Thursday, March 31, 2005


There's so much crap on the internet. Tons of it. However, every once-in-a-while you run into a simple, but helpful site like this. If you're not very organised or just busy as hell, or know someone like that, this is the site you ought to pass on to them.

There are many checklists on the site. I found the "checklist for life" an interesting one to look over and to give to someone that has a new baby. However, you can use the list no matter what your age is, just go to your age section. My age section ivolves a doctor and a rubber glove. How fun!!




Whether you side with Michael Shiavo or you side with Terri's parents, what happened at the Florida hospice this morning has to convince you in some little way that Terri's husband has something deeply wrong with him.

I speak of Michael blocking Terri's parents from being with her at the time of her passing. Michael Shiavo has stated over the years that all he is trying to do is allow Terri to die per her wishes. And I am sure Terri, while making her wishes clear to Michael, requested that her parents not be present at the time of her death. This is beyond cruel.

The story on Michael's motivation in this sad ordeal has been coming into focus over the last few weeks, but this morning I think the picture is crystal clear. For those of you that still believe Michael had only good intentions throughout this ugly process, watch in the coming months to see what his true motivations were all along. Follow the money. And, watch for a public backlash.

After this morning, there is no way you can feel good about any of this.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I always thought it was strange that Johnnie Cochran hadn't been doing TV the last few years, since his most famous case gave birth to the popularity of Court TV. Turns out he was sick, terminally, and chose to keep it a secret and live out what time he had in private. You have to respect that.

If you were in big trouble with the law, this is the guy you wanted in your corner. The smartest thing O.J. Simpson ever did was demote Robert Shapiro and put his life in Cochran's hands. We all know O.J. did it; the jury knew it; the judge knew it; but the jury needed a place to hang their hats with a "Not Guilty" verdict, and Cochran provided the hook.

Cochran played the race card and won, but the gift of gifts was when Clark and Dardin forced O.J. to try on the glove. What were they thinking? At that point, Cochran had to know O.J. would be going home soon. The jury wanted payback for the LAPD, and now they had it.

Cochran's obit is very interesting, especially the part where he has a true "Perry Mason" moment during one of his cases. Cochran has a robbery victim on the stand and asks her to point out the man who robbed her. Read the obit here to see how that turned out. Cochran probably saw Perry pull the same trick on Hamilton Burger.

At the Pearly Gates, I'm sure Johnnie is appealing to St. Peter, saying, "If the casket don't fit, you must acquit."


Monday, March 28, 2005


MSO closed last Thursday +84 cents and closed Monday +11 cents. The markets were closed on Friday. Before the weekend there was good news for MSO regarding the Kmart-Sears deal.


Sunday, March 27, 2005


Give this game a try. Pass it on to your friends, too. It looks easy, but beware. You can thank Tulsa Jim for this site.

Thanks, TULSA!!!!


Thursday, March 24, 2005


This screensaver is from Michelle Malkin's site. Check it out.



It's said that if Heavan had a waiting room, Florida would be it. Terri Schiavo is in the waiting room now, listening for her name to be called.

With all the court actions exhausted, it's now up to political will. I don't think Jeb Bush has the will to jump in and save Terri; the MSM would burn him at the stake. Politically, it would be a "perfect storm."

This morning I listened to Terri's brother commenting on the court's decision not to hear his sister's case. You can tell his family is suffering. He said his sister is taking on the look of a "concentration camp survivor."

One politician that could step in without fear of media backlash is Hillary Clinton. However, she's in hiding since the Senate voted on the Schiavo bill. When's the last time you saw her face on the tube? You'd think the MSM would track her down for a comment. If she wants to be President, now's the time to step up and act like it.

How sad is this?



I added a link to real-time trading for MSO on the right of this page. The graph is set to the 5 day look, but if you want a different time frame, 1 day, 1 month, ect., click on the setting at the upper left of the graph. Just below the graph is all the current trading info.

As of this post, 0900 PST, MSO is up $1.00 (4.5%). Enjoy the ride.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005


The Martha Stewart Omnimedia Express is about to pull out of the station. This is one of those stocks that swings wildly for no other reason than media hype and interest. The swings in value are not connected to any fundamental barometer used by the experts in the stock market, therefore, taking this one for a ride is gambling, but the payoff can be good and so far it's paid very well.

