Sunday, October 30, 2005


P. T. Barnum would have signed this lady to a multi-year contract. Very odd.

H/T--Ranting Right Wing Howler


Saturday, October 29, 2005


Nice signs, huh? These are the signs Fred Phelps and his followers like to hold up at the funerals of our fallen soldiers. This is hard to believe, but he travels all over the U.S. to disrupt the funeral services of our brave men and women. Imagine how devastating this is to the families. How cruel and sick can one be?

THE REASON FOR THIS POST: Recently, I posted about Noah, the son of SOME SOLDIER'S MOM. While he was on the mend from an IED attack, he received word that 5 members of his unit were killed in another IED attack.

SPC Timothy D. Watkins was one of them and will be buried in Yucca Valley, Ca., this Tuesday, Nov 1st.--FRED PHELPS will be there to cause as much pain and suffering to the families as he can. Go to SOME SOLDIER'S MOM and get the details; she's asking for our help.

Marathon Pundit has posted often about Fred Phelps. Here's one of them, and if you want to see more, just put "Fred Phelps" into his search bar and click "search this blog." You'll see many stories about this nut.


Friday, October 28, 2005


Chalmers H. "Slick" Goodlin 1923-2005

"Slick" was the original test pilot for the Bell X-1 but missed out on the famous flight that broke the sound barrier. Chuck Yeager got the credit for that one, barely.

Yeager would've been watching the record breaking flight from the ground as a spectator, but because of a poor decision on Goodlin's part, Yeager found himself in the cockpit, flying his way into history. That one decision changed both of their lives, forever.

Greed was probably the culprit. However, had Goodlin done it for free, it would've been money in the bank. Read it here.

***RELATED NEWS: General Chuck Yeager's financial problems--too much money.



***Now that Scooter's been charged, dark days are ahead. Lots of them. The MSM is pleased to see him on the menu, but they're hoping he's only the appetizer. The entire left, in conjunction with the MSM, would love to see a mouth-watering Roast Rove as the main entree, ready for the carving. Rove is one press conference away from being charged, I think. Fitzgerald might attempt a squeeze play on Scooter, hoping he rolls over on Rove.

What to look for: Cheney getting connected to this mess. There's a good chance of it. If it comes to pass, turn out the lights, because this party's over. Done. Kiss 2006 and 2008 good-bye, and say hello to Clinton, Pelosi, and Boxer, because they'll be running the show. Can you say Secretary of State John Kerry? Dark days, indeed.

I can't think of a better time to capture OBL. It may be the only thing to save this administration.

***And you thought things couldn't get worse. Enter, BILLY JACK. When you go to his site, look at the picture of Dolores at the top right. Who does she remind you of? Read his position papers too. Pay particular attention to #3--you just knew she'd be mentioned. He says his new movie won't be a documentary like F-9/11. Instead, it'll be a full-length feature film with much Bush bashing. In other words, F-9/11 by another name. Movie info here. Scroll the links on the left--if you can stand it.

Does he blog? Well, of course he does.


Thursday, October 27, 2005


Mr. and Mrs. Media Matters are expecting a new addition to their family (and blogroll) in a few months. I read their blogs everyday and have come to know them as wonderful people--great American Patriots. Congratulations to both of them.

For everyone else who's planning to have children soon, here's a site with some hair-raising numbers. If you drink, now would be a good time to throw one back. Or two.

Read all about it.



This year's World Series was excellent, though a 4-game sweep is usually indicative of a one-sided sporting event. Not the case this year; each game was close and the outcome could've easily been in Houston's favor. Congrats to all the long-suffering Chicago White Sox fans.

Next year, wouldn't it be great to hear this at the end of the final World Series game? One more.

If you're any kind of a baseball fan, I know you miss this.

Here's to next year.



History was made today. From the AP:

"High prices for oil and natural gas propelled Exxon Mobil Corp. and Royal Dutch Shell PLC to their best quarterly results ever on Thursday, with Exxon becoming the first U.S. company ever to ring up quarterly sales of $100 billion."

However you slice it, we're a captive audience when it comes to gasoline. OPEC and the US oil producers have us right where they want us--behind the wheel. We're like crack addicts when it comes to gas. And just like an addict, we'll pay whatever the dealer asks, because we have to buy gas to get to work, so we can make more money, so we can buy more gas, ect, ect. Kinda sick once you really think about it.

