Thursday, January 31, 2008


Back in Oct '07, we had Rep. John Mica--7th district in Florida--on the show to discuss the outrageous treatment of our soldiers and Marines during a layover at the Oakland airport. I posted about it here and Malkin linked the story as well.

In a nutshell, our Military Members were allowed to deplane in Oakland for the layover period but were not allowed in the airport terminal because the officals in Oakland had some "security concerns".

We interviewed Rep. Mica because he's the ranking member on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee which oversees military transports. He was not happy about the incident at Oakland and insisted there would be action taken. The Inspector General would review the situation and file a report in due time, we were told.

Also, it was mentioned that Oakland would no longer be receiving military transports of this type in the future. Sacramento was being looked at as a possible new destination.

Well, the IG has submitted a report that says the Oakland Airport did not break any laws or regulations when it denied the 200 soldiers and Marines access to the terminal. Just a mix-up, folks. Here's a few passages from the article:

The contract to allow military layovers at the California airport "did not require that military personnel have access to the airport terminal; it only required that military personnel be allowed to deplane and stretch their legs on stops lasting over one hour,"

Airport officials were concerned that the flight's ground staff could not provide "an adequate level of escort and control of such a large group of military personnel in or around the terminal area," the inspector's report said.

The review also found "miscommunication about the proper storage and safeguarding of weapons carried on board aircraft during the layover" and that the airport "could not confirm that weapons [on the plane] would be secured and safeguarded in accordance with Department of Defense regulations and that the Marines and soldiers would leave their weapons on board."

The "concerns" by officials in Oakland about "escort and control" of our Military Members is insulting, at best. The "safeguarding of weapons" is even more of an insult as well.

Did Oakland think our heros would get access to secured weapons and run wild through the terminal firing at people, raping women, robbing stores? Cutting off heads?

I'm thinking they just wanted to use the restroom, maybe visit with friends and family, and grab some snacks for the final leg to Hawaii. But, I could be wrong.

Andrea Shea-King will be contacting Rep. Mica on Friday to see if he'll return to our show for a follow-up interview regarding the Oakland Airport and the IG's report. Check back.



D-Day is nearing and analysts are calling for everyone to get on board. Cramer's at the platform too. This train pulled out of the station back in September but promptly went off the tracks early in December. Looks like the tracks have been cleared, Decision Day is upon us.



Jimmy James is dead. He was 92. We all know him from his daring escape from a German POW camp. McQueen played him in the movie.

Easter Heathman, from Bazaar, Kansas, was witness to history one day in 1931. At the time, he was just 13 years old. He died Tuesday. During the many years inbetween, he felt it was his responsibility to maintain the site and keep alive the memory of the man who was killed there. Marathon Pundit has the story.


Monday, January 28, 2008


As I mentioned in a post on Saturday, Andrea Shea-King would be interviewing Duncan Hunter about his recent endorsement of Mike Huckabee. Many conservatives were wanting to know exactly what Hunter was thinking, so at a dinner in the Palm Beach area on Friday, Hunter sat down for an interview with Andrea and explained why he supports Huck.

In addition, he tells us why he won't support the other candidates. Any guesses as to why he isn't supporting Capt. Shamnesty? The post below this one provides a hint.

Voice of Liberty Podcast Network "Duncan Hunter--Why Did He Do It?"

Andrea blogs at The Radio Patriot. And, please don't forget Duncan's son, Capt. Duncan D. Hunter, as he'll be needing our support this year--he's running for his father's congressional seat. Yep, Duncan Sr. is retiring. We'll miss him.

ABOVE: Dennis McCarthy, former Florida State Director Hunter'08, Andrea Shea-King, Duncan Hunter. BELOW: Duncan Hunter holding his son's campaign sticker.


Sunday, January 27, 2008


I'm not endorsing a particular candidate. However, there is a candidate I will NOT be endorsing--ever. The first video is McCain's response after being asked about Dr. Juan Hernandez. Video via Malkin's story. And, Malkin provides a closer look at Hernandez, in his own words. (You won't believe what he has to say)


Saturday, January 26, 2008


Ok, it's 2 am on the west coast, I have lots to tell you and I'll do my best to keep it simple and organized. It's been a big weekend for The Andrea Shea-King Show, so stay with me.

