Monday, January 30, 2012


The TPX crew had a late morning call before boarding the bus to their next rally stop in Panama City--Noon. Tour embed Andrea Shea King called in to say they had arrived and how beautiful it is. Andrea is working at getting a good pic of the scene back to me before hitting the road for their final stop of the tour--Pensacola--5 PM.

There's much talk of Tuesday's primary vote. Speculation abounds from Newt taking Florida by a few votes over Romney to Romney crushing Newt to the point of the former Speaker ending his bid for the White House. We'll have to wait until late Tuesday evening to find out. Or you could tune in and listen to Karl Rove and his magic white board to see what they think. Me... I'll just wait until late Tuesday for the final results.

In the meantime, TPX Florida will do what it can to make sure Obama is no longer in the White House come Jan '13. Oh, btw, Newt received another endorsement over the weekend. Andrea reports.

Here's a roundup of what happened to the TPX bus over the w/e. Andrea put together a great slide show of the setback at The Radio Patriot.

Below: usually when the TPX bus arrives at a rally, there's always a news crew wanting an interview with someone embedded with the tour. Below is Sal Russo, Chief Strategist for Tea Party Express, being interviewed. (Photo by Andrea Shea King)

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Sunday, January 29, 2012



Sunday morning has the TPX crew on board the tour bus and headed to The Villages--1:30 PM ET; then Gainesville at 4:00 PM ET.

Last night as the TPX-Florida tour was wrapping up a long day in West Palm Beach, Newt and his crew surprised everyone by showing up. As you can see, tour Embed Andrea Shea King got a picture with the Speaker. Newt was very gracious, and generous with his time. Andrea has more at her site, The Radio Patriot.

I will build this post on the fly as events develop on tour, so stay tuned! There's always more to come. In the meantime, you can CONTRIBUTE to the TPX Florida Tour just by clicking the link. Your help is greatly needed.

As always, much thanks to Terresa at NoisyRoom Blog for all her help in getting the word out. Chicago area blogger John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit is reporting that Cain has endorsed Newt. In fact, that's where Newt was just before meeting up with TPX and Andrea last night.

The TPX tour just wrapped at The Villages, according to tour embed Andrea Shea King. As she put it--"it was mobbed with people... lots of golf carts." The TPX tour is now headed for Gainesville for a 4 PM ET rally. While on the road, Andrea will forward some pics from the rally at The Villages. Stay tuned.

GAINESVILLE RALLY: Tour embed Andrea Shea King didn't send any pics from The Villages, but she did send a couple pics from the Gainseville rally. I like the one where you sign the board, Constitution like--and as you can see, she signed it for me as well. She's quite the roving reporter, I have to say! Now where are those pics from The Villages? No matter, she'll get more pics from tomorrow's rallies at Panama City and Pensacola--Noon and 5 PM.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012



Veteran TPX embed Andrea Shea King reports that the Tea Party Express team loaded onto the bus and headed for their first tour stop in Jacksonville. JC Watts was the featured speaker. More info about each of the rallies will be posted as the day moves forward. It's early still and of course internet connections can be a challenge while on the road. Today is no different.

After Jacksonville, the TPX tour stops in Winter Park--1:30 PM, then on the road to West Palm Beach for a 7 PM rally.

A big Thank You goes out to Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at the NoisyRoom Blog and John Ruberry in the Greater ChicagoLand area at Marathon Pundit for lending a helping hand yesterday. It was last minute and we do appreciate all the help.

From Jacksonville, (below) JC Watts speaking on behalf of Newt Gingrich; Watts with Andrea Shea King and Lloyd Marcus. More reporting from Andrea at The Radio Patriot.

And this just in from Andrea.

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA RALLY: Pictured on stage is Matt Staver of Liberty Council; and Patricia Sullivan of Lake County Tea Party(no link yet). Also, Lloyd Marcus has a piece over at American Thinker. Next rally stop will be West Palm Beach at 7 PM ET. Stay tuned.

Boston Herald pic of Newt back in '94 tossing tea crates into a river. That story and Mitt Romney's comments against Newt and Tea Party from last week. Link from Amy Kremer.

**THIS JUST IN** The TPX Florida tour was on its way to the West Palm Beach rally when a strange noise was heard by all on board. Below is singer-song writer, author and part-time touring bus mechanic, Lloyd Marcus, estimating the cost of repairs. Ouch!! *UPDATE from Andrea: Fixed and back on the road to West Palm Beach.