After reading the AP article, I didn't feel much better about why oil companies are breaking profit records. Actually, if you apply a bit of common sense to the article, I think it becomes clear what's going on: Price gouging.

I'm no expert, but it seems to me if the oil company has an increase in product cost (OPEC), then it would naturally pass that increase on to the consumer, if those costs threatened to impact their profitability. But, if they're just passing their increase on to us, how can they post off-the-chart numbers for the last reporting period, unless there's gouging going on. And this:

"Both Exxon and Shell said their performances were buoyed by higher crude-oil and natural-gas prices, even as output suffered due to a busy hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico. The companies noticed slight decreases in fuel demand."

So here's their equation:

**Higher crude prices+lowered output+decreased demand=75% quarterly net income increase and historic profit margins.

My math is more accurate:

**Historic net income and profit levels+decreased demand and output= You're getting hosed at the pump!!

Check my work, I could be wrong. Read the AP article here, and this too.



Umer Hayat, the Lodi man suspected of terrorist ties, was ordered released on $1.5 million bail by U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell. The bail agreement includes home detention, surrender of passport, phones tapped (cell and landline), no firearms (or WMDs), and gps tracking with an ankle bracelet.

Hayat's bail will be secured by four Lodi properties owned by relatives, and a fifth has been offered by another person. Read the news article here--the video link gives a more comprehensive view of the case.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


See how good you are at the Coors Light drawing test. Not recommended while drinking Coors Light, though. I surprised myself.



Not long ago, Noah, was injured by an IED. Later, while on the mend, he was notified that his unit suffered another IED attack. 5 members were lost. Noah's mom blogs at SOME SOLDIER'S MOM. In a recent post she relates to us her conversations with Noah about the loss and the promise he made to his good friend, Tommy. Here's a portion:

I remember him telling me when he first told me that Tommy and the others had been killed, "You would really have liked him, Mom. He was just like me." He says absolutely everyone loved Tommy. He tells me that when they all went off to war, they promised each other that they would bring each other home. "This isn't how we thought it would happen, Ma." I detect such emotion in that statement that it is hard for me not to weep. I can not fathom the pain of such memories... or the love and loyalty that inspired such promises. Read the whole thing.

In the follow-up post, Noah describes escorting Tommy back to the States for burial. Though it's a sad post, it leaves you feeling very proud. Read it here.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005


How the Cheney, Tenent, and "Scooter" story is going to end is anyone's guess. I do know that in the meantime the MSM will feed off this story with a vengeance. MSNBC should fit Chris Matthews with a drool cup because he'll be slobbering all over himself in the upcoming weeks. Maybe this is where Cheney resigns and Condi steps in to finish up his term. It's anyone's guess.

***Cindy Sheehan can't wait to identify the 2000th soldier to die in "Bush's war" so she can make some much needed political hay. But Sheehan's attempt to regain her prior status in the MSM could backfire on her; the family that loses the 2000th soldier might not hold the same views as Sheehan. It could be that they won't appreciate Sheehan using their loved one as political fodder. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one. UPDATE: 12:10 PST--Foxnews just announced the passing of #2000; a soldier wounded in earlier action. RIP.

***73-74-75-76-77: Get to know these issues, because if they pass, look for them to show up on a ballot near you. Another blogger's opinion here.

***This ad is great, but MLB doesn't agree.

***The new Mr. Fed: Here's his story.

***Mr. Right's photo contest is a good one this week. Get over there and post your entry for the photo below.

***A story I missed in the MSM. Marathon Pundit has the details.

***Heartfelt post.


Monday, October 24, 2005


Ticking....I was looking forward to this week's 60 Minutes so much that I missed the middle portion of the WS. I clicked back to it just in time to miss the grand slam. Last night's program, all 3 segments, plus Andy, is what 60 Mins is really good at. There was no political slanting, no slamming of Bush and his "cronies," just great programming. And the bonus: Very few commercials. At the top of the show they announced there would be limited commercials, but later they slipped-in a short commercial that said there would be fewer commercials. I had to laugh at that.