Michelle Malkin and Dr. Jerome Corsi hit us with a bombshell Friday morning when they revealed to us that the McCain campaign had appointed Dr. Juan Hernandez as the campaign's "Hispanic Outreach Director." Hernandez is a "Mexico first" kinda guy who wants nothing but a "free flow of people" across our borders. And, he fought vigorously for across-the-board amnesty. In other words, he's a huge proponent of the McCain-Kennedy Shamnesty bill.

If you're not familiar with Hernandez, just read Corsi's article at WND and Malkin's post. Better yet, take a look at an interview Malkin did with Hernandez on the O'Reilly Factor. As the interview will show, Hernandez is a master at deflecting questions and moving full-force into his agenda driven dribble.

With Juan Hernandez on board the "straight-talk express", I think, says everything as to McCain's true beliefs regarding border security and illegal immigration. McCain, however, is trying to lessen the impact on his campaign by pointing out that Hernandez is a "non-paid volunteer".

Paid or not, McCain's connection to this man makes it crystal clear: McCain is in no way, shape or form, a conservative. To argue otherwise would only make one look foolish. Even McBrainster will have his hands full trying to explain this one. I'm now wondering if any of the other republican candidates have a connection with Hernandez, officially or otherwise.

The recent NYT endorsement of Her Royal Pantsuit and McCain ought to clue you in, too. How sweet is that? No matter who wins, the NYT gets a democrat in the White House. Talk about hedging your bet.

Even Mother McCain thinks the conservative base is giving very little, if any, help to her boy. And she thinks conservatives will have to "hold their noses" to vote for him in November. Wow. I'm betting that Mother McCain won't be allowed near a microphone or camera, anytime soon. She'll be "resting."

So, this is where I'm at: If McCain's the nominee, I'll have to be waterboarded into voting for him. I've been voting since the '70s. I've never once voted for a democrat and I'm not starting now. Clear enough?

NOTE: Dr. Jerome Corsi is scheduled for an interview this Sunday night on The Andrea Shea-King Show. We have him slotted for a solid hour to discuss the latest on McCain-Hernandez as well as the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Show info down below.

Giuliani's people contacted us Friday--finally--and we'll be taping a short interview with him that will be played on Sunday's show in Orlando. Hey, an extra treat at no additional charge.

We'll also be getting a comment from Tom Tancredo about McCain teaming with Juan Hernandez. Look for that at Andrea's blog, The Radio Patriot.

**On to Friday's happenings: Andrea, along with her good friend, Jo Anne Page of Merritt Island, had dinner with Duncan Hunter in the Palm Beach area Friday evening. As you may remember, Hunter recently endorsed Mike Huckabee. Needless to say, this had conservatives puzzled and confused. Some were shocked.

Before dinner, though, Hunter sat down for an interview with Andrea so he could explain his reasoning for throwing his support to Huckabee. (I listened to the interview late Friday night and was pleased with his reasons) Of note, Hunter also goes into why he isn't supporting the other candidates. Interesting. The Hunter interview will be the focus of Andrea's podcast contribution this week at The Voice of Liberty Podcast Network, and will be posted by Monday morning. I'll have a post on it first thing Monday morning, so check back then.

Related to the Hunter endorsement--as a supporter of Hunter, LTC Buzz Patterson was one of those shocked by the news. Andrea will be getting a follow-up comment from him. Again, look for that at The Radio Patriot.


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**Guests this week: Senator Jim DeMint of SC. Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani. Dr. Jerome R. Corsi. Roy Beck.


