's live in-show chatroom (upper right). You can chat with listeners as well as Andrea and her producer, Mark Vance. Both great Americans.

And, Tamarika, if you'd like to ask Katharine Harris a question, just give a ring, toll free, at: 1-800-329-5858. I'll be in the chatroom--look forward to seeing you. Who knows, maybe Andrea will make you famous. You just never know.


Thursday, June 22, 2006


Ever see or hear of this? I doubt it. To learn more about this plan, go to:






It appears that there's a plan in the works to combine Mexico, Canada, and the USA into one nation, and the plan is being implemented "under the radar" so that citizens of this nation won't know about it or have an understanding as to what it is until it's too late.

I don't fully understand the plan, nor have I completely researched it, but what I've seen and heard to this point is startling. It deserves our full attention. And the plan is aimed at being in full swing down the road 50-100 years.

A highway system of this magnitude is as big as the one Ike put into development in the 1950s.

So why haven't we heard about it? Good question.

Is this why Bush and most of Congress are so unwilling to shut the borders down and punish businesses that hire illegals? You decide.

Hat tip:


Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The picture indicates what I felt like during and after watching the hour-long DNC political ad sponsored by Larry King. See previous post.

And to make things worse, each time they went to commercial, King ran out-takes from speeches that each of the nine had made in the past. Of course, they were anti-Bush type ramblings. The nine thought this event was so important that they all appeared together in studio. No remote hook-ups, just one big panel.

But, I did have some fun while viewing the Bush hatefest.

Andrea Shea-King emailed me with an invite to her chatroom so we could live-chat the whole affair. Her co-host and Sunday night producer, Mark Vance, was there as well as Tony Hernandez. Tony's running for a local judgeship in the Cocoa Beach area. Another guest was there but I can't think of his name. Sorry.

Anyway, we chatted as the nine democratic female senators spewed forth their "plan" for America, yada, yada, yada, and they threw in their thoughts about our president just for good measure. These broads were either drunk, crazy, or hoping you were. I refer you to the picture.

The "gang of nine" got tiring, so we switched to H & C to watch as Ann Coulter ate Alan Colmes' lunch. Colmes never had a chance with Ann, and had it been a fight, the ref would've stopped it. Ann, over-the-top as she may be, deals in common sense and facts; Colmes gets in the ring armed only with Bush hatred. His arguments are pathetic, at best.

The 500 canisters of WMDs became part of the discussion but Colmes' retort was, "it wasn't those WMDs Bush was talking about when he took us to war." I thought WMDs were WMDs. Colmes seems to think there's a group of them we were looking for and a group we were not concerned about. Go figure.

Earlier, I caught the O'Reilly Factor, and Bill was able to get Al Sharpton, who doesn't believe there were WMDs located, to say he would apologize to Bush for saying "Bush lied" if the news about the 500 canisters is true. Don't hold your breath, though.

The live-chat was great fun and some of the comments were outstanding. One person, after only watching for a few minutes said, "Can you imagine the buckets of vomit being hurled around the country while watching these nine senators?"

Again, I refer you to the picture above. It was sickening.

Check out Constitutional Public Radio from 3-5 PM EST M-F live via the web.

Thanks for the invite!!



Tonight's Larry King Live will be of interest to those who enjoy dissecting the "left" and their "plan" for America. King will be interviewing all 9 democratic female senators.

Boxer, Clinton, Cantwell, Feinstein, Landrieu, Mikulski, Murry, Lincoln, and Stabenow.

The "gang of nine" will be discussing their agenda for our country's future, and their thoughts on President Bush. This could be fodder for Boy Wonder.

I'm sure King plans to have all the republican female senators on at a later date. Right?

My only question: Where's Arlen Specter? He's a senator, pretty much a democrat, and doesn't act like a man, so he must be a woman.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Everyone prayed and held onto what hope they had that our captive American GIs would be found safe. The news of their brutal deaths didn't come as a surprise. After all, it's war, and we know who we're dealing with. In a NYT's article, their families talk of their loved ones.


Monday, June 19, 2006


This cartoon is courtesy of the Arizona Republic. Nice.