The opening segment was on Michael Jordon. This was the interview I most wanted to see. He discussed his life in b-ball, business, family, gambling, and the state of the NBA today. Jordan is an incredible individual, a rare bird, so to speak. He admitted his mistakes and called himself "stupid" for becoming so involved in gambling, and he thinks the problems in the NBA today stem from paying the players too much upfront for something they've yet to earn. I think he's onto something there. Over the years he felt like he was owned by his fans and now he wants his time for himself and family.

The second segment was on Sgt. Jenkins, the American soldier who abandoned his unit and joined up with the North Koreans back in the mid '60s. I have no time for any SOB that does this. However, by the end of this interview I felt somewhat sorry for this guy. The UCMJ doesn't provide for this type of punishment, though many would say he deserved every bit of it. He showed remorse and said it was the "mistake of his life" and apologized to the troops he abandoned. His decision to cross the border into N. Korea was rooted in his fear of being sent to VN later. In his thinking, he figured he would somehow end up back in the states and be rid of the VN experience, instead it cost him 4 decades of his life in a hell he never imagined possible. I guess when you make your bed, you get to spend some time in it.

The final segment was about a severely brain-damaged boy named Rex. He's a musical savant and communicates through his music on a level that's mind boggling. To say Rex's brain is wired differently is an understatement; he functions at a level that is not understandable. It's too bad 60 Mins doesn't repeat throughout the week, because this story is worth the price of admission.

Andy, well, he was Andy.

It's too bad 60 Mins doesn't stick with this type of programming.


Friday, October 21, 2005


Will there be indictments against Rove and "Scooter"? There's conflicting reports about it this morning and both are coming from the NYT. One report says probably not; the other indicates they're in big trouble.

Next week will be huge for the Bush administration. If the prosecutor decides to indict, coupled with Tom Delay's arrest, Bush's second term will be forever altered. On the other hand, if there are no indictments, Bush still has his hands full.

*****OTHER STUFF*****

--Mr. Right describes a perp walk to end all perp walks--Texas style! Don't forget about the Photo Caption Contest this week.

--Marathon Pundit went to DePaul last night; Ward Churchill was the featured speaker. He had some interesting encounters that you'll want to read about. He photo blogged as well.

--South Park flood!! This is a great parody of the news coverage during Katrina.

--Joan Rivers is pissed off. She drops a verbal bomb before producers can hit the cut-off button.

--If you have a bashful bladder, find another urinal.


--Wilma is headed for Florida, so let's see how many seek refuge in this Key West bar. Live streaming with audio. (Wilma has knocked the power out, so the cam is down for now)--electricity is back again.

--In NYC you can get your teeth cleaned, drilled, or pulled in front of an audience of millions. Live streaming, no audio.

--Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley. Watch them go to and from class.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


This is sad. My blog is valued at $0.00. If you're wondering what yours is worth, click here.

For more "valuable" reading, check my blogroll.

Hat Tip to Ace of Spades.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


She's down with a nasty cold. Get well soon!!


Sunday, October 16, 2005


Mike Wallace isn't dead yet, but if he were, he'd be rolling over in his grave. His son, Chris Wallace, who works for Fox News, said the following in an interview Friday:

"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace said Friday that since leaving the mainstream networks behind to join Fox he's noticed an "astonishing" amount of biased reporting on the part of his former colleagues.

Color me surprised. It looks like we're starting to make some progress on getting the word out about media bias. The only other big-time "talking head" from the MSM that has come forward is Bernie Goldberg, and since doing so the MSM has labeled him as a loose cannon with an axe to grind. However, thinking, rational folk know he's spot-on with his analysis of the bias in journalism today and in the past. Watch to see what the MSM has to say about Mike's little boy.

Let's hope this starts a trend with others stepping forward to admit the obvious. Chris' next guest should be Goldberg--now that would be interesting. Read the article here.

----OTHER NEWS----

***A high-profile homicide in San Francisco that will most certainly get lots of air time. A TV legal analyst is smack in the middle of it, and we all know who the police consider their #1 suspect: The husband. I wonder how his collegues at Court TV are going to handle this delicate situation?