Because of the delay leaving Winter Park--see pic above--TPX arrived in West Palm Beach later than scheduled. The rally is in full swing now but the lighting isn't the best for good pic taking so there won't be any from this event. Just know it's going well, crowd is good--lots of speakers taking the stage. See everybody Sunday!

UPDATE: How things change. Tour Embed Andrea Shea King just reported in that Newt Gingrich has arrived at the West Palm Beach rally--a surprise! He's speaking now and I think Andrea will be getting a picture as well. I'll have more in the morning or you can check over at The Radio Patriot, Andrea's blog.

We got lucky... Andrea forwarded to me a pic of her and Newt at the West Palm Beach TPX Rally. Great job!!


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Friday, January 27, 2012

TEA PARTY EXPRESS--"FLORIDA EDITION" Andrea Shea King hits the road... again.

Never a moment's rest for patriots like Andrea Shea King.

After coming off a trip to Las Vegas last week for strategy meetings with the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, The Tea Party Express calls and says, "pack your bags!"

And pack her bags, she did. This morning Andrea's headed north from her home on the Space Coast to meet with other TPX team members so they can organize and prepare for a short but important Florida TPX Tour.

When it comes to presidential races, it doesn't get more important than Florida. And The Tea Party Express plans to be in the middle of the process right up to the very end.

This TPX Florida Tour begins tomorrow:

Complete TPX Florida Tour schedule. Andrea has some notes at her site, The Radio Patriot.

Contribute to The Tea Party Express.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

**TONIGHT** The Andrea Shea King Show--9 PM ET

The Andrea Shea King Show will be back on the air this evening at 9 PM ET. Andrea was summoned by the executive branch of The Campaign to Defeat Obama to attend some high-level meetings in Las Vegas. And without giving it away, I think you can figure out what the topic of discussion was.

Andrea, a co-chair at CDBO, has more at her site, The Radio Patriot--pics too!

Since stepping out of town for a few days, Andrea's returned to find that Newt is being savaged from one end of this nation to the other--even Florida! Especially Florida!! It's as if Newt struck a sensitive nerve (leading in the polls?) and the establishment decided it's time to put Newt's candidacy on the slab. If I do the math, knocking Newt out of the race makes Romney the republican nominee. Someone's nervous. But about what? We'll be talking about this on tonight's show so tune in at 9 PM ET.

Also of note: Obama's eligibility case was scheduled to continue in a Georgia courtroom today but not one person from Obama's side of the legal table bothered to show up--not even his lawyer. Legally speaking, thems some Large Testicles. Since you won't find much about this issue over at The Call Center, I suggest tuning into our show this evening because not only are we allowed to discuss this issue, we're not afraid to either. Btw, Andrea has a bit more on this at The Radio Patriot.

*TONIGHT* The Andrea Shea King Show--9 PM ET There's no limit to what we'll be talking about. Tune in this evening... chat room is open... call in # 646-478-4604

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


**Attention Patriots: What happened over the last few days in Las Vegas will NOT be staying in Las Vegas. Lloyd Marcus--Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama has an important message for you about that Vegas meeting. As Co-Chair of CTDO, Andrea Shea King was in attendance, I'm proud to say. Here's Lloyd Marcus' message to all of you:

My friends and fellow patriots - I am delighted to share with you a bit of a political secret. The past few days a team of conservative leaders, tea party activists and Republican political experts have gathered for an important series of meetings and strategy sessions.

The purpose of these fantastic planning sessions: to plot the DEFEAT of Barack Obama and elect constitutional conservatives to Congress. It has been an amazing few days. Here is one of the pictures from these strategy sessions:

One of the great things about the team we have at The Campaign to Defeat Obama is that everyone gets the point that it's not just about changing a "D" to an "R" - it's about electing true constitutional patriots to office.

So many people have told us they have concerns about one of the potential Republican nominees. And we understand those concerns - none of the candidates are perfect. What that should underscore for us is this simple point: beyond just defeating Barack Obama we must ensure we elect good conservative constitutionalists to Congress - to serve as a check on whoever is president.

We need to stop the out-of-control spending. It just never ends - more debt ceiling increases, more new government programs, more growth in the size and power of government. The political establishment likes the growth in government because it means there is more of the pie for them to divvy up and stake their claim to.