One of the swings began at $8.25, in July '04, prior to Martha announcing she would be going into prison early; when she finished her term, 5 months later, she boarded her private jet at $37.45. She went to prison a mutimillionarie and came back a billionarie, for the second time. Now she's back to being a mutimillionarie again. Why? Hype, and the lack of it. Her company is in the dumper. It's similar to the dotcoms of the '90s. Many of those companies never made dollar one, but, yet, their stock values headed skyward. Hype. In the last 5 years her stock was at its highest point as she left prison. Hype.

Now that Martha is on home arrest and temporarily off the media's radar screen, her stock has fallen back to about $20. I figure the bottom is in a window of $16 to $20, give or take. I'm no expert, I'm gambling.

Martha, The Donald, and Mark Burnett are hooked up to produce a spin-off of "The Apprentice," Starring Martha. Right now, all's quiet on the media front. This is what's called the "ground floor," and it's right where you want to be.

All that's happening now is the vetting process of a million applications for a spot on the show. As they get closer to the final group, talk in the media will start. Trump and Burnett will make sure there's talk, and a lot of it. Hype won't begin to describe the exposure this show is going to receive.

The hype will increase as certain stages of the production are arrived at; the show's contestants are announced; broadcast dates are set with aggressive ad campaigns launched; and inbetween there will be numerous, leaked stories about what has happened during taping of the show. On top of all that, anticipation will be building for MSO and Martha's comeback.

Like her or not, Martha's show will open to a mega-huge audience. And during the run-up to the first show, in the fall, will be a steady increase in MSO's stock value. Why? HYPE!!!!

My plan is this: buy now, and if it falls, buy more. Put a sell order in for the day of the first show. Martha isn't very good on tv, so tanking after the first show won't be a surprise. Trump can pull it off, but I don't think Martha will come close to his success. If she pulls it off, great, but it won't matter because by then I will be most satisfied. Besides, I don't gamble that much.

All aboard at $20.66....

Next stop, $60.00


Monday, March 21, 2005


It's clear Jacko is having some trouble dealing with the reality we live with each and every day. Jacko's reality isn't like ours; his is created to fit his own needs. If his reality happens to get tangled up with ours, he can make ours go away with money. Not this time, though. The reality of the court system is static and resists bending, even for the likes of "the gloved one."

Jacko is stumped. He can't figure out this judge. The judge has laid down the rules of this house clearly, and now Jacko's testing him ever so slightly to see where the real line is drawn. As he shuffled into the courtroom this morning, he was acting like a little kid trying to get out of school by telling mom he doesn't feel good. The judge responded perfectly; he ignored him.

As adults, we can't simply say we don't feel good and have the objectionable aspects of our lives go away. But, we can have our doctor say we're having a mental breakdown and seek the shelter of a posh hospital that treats such afflictions. This is what I think Jacko's next move may be.

If Jacko feigns mental problems, it won't make any of this disappear; it will only postpone his next appointed day in court. On the other hand, Jacko might be trying to get the jury members to feel sorry for him. He can't be that stupid, but then again, he might be.

At any rate, I still think the only move Jacko has is to call Hotel Polanski to see if there's a room available.


Sunday, March 20, 2005


John DeLorean, a maverick in the auto industry, died the other day. In his day, he owned Detroit, at least the portion named GM. He single-handedly changed the industry with the creation of the "muscle car."

Had DeLorean stayed with GM and not gone off to create his own car, the DMC 12, the auto industry of today would probably look quite different. He had vision and he was way ahead of his time, though his cocaine trafficking skills were lacking.

I followed DeLorean over the years because my first car was his creation, a 1967 Pontiac GTO. Simply put, it was a rocket ship with an ashtray, and not something your average 15 year old had any business driving around without adult supervision. Trust me, I had no supervision, and I'm lucky to be alive today typing this post. My "Goat," as they were called, had a 400 cubic inch engine with a 3 speed turbo-hydromatic trans with a Hurst dual-gate shifter. In '72, it took $13 to fill the tank with SUNOCO 260. If you've never heard of SUNOCO 260, you wouldn't understand. Let's just say 98 octane and leave it at that.