*** This could very well be the biggest a-hole in the blogoshere. Matthew Heidt, at Froggy Ruminations, takes this jerk to task for his ridiculous attempt at humor. As a former jumpmaster and USPA C-License holder (#12045), I can assure you this guy would've been kicked off our dropzone and banished forever. There is no way you can allow someone this stupid to be around student jumpers.


Saturday, October 15, 2005


***Once the bun's in the oven, they always start talking about this stuff.

***This could be the dumbest fashion trend of all. I hope it doesn't make its way to our shores. Ladies?

***I am sick of hearing about how we're all going to die from the bird flu. Now it seems we have another flu breathing down our necks: Dog flu. Maybe Kitty can ask the Dogman about this and give us the skinny.

***Hillary should think before opening her carpetbagging mouth.

***Game 3 between the White Sox and Angels wasn't as exciting as game 2. The good news is the White Sox won. The Angels lost game 2 because their catcher blew it, and I found a columnist who agrees with me.

***Dakota Pundit, one of my favorite reads, has taken some time off to get back into shape, physically. But did she leave us for good? Her site's been down for a couple days now.

*** The story about Armstrong Williams is being reheated in the MSM--a non-story in my opinion. And nothing's on the stove in the MSM's kitchen regarding Chuckaquiddick. Hmmm.

***Just for fun.

*********MR. RIGHT'S PHOTO CONTEST**********

***Ya, I'm pissed!! Not even in the rankings, again. Brainster is outrageous, while Chris walks away with the bonus points. Next week's photo should prove to be gobs of fun.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


As I watched the video of Robert Davis getting the ever-lovin' crap pounded out of him by the NOPD, I can't help but wonder if this is what Senator Landrieu had in mind when she threatened to punch the President. Just a thought.

What's missing here? Outrage, of course. Where's the media's outrage? Where's the NAACP's outrage? Where's Jesse Jackson's outrage? Where's Governor Blanco's outrage? Where's Chris Matthews and David Gregory's outrage? Mayor Nagin? Charlie Rangel? And just where in the hell is Cindy Sheehan's outrage?

There's no outrage because the left is unable to attach a republican to this beating. Plain and simple. Since democrats control everything in NO and LA, you won't find anyone on the left crying out for justice. After all, the left already had its one beheading at FEMA. Now it's just democrats as far as the eye can see.

I especially enjoyed the part of Mr. Davis' interview where he explained that he was, "taking his evening constitutional." Who the hell uses that term anymore? Well, I'll tell you who: A senior citizen. That terminology was dropped a couple generations back, and I doubt if anyone under the age of 35 even knows what it means.

So, this 64 year old retired school teacher is taking an evening stroll, some stressed-out cops decide to play pile-driver with the side of his head, and no republican in sight. Now that's an outrage!

Note to the City of New Orleans: Get your checkbook out.


Monday, October 10, 2005


Albuquerque, NM.

Robert Hanson, the last surviving crew member of the Memphis Belle, has passed away in NM. Hanson was the Belle's radio operator during many of its 25 bombing missions from Nov 7th to May 17th, 1943. They logged 148 hours of flight time and had many close calls. Hanson attributed their success to teamwork and luck. A prayer is in order for Mr. Hanson, his fellow crew members, and the crews of the other B-17s, many of which didn't make it back home.

Robert Hanson. (pic)

Mission list and crew list. (scroll)



Sunday, October 09, 2005


John Ruberry, our man at Marathon Pundit, live blogged the Chicago Marathon Sunday as he ran in it. I followed the event as it unfolded at his mobile blog site and found it to be quite interesting. Technology is simply amazing these days.

John not only blogged the marathon live, he was part of a group of runners(3) with the job of setting the pace for other runners. New Balance sponsored them. Their goal was to set a pace of 3 hours 30 minutes. Running, blogging, and setting the pace--a big job if you ask me. The bad news is they missed their goal; they came in at 3 hours 30 minutes and 10 SECONDS. He just had to take that last picture.

This year's Chicago Marathon was to have the "runaway bride" competing, bib #37278, but John couldn't locate her and thinks she may have been a no-show. Probably in Las Vegas. She'll turn up; she always does.