Hat Tip : Andrea Shea-King--Constitutional Public Radio


Sunday, June 18, 2006


Mark and Andrea are pumpin' gas cheap this week. Check out their show, Constitutional Public Radio, live via the web, 3-5 PM EST M-F. WWBC 1510 AM broadcasting from Florida's beautiful spacecoast. Join the chatroom here. Call the show toll free at: 1-800-648-1437.

And "hello" to Tom in Seattle. Nice chatting with you during Andrea's Sunday night show. We'll do it again next week. And I know the problem will be FIXED.


*Looks like Dan Rather's moving on, again. But the article says he plans a new interview program soon. This guy doesn't know when to quit. Retire, already.

*al-Zarqawi's death by a double order of 500 pounders was great news. I fear it soon will be eclipsed by the capture of two American soldiers, though. There's no telling what they will do with them. All we can do is pray for them while our forces search them out. THE LATEST.

*John Rubbery over at Marathon Pundit has a post about a special visit our wounded at Walter Reed got the other day. John discovered that few news outlets covered the story. No surprise. Also, in another post, a rather bizarre K-9 attack. USA TODAY screwed the pooch with its reporting, which is no surprise.

*Brainster's Pat Curley is getting a lot of commenter feedback on this post. That's what happens when you're wrong, wrong, wrong.

*I don't think they're taking names, but they're most certainly kicking some ass. Taliban ass, that is. Go troops!!

*More proof that she'll do or say anything. Casey must be proud.


Thursday, June 15, 2006


In a previous post, I said it was a good week for America; now it's a good week for conservatives.

William Jefferson was removed from his assignment on the Ways and Means Committee by his fellow democrats, who are frantically trying to make "ethics" one of their cornerstones for the fall election. Don't tell them, but National Security would be a better issue to run on, trust me.

The rank and file acted despite a last-minute plea by the embattled Louisiana lawmaker and persistent complaints from the Congressional Black Caucus that there was neither rule nor precedent for the action

Well, the Congressional Black Caucus is upset--Jesse and Al can't be far behind. Deal the race cards.

I've got 90,000 reasons why this is going to get better.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Our founders decided on a flag for our nation in 1777, and then in 1949 Flag Day was established. The history of this day is here.

Our nation isn't the only one with a flag day, either. Other nations that celebrate their flag are listed here.

**Today in History: Speaking of a nation's flag, today is the day France lost theirs to Hitler. We always find ways to poke fun at the French but this day in history was their darkest. Read it here.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This has to be one of the worst weeks for liberals in the history of "Bush Hatred." Let's just take a look at what has happened recently:

*Coulter's "Godless" is released..
*al-Zaqawi is killed.
*Coulter's book goes to #1.
*Bush secretly arrives in Iraq.
*Karl Rove will not be indicted.

For liberals, this past week must be like 1929--the whole thing is crashing around them. Stay tuned.


Monday, June 12, 2006


Here in River City, capitol of "The People's Republic of California," we have an abundance of whackjobs. Michael Newdow, both a lawyer and doctor, is near the head of the line.

Newdow has a problem with our nation's pledge--"under God"--as well as "In God we trust," which is placed on our coins and currency. Newdow's latest efforts are to have "In God we trust" removed from our money, because...well, because he's an idiot. You'd think a man who's both a lawyer and a doctor would at least consider the highest and best use of his time.

From today's Sacramento Bee:

A Sacramento federal judge on Monday tossed out atheist Michael Newdow's challenge to the phrase "In God We Trust" as the national motto and its inscription on coins and currency.

Newdow argued that the slogan violates the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution, which keeps government out of religion.

But U.S. District Judge Frank C. Damrell Jr. points out in an 18-page order that the federal appellate court with jurisdiction over California held in a 1970 opinion that the motto "has nothing whatsoever to do with the establishment of religion."

"Its use is of a patriotic or ceremonial character and bears no true resemblance to a governmental sponsorship of a religious exercise," the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled then.

Newdow argued that the case cited by Damrell was "wrongly decided."

"Wrongly decided or not," the judge wrote, "this court must, and does here, follow 9th Circuit precedent."