This GTO is the same color as the one I had, except mine was a convertable. And if you're not an expert on cars, that model was called a "Monkeemobile."

Everything DeLorean designed seemed to end up famous and in the movies: The GTO; The Trans Am Firebird; and the DeLorean(DMC12). Or, The Monkees, Smokey and the Bandit, and Back To The Future. I don't think there's another engineer that could match DeLorean's track record. Like I said, this guy was ahead of his time.

Many have said DeLorean had a superiority complex. I think they said that because he did.

Like the GTO of old, you don't see many guys like DeLorean around anymore.


Friday, March 18, 2005


Fox News just reported that the neighbor across the street from Jessica Lunsford's house confessed to killing her. The killer was found in Augusta, Ga.

I always thought there was something amiss with her family, but it turns out the only thing amiss was they weren't aware that a registered sex offender was living across the street.

Do you know who's living across the street from your loved ones? Go to this site, enter your zip code, and see who's living in your community. Addresses and pictures are there as well.

Here in Folsom, Ca., they list 17 offenders.



At first I didn't think the congressional hearings on steroids would amount to much. I was wrong. Every time McGwire dodged a question, I saw Pete Rose sitting there.

When the BALCO investigation blows wide open, it will surely come back to bite McGwire and many others. McGwire missed a big opportunity yesterday to be a stand-up guy.

If nothing else becomes of this investigation, one thing is for sure: Big MAC will not be going to Cooperstown. In no way can The Sports Writers of America vote for his induction after his performance before Congress.

McGwire has lost his status as a role model to the youth of America, and he's about to lose the only thing he has left to lose: His legacy. Like Rose, he won't be included in the Hall of Fame because he didn't measure up on the baseball field, it will be because he didn't measure up off the field.

Recently, I read an obit from 1998 that relates to McGwire. The obit was for Sam Gordon, famous for purchasing Maris' record breaking homerun ball in '61. In the article, Sam's son related something his dad always told him:

"Be good to the game and the game will be good to you."

Yesterday was McGwire's time to be good to the game. He struck out.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005


There are so many big court cases going on at the same time. Today, thankfully, two of them ended on the same day, however, quite differently.

Now, we can focus on the Michael's case without all the distractions from Blake and Peterson getting in the way. If only Jackson's case could somehow end by this weekend.

I thought it interesting how the Peterson and Blake cases ended on different notes today, though they're both murderers. Blake is going home, sipping some wine and planning the rest of his life. Peterson, on the other hand, is not going home, not sipping wine. He, unlike Blake, knows what the rest of his life entails and how it ends. No planning necessary.

I bet Scottie Boy could use a glass of wine about now. Maybe an unsuspecting Napa Merlot with an arresting bouquet.



Now that Bernie has been found guilty and faces what will be a life sentence, I wonder if these three have a Plan "B" in development yet?

These three have made hundreds of millions of dollars and lived like kings, for the most part. I'm sure they have massive assets stashed away somewhere overseas for a rainy day. Well, it isn't exactly raining outside, it's pouring. With the prospect of going to prison for the remaining years of their lives, I bet the idea of pulling a "Roman Polanski" has crossed their minds more than once.

If Las Vegas hasn't posted a "line" on this proposition yet, it should. I can't see any of these three hanging around for a life sentence, when they could jump on a jet and fly off to freedom outside our borders. France would love to open its doors.

It wouldn't surprise me if all three decided that a life sentence in another nation would be a better option than the one our courts have in mind. Maybe all three won't have the balls to do it, but I figure at least one of them will. And once one does it, the other two will be out of luck, because the govt will make it very difficult to move around without someone eyeballing them.

Ken Lay has got to know he's dead in the water after Bernie's strategy went up in flames. Jacko's chances of getting off seem to be better than Lay's, but if Jacko is handed a prison invite, odds are he takes a room down the hall from Polanski.

We're not talking about a 5 month Martha stretch with home detention; we're talking the rest of their lives.

I'm placing my wager on Plan "B" to "Show."



A few things are piling up on my list:

What's happening in the City of Brotherly Love? Twenty-One murders last week. Not feeling the love.