If you aren't familiar with John's site, you should be. It's a daily read for me. John has his finger on the pulse of everything Illinois and much of the surrounding area. Some of the topics he covers you'll find in the media, however, much of it isn't--that's the good stuff. It seems that Illinois, politically, is going to hell in a hand basket, so John has his hands full with many subjects to blog about.

For live blogging this event, I wouldn't be surprised if John gets a write-up in one of the runners' mags. I thought it was a great idea and was impressed at how well it turned out--looking forward to your next idea, John.

P.S.: I think Pam should live blog her trip into the city and give an up-close and personal look at what that's like these days. Just an idea.


Saturday, October 08, 2005


My movie reviews always come under the heading of "The Princess Theater," and later I'll tell you about the place. For now, I'll give you a short review of this movie.

A good movie, but not great. If you don't enjoy sports, don't bet on sports, or have no clue what a bookie is, then this movie may not be your cup of tea.

On the other hand, if you enjoy sports, bet on sports, have a bookie and owe him money, then this movie is for you. At the very least you'll learn something.

This movie begins with "life is good" and then gradually crosses over to the dark side to "life sucks." Pacino and McConaughey carry the movie very well with their parts. Russo's part starts off great but the writers failed her as the movie progressed.

The movie revolves around Pacino's company, a sports advice service, where they sell you their picks in upcoming football games. Pacino employs people to handicap games and McConaughey has a talent for this. McConaughey is a stand-out in Las Vegas at picking winners; Pacino notices his raw talent and brings him to New York to work for him. When he begins work in NY, things get fast and loose.

Overall, it's a good movie and I suggest seeing it. Aaron will enjoy Matthew, I'm sure of that. One last thing: On Monday night, take San Diego minus the points. It's a lock!!

****************OTHER STUFF

***I started blogging in February. Mid-May I added a counter and soon I'll be at 25,000. I know some blogs do that in a day, but it's still a number I'm proud of. I have enjoyed meeting many people here on the internet; someday I might have the pleasure of meeting some of you in person. But most importantly, I've learned a great deal in these few months and I'm in awe of the power of this rather new format. It is amazing. See you in the comments section.

***A couple posts back I mentioned a NYT article that was discussing the problems of having Lenin's body on display. I guess the body is difficult to maintain over time with fungus growing on it and all. After dinking around on the net, I found the solution to their problem. It's creepy as hell, but you can't hold back technology's advancements. Enjoy. For more info, click here.

***You can have lots of fun with this site.

***If you thought Howard Dean was the only one screwing up while talking, you'd be wrong. Listen to Minnesota's governor drop the F-bomb. Read the article for yourself. His polling numbers are on the rise, so I think he'll be ok.

***SUNDAY: Don't forget that MARATHON PUNDIT is photo blogging the Chicago Marathon live. Check his mobile photo blog for the newest pics. I hope he gets a good shot of "The Runaway Bride."


Friday, October 07, 2005


It's being reported that a strange silence has fallen over the Greater Boston area. Early speculation is pointing to this as the reason.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I was just listening to the opening segment of Hardball as Matthews and Howard Dean were discussing Bush's pick for SCOTUS.

Dean was talking about her background, and I have no transcript, so I'll just put it together from memory. Dean went on to say that we know nothing about Miers. The work she did at the White House is very important since it will tell us about her views, but Bush isn't releasing the info.

He then said, they can't be playing hide-the-salami with these records. Dean then smiled a bit realizing he just said something highly inappropriate.

UPDATE: Here's the transcript (I can't believe they didn't edit it out).

MATTHEWS: Do you believe that the president can claim executive privilege?

DEAN: Well, certainly the president can claim executive privilege. But in the this case, I think with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, you can't play, you know, hide the salami, or whatever it's called. He's got to go out there and say something about this woman who's going to a 20 or 30-year appointment, a 20 or 30-year appointment to influence America. We deserve to know something about her.

Whatever it's called? He's kidding, right? Instead of hiding the salami, the DNC ought to think about hiding Howard Dean. Better yet, leave him right where he is; he's way too entertaining.

Here's the whole transcript.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Britney Spears is doing her part to raise money for the victims of the hurricane ravaged gulf area. She's auctioning some of her clothing, including a bra. At last report the bra's bidding was over $9000. Better get your bid in before it gets serious. Check the latest bids on Ebay. Too late, it's now serious.