TOP: Dennis McCarthy, former Florida State Director Hunter'08, Andrea Shea-King, Duncan Hunter. MIDDLE: Duncan Hunter with Merritt Island's Jo Anne Page. BOTTOM: Duncan holding his son's campaign sticker. Duncan's retiring this year and his son will be running for his congressional seat in San Diego. Hunter Jr. will be needing our $$$upport. (click to enlarge)


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


**This post remains on top; new material below**

Malkin's post reads--"Hunter Endorses Huck...Heads Explode". Heads are about to explode all over the conservative blogosphere, mine included. The news is simply stunning.

Recently, on The Andrea Shea-King Show, we interviewed LTC Buzz Patterson. During the interview (begins at 49:00--slide the bar) we asked him if he's endorsing a candidate. Long story short--Hunter was his man. Period.

Just a few minutes ago, Andrea called Buzz to get his reaction to the news that Hunter was endorsing Huck. Andrea's call was the first he'd heard about the Hunter endorsement. Patterson was "shocked". His full statement can be read at The Radio Patriot. Link below.


"I'll be meeting with Hunter this Friday at an event in the Palm Beach area. I'll be asking him some hard questions, you can count on that. And if you have any questions you'd like me to ask him, leave me a comment. I'll have his ear. You can bet I'll be chewing on it."--Submit your questions to Andrea NOW!!

Get all the details about Buzz' response and the upcoming Hunter interview at The Radio Patriot.

THURSDAY--Andrea will be interviewing Sen. Jim DeMint on BlogTalkRadio. 9 PM ET. NOTE: Sen. DeMint had to cancel for tonight but will be with us on the Sunday show. Guest tonight TBA.



This week at Voice of Liberty Podcast Network, John McJunkin interviews Jonah Goldberg, author of Liberal Fascism, which, btw, is #1 at Amazon.

After clicking a link at Malkin's blog, Andrea soon found herself reading an article at American Thinker. The article so impressed Andrea that she interviewed its author on the radio--twice. And, if that's not enough, she did this podcast too. All that from one link at Malkin's!! Now, Andrea Shea-King.

VOL host and producer, John McJunkin, gives us Reason #11 Why Mrs. Clinton Will Never Be President. Mr. McJunkin.

Thanks for supporting the Voice of Liberty Podcast Network.

Michelle Malkin's blog can be found HERE.

Below, Col. Bud Day, Michelle Malkin, Viet Nam Vet, Bob McMahon at last year's CPAC. More pics.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Monday, as world markets began to tumble, investors headed for the exits before the blood ran too deep. One trader described it as "carnage".

“September 11 aside, I can’t remember a day like this. It was carnage,” said Jimmy Yates, a dealer at CMC Markets in London. “It’s been a really good four or five years but it looks like the end of the bull run.”

Since Monday was a holiday here in the U.S., our markets were closed and didn't suffer a downturn. But, Tuesday's another day. The world will be watching as Wall Street opens the day for trading--or selling. From what I'm reading, "selling" is going to be the order of the day. It's going to be ugly.

This entire financial mess was created by the sub-prime markets going to hell in a hand basket, a mess wholly created by congress, who oversees the regulatory aspect of these U.S. Markets. The words Malfeasance, Misfeasance, and Non-feasance come to mind--you pick the one that applies. But it really doesn't matter which one applies, because in the end, you get to pay. And pay, you will.

Even without this sub-prime fiasco, our Nation is in big trouble. Never before in our history have we been in such dire straits. Without our financial house in order, and strong, life as we know it is under threat. If you don't understand this, then you're in for a rude awakening, as are your children and grand children.

Now, before I go any further, I have to say one thing: I AM NOT a supporter of Ron Paul. In fact, in many ways I think he's kooky, especially when it comes to foreign policy and the war. However, he's the only candidate who's talking sense when it comes to our Nation's economic woes. Don't you find it disturbing that only one candidate from the republican party is providing "straight talk" about our troubles? Not only do I find it disturbing, I find it frightening.

A supporter of Ron Paul, or his campaign, put this video together for Tuesday morning. Let's see how the day turns out:


Sunday, January 20, 2008


As a kid growing up in Illinois, Bart Starr was my football hero. I was able to watch him lead the Green Bay Packers to victory in Super Bowls One and Two. All I want today is to watch another great Green Bay leader, Brett Favre, lead his team to victory. Favre is one of the good guys and deserves to retire from pro football in the same manner as John Elway. During the game, keep a close eye on the sidelines--you just might catch a glimpse of Lombardi.