The same appellate opinion disposes of Newdow's claim that the use of the motto on coins and currency amounts to government coercion to proselytize or evangelize on behalf of monotheism, Damrell wrote.

Newdow said Monday he is optimistic about his chances on appeal to the 9th Circuit.

Noting that Damrell reached his decision without oral argument, he said, "Now I won't have to pay for a transcript, so it's even better than I had hoped for."

Newdow, a non-practicing attorney who makes his living as an emergency room physician, argued that a 1977 U.S. Supreme Court decision supports his contention that the makeup of U.S. money burdens his right to freely exercise his atheistic beliefs.

In that case, the high court held that New Hampshire could not require citizens to display the state motto, "Live Free or Die," on their vehicle license plates.

The court noted that New Hampshire law required motorists "to participate in the dissemination of an ideological message by displaying it on ... private property in a manner and for the express purpose that it may be observed and read by the public."

The court ruled that New Hampshire's citizens were protected from the state law's provisions by the First Amendment, which guarantees the right to hold a viewpoint different from the majority and to refuse to foster an objectionable idea.

"However," Damrell pointed out, "the Supreme Court made clear ... it did not intend that this analysis be read as sanctioning the obliteration of the national motto from United States coins and currency."

The judge quoted from the high court's decision:

"Currency, which is passed from hand to hand, differs in significant respects from an automobile, which is readily associated with its operator. Currency is generally carried in a purse or pocket and need not be displayed to the public. The bearer of currency is thus not required to publicly advertise the national motto."

Damrell thus dismissed Newdow's lawsuit, concluding he has no viable claim that the motto and its presence on money "constitutes a substantial burden on the exercise of his religious beliefs."

Next case.


Sunday, June 11, 2006


Ann Coulter's new book, "Godless," has people from the left and right talking about its content, especially what she has to say about the 9-11 widows-- "The Jersey Girls." Her books usually ignite a lot of discussion--I don't think she could've picked a better week to release this book, either. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. In this case, Coulter covered both bases. Congress gets in the act, too.

Starting today, we have Coulter for two days' worth of interviews, starting with "The Andrea Shea-King Show," and then tomorrow on "Constitutional Public Radio" with both Andrea and Mark Vance.

Here's the schedule for Sunday and Monday's interviews with Coulter:

"The Andrea Shea-King Show" Sunday night at 9-11 PM EST live via the web on WDBO 580 AM. You can call the show toll free at: 1-800-329-5858.

"Constitutional Public Radio" Monday at 3-5 PM EST live via the web on WWBC 1510 AM. You can call the show toll free at: 1-800-648-1437.

The chatroom for both shows is located here. If you're in the chatroom during the interview, you can pose a question for Ann Coulter, and if Andrea and Mark can fit it in, they will. They've done it for me many times. Plus, everyone in the room can chat back and forth with one another, as well as with Andrea and Mark during the show.

My thoughts on Coulter: Yes, she's over the top at times. No argument there, but that's Coulter's style. She's in the free market without the constraints of a TV show and all that goes with that. More importantly, she attacks the very entities that are destroying our nation; I'm glad she's on our side.

Kitty Litter and Blogmeister USA posted about Coulter, too.

In other news, if this story's true, I don't find it disturbing at all. It's typical MSM. Brainster weighs in on the subject.

***Chris at Lucky Dawg News has a new caption contest up. It's a HOOTer!! Enter here.

***Greybeard at Pitchpull (great friend of this blog) tells us about a woman we should know: Lt. Sharon Ann Lane, an angel.


Saturday, June 10, 2006


This week has brought us serious and uplifting news with the death of al-Zarqawi. Now, I think, we should move on to the more ridiculous side of things. Naturally, that would be Cindy Sheehan.

Mother Sheehan thinks al-Zarqawi's death is, "bad news." Who woulda thought? But, the Mother of all Peace Moms says something I agree with: Hillary is evil. Of course, she goes on to say that she (Hillary) isn't as evil as Bush, but evil nonetheless.

When bin Laden gets his 500 pounder delivered, I wonder what she'll have for us then? I'm thinking a hunger strike would be nice.

From Newsmax


Thursday, June 08, 2006


I just got the wonderful news via MSNBC that our Special Forces killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. It's midnight PST and there aren't any news links as of yet. (This morning's news now says it was a bombing strike.)