And speaking of Britney's bra, here's an informative slide show about the mystery surrounding what she puts in it.

***The only one I haven't seen is #44. How about you?

***Husbands and wives often fight about it, especially if they aren't doing it correctly. Are you?

***We should be asking the same question about the democratic party. It's beginning to smell. UPDATE: What's up with the NYT? They changed the headline of this story since I posted. The headline used to read: NOW THAT LENIN'S IDEAS ARE DEAD, RUSSIA WONDERS WHAT TO DO WITH HIS BODY. That's very close to the original headline. I think someone at the Times was thinking the same way I was, or they saw my post.

***If you want to learn more about the stock market and investing, this is the best show for it. The host, unlike most stock market experts, never talks down to you; he talks to you, and in plain english. He's the John Madden of the market.

***This is your captain speaking. Notice that I've turned on the "fasten your seatbelt sign."

Runway 27 at Lindbergh Field, San Diego: Take-off and then the landing. Cockpit view. (volume)

***How effective are you?

***The World Series is upon us. As a kid, he was my hero...1.12 ERA; need I say more?

***"Politicians are the lowest form of life on the earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politician."--Gen. Patton. For his thoughts on everything else, click here.

***Live from Chicago via Marathon Pundit's cell phone. I'm looking forward to this. Update: You'll never believe who's going to be in Chicago this weekend.

***Color me October. Meow!

***Simply amazing.

***I'm pretty sure I have the winner.

***If you eyeball it, you bought it. Someone please tell me this is a joke. Please.

And finally, if you think this post is too long, balme tehse floks.



There's justice in the world, at least in San Francisco. Melanie Morgan just sent this email:

Update Issued: Monday, October 3, 2005 - 5:02 PM

"Friends: I've included the time this message was sent because, given how things have been going, the facts may change at a moments notice.As you know, last week ABC executives removed me from the airwaves of KSFO 560 AM and the "Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan Show". I was deeply disappointed that despite the fact that our show was one of the highest rated morning programs in the Bay Area (one of the largest radio markets in the nation) that these ABC executives would act in such a manner.

I cannot help but think they decided to punish me for my continued conservative activism.

ABC also owns a liberal radio news/talk station in the San Francisco market and I find it hard to believe they would have treated their liberal hosts the same - especially if they had earned strong ratings. I owe so many of you a "THANK YOU."

The listening audience of KSFO immediately flooded the station when my removal was announced over the airwaves. Word spread across the Internet - including at where many pro-troop conservatives discuss current events. The outpouring of support forced ABC to reverse course and get me back on the airwaves tomorrow. I urge you to read about what happened at the Radio Equalizer BLOG - you can also leave a message for Brian Maloney (who writes for the BLOG) there: "

Listen to her tomorrow morning from 5-9 AM Pacific:

Nothing like kickin' some MSM butt.


Monday, October 03, 2005


Friday, September 30th, Melanie Morgan, co-host of San Francisco's #1 rated drive-time radio show was told she was no longer working for the station. Melanie does a popular show on KSFO 560 AM, "The Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan Show." Here's some details from an email she sent:

"My contract with KSFO was set to expire on Friday. My agent had been in negotiations with the station manager of KSFO (an ABC owned and operated station). We had already worked out the 'big issues' - I had agreed to a very small increase in salary and did not have any major demands. I thought everything would be routine. During my time at KSFO we have emerged as one of the highest rated local radio programs in the nation. Certainly the station had to appreciate that!?!

But, for some reason, the negotiations hit a brick wall and I was asked to accept a number of bizarre compromises. My agent tried to work through the issues but I was told that for some reason the station was playing hardball. I was told on Thursday that Friday morning would be my last day of employment. I was to turn in my ABC card key that allowed me access to the building."

Something definitely stinks here. Though Melanie didn't mention it specifically, I'm sure this has something to do with her chairing MOVE AMERICA FORWARD. Recently, MAF organized a bus caravan to Crawford, Texas, and one to Washington D. C., to show support for our troops. Both trips were in direct response and opposition to Mother Sheehan's anti-war rallies.

Yes, something stinks here. More later...

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