Now, head on over to The Radio Patriot for another great line-up for tonight.

While talking with Andrea about tonight's show, she handed the phone to the biggest star in the Orlando news market, Rozzie Franco. She's the reporter that had a hunch regarding Randy Moss' latest troubles, checked with her sources, and broke the story. We talked for close to 10 minutes during the Patriot--Charger game, and as the 4th quarter dwindled to 3:30, I advised that her story just got bigger because Moss is headed to the Super Bowl. Here's an interview Franco did recently. Randy Moss comments here.

We'll be attempting to interview Franco on our BlogTalkRadio show.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The Radio Patriot received this email from a friend in Florida. I hope it's true:


As the C-5 pushed back from the gate, and began its roll down the runway and climb, the flight attendant gave the troops on board the usual information regarding seat belts, parachutes, etc. Finally, she said, “Now sit back and enjoy your trip while your captain, Judith Campbell, and crew take you safely to Afghanistan.”

An old M/Sgt. sitting in the eighth row thought to himself, “Did I hear her right? Is the captain a woman?”

When the attendant came by he said, “Did I understand you right? Is the captain a woman?”

“Yes,' said the Attendant, “In fact, this entire crew is female.”

My God,” he said, “Now I wish I had two double scotch and sodas. I don't know what to think with only women up there in the cockpit.”

“Oh, and that's another thing Sarge,” said the attendant, “We no longer call it the Cock Pit, it's now called the Box Office!”

(Click to enlarge)



Starting with this week's Voice of Liberty Podcast, host and producer John McJunkin has assigned individual permalinks for each of the contributors, making it easier for you, the listener, to fit them into your busy schedule. The segments run from 5-8 minutes long and are well worth your time. Here's the line-up:

**John McJunkin has a on-going series dealing with Hillary Clinton: "50 Reasons Why Mrs. Clinton Will Never Be President." This week John shares Reason #10 with you. (I'm sure he'll be proven correct on all 50)

**Andrea Shea-King shares a story with you that happened over 30 years ago. It involves me--TWD--only because I was there. But it's really about a 79 year old man who did something people his age, for obvious reasons, would never consider doing. It was when I was trying to pin down the details of this story, though, that another story surfaced: The life of Paul Davis.

**Warner Todd Huston has an idea that kids shouldn't be allowed to vote. I tend to agree but you'll have to formulate your own opinion on this one.

**Ken Marrero will tell you about an unfair new practice coming from the left side of the blogosphere. The left, unfair? Say it ain't so.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to link any of these podcasts at your blogs. Be sure to comment and vote (early and often). And please help spread the word about THE VOICE OF LIBERTY PODCAST NETWORK. Thanks!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I picked this up at Soldiers' Angels Germany via Blackfive.

SAG: "Dramatic and moving images of US Army Paratroopers and Afghan Army soldiers being evacuated after a November 2007 ambush near Forward Operating Base Bella, home of Chosen Company, 2-503rd PIR, 173rd ABCT in Nuristan Province, Afghanistan."

Blackfive adds: "That video shows exactly why medics never have to worry about buying a drink around paratroopers."


Monday, January 14, 2008


Kids...Uncle Jay explains how congress works--or doesn't--during the year. Even the most underdeveloped of minds can follow along. Uncle Jay produces videos throughout the year, just go here for more. Hat tip: Rudy by the lake.


Sunday, January 13, 2008


Another chapter in the life of the "Distinguished Senator from Chappaquiddick" has come to an end. Death has been a frequent visitor to the Kennedy family. This time, however, it's from outside the Kennedy compound but within a family that will forever be connected to the name Kennedy.

Gwen L. Kopechne, mother of Mary Jo, passed away last month. From her Obit:

"Family photographs pasted on a board were placed near the altar, and two pictures showing Gwen, her late husband, Joseph, and their only daughter, Mary Jo, were placed on a table beneath a Pastoral candle.