But the American people suffer as a consequence. We lose our freedoms and our liberties. We impose massive amounts of debt on our children's generation, tying their hands and making them dependent upon the Chinese and European bankers who will want them to pay back all the money we have been borrowing for the past few years.

Above: One of the breakout work sessions.

If we, the American people, can team up and work together we can bring about real change - a return to the principles that made this country great. We can end the deficit spending, we can stop the growth in government, we can reverse the erosion of our freedoms and liberties.

But, we can't do it unless we all work together.

Over the next few weeks we are going to share more with you about the efforts that have taken place over the past few days here in Las Vegas. One thing you need to know - when it comes to our effort to defeat Barack Obama and elect a conservative Congress, you can be sure that what has happened in Vegas the past few days won't stay in Vegas. We're taking the fight for our future to battlegrounds all across this great nation, and we will be honored to have your support in this critical endeavor.

Should you decide you want to support our efforts, we would be thrilled if you could make a contributionto fund our campaign. Barack Obama will have $1 BILLION. We need as many Americans to contribute $10, $25, $50, $100 or any amount up to the maximum allowed $5,000.


Again, thank you all for helping to make this such a historic and successful day for our efforts to DEFEAT the RECALL. As always, if you prefer you can mail in a contribution to our headquarters:

Campaign To Defeat Obama
P.O. Box 601684
Sacramento, CA 95860-1684

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Thursday, January 19, 2012


The Radio Patriot is tailing Mittens closely. If you'd like to know about Mitt's views on Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy or Economic Policy, The Radio Patriot has the goods.


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Imagine this: Washington DC finds itself in a situation where it doesn't have enough of your money to pay the bills. What a shock! So, in a situation like this, DC moves to one of the other cookie jars that's filled with yet more of your money and dips its grubby little hands in and scoops out just enough to get by, plus expenses.

Hard to believe, I know, but it seems to happen more than we know. Yahoo! is reporting on just how this is done, and how your boy Timmy Geithner locates more of your money when he's running short of cash.

Read how you're being robbed and screwed all at the same time.


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Monday, January 16, 2012

TONIGHT--The Andrea Shea King Show

Another week is upon us, which means it's time for another edition of The Andrea Shea King Show--9 PM ET. There's no shortage of topics to discuss--from Iran to South Carolina. We'll try to cover as many of the important issues of the day as time will allow. So tune in this evening at 9 PM ET. Chat room open.


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Saturday, January 07, 2012


The Butterfly Effect, heard by millions and millions, still causes people to stop for a moment or two to contemplate their importance in the world and the effect--if any--they have on others. Stop right here, watch and listen... consider such questions:

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Monday, January 02, 2012


My day will be interrupted by a visit to the dentist. To put a finer point on the whole affair, I'm having a tooth extracted. I think that means he's going to pull it.

My oncologist informed me that all holes in my body that are not standard equipment must be filled, plugged or otherwise. Otherwise, in this case, means extraction. It has something to do with keeping the possibility of infection at a safe distance, and since a crown recently took a hike on me, extraction is the best and fastest option.

I have a short amount of time before the man with the pliers takes hold of my molar and begins the dental tug-o-war. I'm rootin' for the molar but odds out of Vegas say it has little chance of winning this one.

Speakin' of odds, I'm postin' the line on Alan Colmes having to make an apology of some sort (to Santorum) at 60-40 for the event taking place. Andrea Shea King at The Radio Patriot reports (and what a good reporter she is) on the dust up btwn Rich Lowry and Colmes on Fawks News earlier this morning. As ASK states, Colmes should be fired--a no-brainer call on Ailes' part. Read what Colmes had to say about Rick Santorum during a late Monday morning interview at the above link. Again, Colmes should be fired. Period. Next case.

Moving on down the list of posts, I see ASK has a post titled "Never Surrender." This is an important post--especially for women--and one I'm very familiar with. I expect to discuss this topic again in the near future. We've talked about it and ASK understands the concept and is being proactive about it. On the other hand, few in today's society have a basic understanding of the dynamic and what to do when confronted with a life-threatening situation. Reading ASK's post could very easily be the reason you're alive next week or next month.

If you choose to be a victim, then you'll be dead in short order.

Ok, in just minutes I'm headed to my dentist's office. Check you guys on the return trip...


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