I will sleep well tonight knowing this vile piece of s*** is at the devil's doorstep. He has reserved seating down close to the fire. Burn in hell you son-of-a-bitch.

Bin Laden, how you sleepin'?

Chris at Lucky Dawg News adds his 2 cents as only he can.

Some analyisis from USA TODAY.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Mark and Andrea will be interviewing Curt Weldon on today's Constitutional Public Radio. I have a feeling the conversation will drift towards "Able Danger"--let's hope so.

Tune in live via the web on WWBC 1510 AM from 3-5 PM EST. Join the chatroom here. Plus, they'll take your call, toll-free, at: 1-800-648-1437.

And finally, a friend, SHE'LL remain nameless, sent this sign to me and I had to share it with you. At first I thought it was a photoshop, but it's the real deal. It's a restaurant in PA. Visit their website and see their other signs. If you put up a sign like this in the People's Republic of California, you'd be out of business, in jail, and sued by your friends at the ACLU.


Sunday, June 04, 2006


Posting could be light around here for a week or so. I'll be around in the evenings, so if I have the energy I'll post something.

In the meantime, I suggest stopping by Chris' blog at Lucky Dawg News, John Bush's blog at My Take On Things, or #17 on the best blog list, Pat at Brainster. John Rubbery's Marathon Pundit is good stop, too. (When I get back, Chris, I'll be starting on some posts about Heather Wilson)

And don't forget Constitutional Public Radio--starring Mark Vance and Andrea Shea-King. 3-5 PM EST live via the web on WWBC 1510 AM. Chat room entry here. If you have something to say, they'll put you on the air at 1-800-648-1437...just put it on my tab.

Andrea, I got your "????" Someday...maybe.



Those on the "left" consider Andrea Shea-King and her Producer, Mark Vance, to be armed and dangerous. Armed with information and opinions that they'll share with you tonight on The Andrea Shea-King Show.

The latest reports have Andrea and Mark barricaded in their Orlando studios, where they plan to broadcast more of their information and opinions.

Tune in live from 9-11 PM EST via the web on WDBO 580 AM. There's a live in-show chatroom where you can join-in with other listeners, too. (top right)

They'll take your calls at 1-800-329-5858, toll free.

Andrea and Mark are surrounded, but they'll be going live at 9 PM EST, anyway.

Note: Last week they had Pat Curely of Brainster on their weekday show to discuss John Kerry's "Christmas in Cambodia" adventure. Next week, Andrea and Mark will be interviewing Ann Coulter. Should be good.


Thursday, June 01, 2006


Mr. Softee is dead.

I didn't even know he was sick. I grew up with this guy; he was part of my childhood.

Parents in my neighborhood hated him because when they heard the music it meant they had to get some money out. No discussion; just get the money out so us kids could run to the curb and wave him down.

It was classic "conditioned reflex"-- Pavlov would've admired Mr. Softee because he put his theory into practice in order to serve us kids the best in ice cream treats. And according to his obit, he sold a lot of ice cream. Truckloads, literally.

Mr. Softee started his business in 1956--the year of my birth.

That music brings back memories. Gettin' old, I guess.



Dunkin' Donuts is stepping up to the plate when it comes to employing illegals. Michelle Malkin spells it out in her Hot Air vent.

I wonder how many companies will be following Dunkin' Donuts' example? Read the article here.

I like the ones with sprinkles. How about you.



On Wednesday, Umer Hayat was able to make a deal with prosecutors regarding his role in the Lodi terror case. Someone in the prosecutor's office better be losing their job. From the Sacrameto Bee (Pravda West):

"Prosecutors agreed that, at the time of Umer Hayat's sentencing on Aug. 18, they will seek dismissal of charges that Hayat lied about his son's terrorist training in Pakistan and his own firsthand knowledge of such training when he was initially questioned by FBI agents in June.

The prosecutors also agreed to recommend that the nearly 11 months Hayat served in jail awaiting trial be his sentence for lying at Dulles International Airport about the amount of money he and his family were carrying to Pakistan."

This bullshit requires registration.

So does the background.

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