Gwen was laid to rest in St. Vincent’s Cemetery in Larksville next to her husband and Mary Jo, whose life immortalized the family when she was killed in the accident on Chappaquiddick Island on July 19, 1969."

Their only daughter snatched away from them because a drunken Ted was hoping to get lucky--again. I could live to be 150 years old and still never understand how the people of Massachusetts could ever think of returning this piece of crap back to the U.S. Senate. Possibly, you have some insight.

For the best comprehensive look at what happened that night on Chappaquiddick Island in 1969, click here. BBC news article here. And a most interesting NYT article from 1989, click here.--(HT Radio Patriot)

In his own words, Ted tells us what "really happened" that night--YouTube, for whatever reason, won't allow an embed.

Below is a photo of Ted wearing his "photo-op" neck brace as he and his wife, Joan, leave a funeral mass for Mary Jo.


Friday, January 11, 2008



Our good friend, Pam Meister, wrote a piece for American Thinker (Jan 11) "Female Voters Give Themselves A Bad Name", and it received a mention on today's Rush Limbaugh Show. And deservedly so.

It's a great piece of work, dealing with the recent surge of support for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. But, as Pam points out, the support isn't based on the fact that Hillary's the best candidate. Instead, it's gender based. From American Thinker:

"So now we have women deciding to vote for Hillary because she showed she's "one of us." She's now part of the coffee klatsch, the women who watch daytime television talk shows and soaps. It's, as Sean Hannity described it on the radio the other day, the "Oprah-ization" of politics. Yet they want to be taken seriously as voters who look at the serious issues that face our nation and our world?"

Pam's article should cause everyone, and not just women, to stop and really think through the qualifications of any candidate running for the highest office in the land.

In addition to her articles at American Thinker, Pam also writes for Newsbusters and Family Security Matters. She's a co-blogger at Lifelike Pundits and her personal blog is Blogmeister USA.

**This Sunday night, Pam will be interviewed on The Andrea Shea-King Show:

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For complete details on Sunday's other guests, go to Andrea's blog, The Radio Patriot.



Hat tip to my nephew, Buck, in Gold River, Ca.


Thursday, January 10, 2008


From World Net Daily:

"The words 'In God We Trust' have been placed in prominent display on U.S. coinage since 1864, until a new $1 coin series honoring U.S. presidents was introduced at the beginning of 2007, when the motto was concealed on the edge. But no more."

Within our society, the attackers of "GOD" have been very successful in removing "HIM" from government buildings, schools, even textbooks. But they've lost the battle when it comes to the new coins being issued by the U.S. Mint. By moving "In God We Trust" to the edge of the new coins, many felt it was just the first step in ridding our currency of any mention of God.

The public, however, wasted no time in making their voices heard.

On December 26, 2007, President Bush signed into law a provision calling for our National Motto to be placed on either the front or the back of the coins. The first batch of new coins will roll off the presses with the motto still on the edge because, presently, and without our permission, the mint is set up for the "edge" version. Soon it will be moved to the front or back and 2009 seems to be the target year for the change, but it could be sooner.

Since this was a victory for "GOD", I wasn't surprised when the story failed to generate much press. More from the WND article:

"In God We Trust" became the national motto by an act of Congress in 1956 and officially superseded "E Pluribus Unum," Latin for "Out of Many, One."

The most common place where the motto is observed in daily life is on U.S. currency and coinage. It wasn't until 1957 that the motto was permanently adopted for use on U.S. money."

For more views on God and separation of church and state, take a few moments to listen to Douglas V. Gibbs' show on BlogTalkRadio, The Political Pistachio, from Wednesday night. As always, the discussion was spirited.

**My Personal Promotion**

Mostly we're reactive when it comes to the removal of "GOD" from our lives, but two weeks ago I started a personal, pro-active approach to it, and one that can't be stopped nor protested for infringement reasons.

Now, each time I fill out a document, a check, deposit slip, credit card receipt, etc., I add "A.D." after the date, which is Latin for "anno domini", meaning "IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD".

In fact, each time I sign my name (which is just about every day) I add the date next to it, followed by "A.D." So far one person, a teller at my bank, inquired as to its meaning. No protest.

I wonder how Michael Newdow will feel about it?

I know, I don't care, either...


A couple years ago, I did a post on Red Skelton--"Good Night, and May God Bless"--where he gave a little talk (1969) on the "Pledge of Allegiance". In the segment, he mentions "under God" being added to the Pledge. Take a look:

Red Skelton left us in 1997, leaving millions with fond memories. Here's one of them.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Last weekend, Fox News decided not to include Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul in the republican presidential debate. We're still not sure what their excuse was since they gave several, none of which made any sense.

Andrea contacted Hunter's right-hand man in New Hampshire and he set some time aside so the congressman could come on the show for an interview.

Congressman Hunter's interview was Sunday, Jan 6, at 10 PM ET on WDBO, Orlando, Florida. If you missed it, here's the 3 part interview:

For other Duncan Hunter--Andrea Shea-King interviews, go here. Thank you, Rastermaster TV, for putting these together. And thank you, Free Republic, for posting them.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008


All eyes are focused on New Hampshire, Clinton, Obama and Romney. The election isn't turning out like some thought it would.

TONIGHT at 9 ET, Andrea's reporters will be calling in to give us a "live" report from NH. Gardner Goldsmith, a fixture in NH radio, will join Andrea to give his view on the bloodbath.

TUNE IN AT 9 PM ET--The Andrea Shea-King Show. More details at The Radio Patriot.



Yesterday I received an email from a longtime friend from here in Folsom. His name is Peter Ackers, but I like to call him "Private Pete". He's a Veteran and a great American. I remember when he first left for duty back in the '80s. His email read:

Happy New Year Dave,

Just got back from the UK visiting family and had the opportunity to visit this US military cemetery. Very impressive tribute to our fallen warriors from WWII. Said a prayer for our commander in chief and country, so that we may have the strength to prevail in our new world war.


The Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial has 3,812 of our fallen heroes resting peacefully. Included on the grounds is a "Wall of the Missing" which lists another 5,127 of those who were lost in battle. Among the missing, Major Alton Glenn Miller and Joseph P. Kennedy.

Because of patriots like Private Pete, these warriors who paid the ultimate price in service to our Nation know they are not, and never will be, forgotten.

Pete, thanks for this patriotic gesture, and, most importantly, thank you for your service. You're a good man. Proud to know you.


Monday, January 07, 2008


Someday, when they get around to writing the history of the 2008 election cycle, expect to see the events of this past week receiving a footnote, possibly its own chapter. Politically speaking, it was a busy, historic week. And as the year moves forward it could become even more historic.

Iowa brought defeat to the campaigns of Romney and Her Royal Pantsuit, and just for fun, we had a dose of controversy added to the mix when ABC and FOX decided to circumvent our electoral process by not allowing certain candidates to debate.
But, politicians sometimes have setbacks and the media getting in the way is nothing new, either.

So, what happened last week that would earn an entry into our history books? It appears that last week was the beginning of "The Post-Clinton Years". The trends are starting to develop, especially in New Hampshire. Third was the best Hillary could manage in Iowa, and it appears, at least according to the polls, that she'll have her ass handed to her in NH. (enter your prayer here)

Obama's popularity has gone to afterburners without him doing anything special. He's just himself and the folks on the left seem to love him. Bless their hearts. If Hillary loses in NH, it could signal the onslaught of a painful, sickening, political death. Take a moment to embrace that last thought.

It seems like it was just yesterday that Hillary owned it all: the polls, media coverage, and more money than she could spend, with the prospects of boatloads more on the way.

Some, however, will say it's way too early to write her obit. After all, she's a Clinton. I don't think it's too early, and some of the pundits on the left seem to think so as well.

With Hillary defeated, the end of the Clinton Dynasty will be upon us. A dynasty that began at 12 noon on January 20, 1993, and with it came more corruption and shame than we care to remember. Soon, that will end. more Bill, and, with the exception of her senate job, no more Hillary. If she loses--and she will--I predict she'll resign her senate seat before the end of her term. After all, she wasn't there to serve the Nation, she was there to win the White House. No real reason to stay on.

While driving through "The Post-Clinton Years", be sure to drive safely, enjoy life, your families, and be most proud and supportive of this Nation, its military, and everything they stand for.



This week, Andrea talks about a story we submitted to World Net Daily's "Operation Spike". Readers at WND were invited to pick the story they thought was the most under-reported for 2007. As you know, there were thousands to pick from, but we didn't hesitate as to which story to submit. To us, it was a no-brainer. At the end of the year, the editors pare the submissions down to a Top Ten list. Our story came in at #8.

In addition to our story, Andrea covers the other nine on the list. Here's our submissions:

*Diane Feinstein: War Profiteer*

Posted by THIRDWAVEDAVE on Dec 12, 2007 00:18

March 2007--METROACTIVE: "SEN. Dianne Feinstein has resigned from the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee. As previously and extensively reviewed in these pages, Feinstein was chairperson and ranking member of MILCON for six years, during which time she had a conflict of interest due to her husband Richard C. Blum's ownership of two major defense contractors, who were awarded billions of dollars for military construction projects approved by Feinstein." Info regarding this story can be found at:

*Senator Feinstein's Sticky Fingers*

Posted by Radio Patriot on Dec 12, 2007 22:04

Well, well, well, the culture of corruption shows up on the Democrat side of the house, or in this case, the Senate. From a report that lays it all out: Senator Feinstein's Iraq Conflict As a member of the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee, Sen. Feinstein voted for appropriations worth billions to her husband's firms...


Saturday, January 05, 2008


With the Iowa caucuses behind us, the debates this weekend, and New Hampshire just days away, Andrea Shea-King will be interviewing someone who's in the middle of it all: Congressman Duncan Hunter of California--GOHUNTER08.COM

After Fox News decided not to invite Hunter and Paul to this weekend's presidential debate, Andrea decided to voice her opinion in no uncertain terms. Trust me, her opinion about this won't be found "somewhere in the middle"--she stands solid against Fox' decision to dis-invite ANY of the candidates, and she invites you to voice your opinion as well. ***UPDATE: NH GOP withdraws as sponsor from Fox News debate--12:15 pm ET.

Hunter isn't complaining about not being included--he's soldiering on. However, expect Andrea to ask about it anyway.

In addition to Congressman Hunter, we have two other guests that you won't want to miss: Swiftboat Vet, Scott Swett, will tell us about his new book (which, btw, is going to be HUGE), and Richard S. Lowry will discuss the Middle East situation.


THE ANDREA SHEA-KING SHOW, Sunday at 9 PM ET on AM 580 WDBO, Orlando, Florida, streaming "live" on the internet.

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Listen to the "live" internet stream, participate in the Chat Room, and if you feel like it, give us a call and we'll do our best to get you on: 1-800-329-5858. And don't forget, Andrea blogs at The Radio Patriot.

Now, before you go, take a look at two of California's finest: President Ronald Reagan and Congressman Duncan Hunter.


Friday, January 04, 2008


Note: This post is copied from The Radio Patriot.

Anyone asking the question: How much $$ are the networks contributing to the political campaigns?? And whose political campaigns are getting those contributions?

ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Co. Fox is a unit of News Corp. Both media corporations, owners of major news organizations, donate to political campaigns and candidates. The fact that they CAN and DO contribute to candidates should automatically disqualify them from establishing the rules for political debates. Period.

Debates should be run by an independent organization -- such as the League of Women Voters -- who set the rules and benchmarks that determine a candidate's eligibility to participate in said debates.

Cable news and network news operations should simply be the conduits, NOT the arbiters, moderators or decision makers. A TV outlet may be privately or publicly held, but the airwaves they use are publicly owned by we, the people. They are regulated by the United States government -- in other words, WE THE PEOPLE.

Allowing CNN's Wolf Blitzer and his executive producers or FNC's Brit Hume or ABC's Charles Gibson or ANY news organization to control the message and the messengers doesn't make any sense at all. It's just plain stupid and dangerous for news organizations that claim to be unbiased or, in Fox's case "Fair and Balanced" to have control over something as important as electing a President. Please. It's asking the foxes to guard the henhouse.

Evidently we aren't the only ones who think that letting the TV newsers run the political process is a BAD idea. Steve Elliott of

"Andrea, I'm outraged by Fox News Channel and ABC's decision, and I'm urging you to take action with me by calling and emailing each of these news organizations to express your outrage.

Fox News Channel: (212) 301-3000 or (888)-369-4762, send email to:

ABC: (212) 456-7777, to send email, go to, scroll to bottom of page and click on "Contact Us"

Again, I am not supporting Paul, Hunter or anyone else at this point. But I think it’s critically important that the media not silence any of the candidates.

It is ironic that Joseph Farah of WorldNet Daily suggests the move "is a very bad decision for a cable news channel whose slogan is 'fair and balanced.'"

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich thinks this has a foul odor as well:

"Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich filed a complaint with the FCC on Friday after ABC News excluded him, fellow Democrat Mike Gravel and Republican Duncan Hunter from its prime-time debates on Saturday.

Kucinich argued that ABC is violating equal-time provisions by keeping him out of the debate and noted that ABC's parent Walt Disney Co. had contributed to campaigns involving the four Democrats who were invited.

"ABC should not be the first primary," the Ohio congressman said in papers filed at the Federal Communications Commission.

ABC said the candidates left out of the debates failed to meet benchmarks for their support that were outlined to each campaign prior to the Iowa caucus. Kucinich did not complain about these rules ahead of time, said spokeswoman Cathie Levine, who had no further comment since she hasn't seen the FCC filing.

ABC said it believed its rules were inclusive, while also ensuring viewers get a thorough look at the probable next president.

The network set rules to narrow the field. Candidates had to meet at least one of three criteria: place first through fourth in Iowa, poll 5 percent or higher in one of the last four major New Hampshire surveys, or poll 5 percent or higher in one of the last four major national surveys."We're regretful that we're not going to be in it," said Roy Tyler, a spokesman for Hunter. "We're just going to keep working. I think it's a mistake on their part to exclude any viable candidate at this point."

ABC's Republican debate will include Iowa caucus winner Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. It starts at 7 p.m. EST.

Shortly after that 90-minute forum, Democrats Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Bill Richardson will take the stage at St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H.
Fox News Channel is sponsoring a debate in its mobile studio Sunday that excludes Paul and Hunter. Huckabee, Giuliani, Romney, Thompson and McCain have been invited."

We're not letting go of this one, folks. Much is at stake. Please avail yourself of the telephone numbers and email addresses you see on this post -- and the ones that follow below -- and GET ACTIVE! It's OUR country. It's OUR election. DON'T let a few in the news operations control the message.

***For more email contacts, just copy and paste these.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The Andrea Shea-King Show brings you a "live" report from Iowa Wednesday and Thursday night. From the Radio Patriot:

"We've got our own reporters on the ground in Iowa. That's right. Marsha Della Giustina, associate professor of broadcast journalism at Emerson College in Boston (and my professional mentor) is herding a gaggle of crack-sharp journalism students in Des Moines who are cutting their chops in the biz chasing down candidates and filing reports. Read them on their website Political Pulse.

One of these young reporters will be calling in at the top of my radio show tonight AND tomorrow night to file their report and give us the inside scoop."

Tune in tonight at 9 ET on BlogTalkRadio.

NOTE: Looking for a good salsa recipe? Doug thinks he has one.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Just days before the voting begins in Iowa, Fred presents himself to the citizens of Iowa, his vision for America, and why he's the best man for the job of president. I think he did a fantastic job in doing so. More importantly, he came off as presidential.

Peter Robinson at The Corner writes about this speech, comparing it to one given by Reagan back in'76. Hat tip: Wizbang

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