Ebbers guilty of all charges while not knowing what was going on in his company. Ken Lay must be sweating bullets.

Martha says the ankle device chaffes her and is uncomfortable. My advice for her is to avoid mentioning how uncomfortable her life is. Not a good idea.

Frank Rich was on Imus this morning. He's one of those guys that has yet to get over the past election, saying he is interested in what the NG docs had to say, nevermind they where forgeries. And possible Middle East peace is due, in large part, to Arafat dying. Frank, please.

Scott Peterson's life is about to completely go down the drain as he prepares to move into his new digs after sentencing later this morning. I really hope the judge reduces his sentence to life and lets him twist in the general population. He won't last long.

And finally, from Mission Ranch in Carmel, Clint Eastwood was on Hardball last night. I rarely watch HB, no need to explain, you've seen the viewer numbers, but I will say Chris was able to hold himself back and didn't make a fool of himself during the interview. Eastwood, as usual, was very good. He rarely does these type interviews. Chris asked him why he didn't pursue politics at a higher level after he was Mayor of Carmel: Eastwood simply said he liked to get things done. Well said.


Sunday, March 13, 2005


In 1990, before PC had a strangle-hold on Hollywood, Rutger Hauer and Gene Simmons did a movie called WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE. In the movie, Simmons played the role of a middle eastern terrorist who blows up a packed movie theatre here in America. A chilling thought, but it was just a movie.

Fast forward to today.

NEWSMAX is reporting that TIME magazine is doing a story about this very threat. A captured al-Zarqawi official is talking about attack plans considered for here on US soil. Soft targets. They include malls, schools and movie theatres.

Of the three, movie theatres would produce the maximum effect from a terrorist's point of view. Not only would many be killed, it would effectively shutter the theatre business indefinetly. Maybe permanently. Every mail box in America would be stuffed with Netflix orders.

Theatres are so "soft" as a target, just discussing this threat in the media could cause a down turn in business. There is nothing the theatre chains can do about it, except wait. If they took a pro-active stance and began security procedures at their outlets, movie goers would freak and stay home with their DVDs. In addition, security costs would skyrocket ticket prices beyond what the market would tolerate.

It's a lose-lose proposition for the movies.


Saturday, March 12, 2005


Michelle Malkin pointed out an article that will be in a British newspaper Sunday morning. I looked at all the major papers here in our country, but didn't find it anywhere. Why? Because it makes the US and the Bush Administration look good, that's why.

Apparently the Italians made a ransom payment to the terrorists last year, $5 million, and then again this year for the female journalist. It took them this long to learn that paying a ransom only encourages more kidnappings.

Now the Italians have "promised" to follow Bush's policy of not paying ransoms to terrorists. It's great news for the coalition and the fight against these barbarians, but I wonder if you'll be seeing much of this story in our MSM.

Not holding my breath.


Friday, March 11, 2005


The Italian journalist's version of events during her escape and clash with US soldiers is slowly changing, again. Some details from behind the scenes can be read here.

Also, an Italian Justice Minister had the following to say about her:

Italy’s justice minister urged former hostage Giuliana Sgrena on Friday to stop making “careless” accusations after being shot by US forces in Baghdad, saying she had already caused enough grief.
Sgrena has repeatedly suggesting US soldiers shot her on purpose and said on Friday she had little faith in a joint investigation by Italy and the United States into the “friendly fire” incident.
“She has created enormous problems for the government and also caused grief that perhaps was better avoided,” Justice Minister Roberto Castelli told reporters in Bologna. ...
“Sgrena, I think, should perhaps be more careful. She has said a load of nonsense, speaks somewhat carelessly and makes careless comments,” Castelli said.

Load of nonsense, indeed.


Wednesday, March 09, 2005


In the previous post I failed to mention John Edwards and John McCain as contenders for 2008. I don't get many emails, but this post caused some to comment.

First, remember these are my thoughts on the subject, not the result of some poll. That said, there is a poll out today regarding some of the possibles in the next election, and McCain is mentioned. See it here.

The poll indicates that McCain would beat Hillary, by a big margin, and Hillary would defeat Condi in a statistical tie.

Edwards, again, couldn't win his home state in the last election. Even Walter Mondale was able to bring his home state into the win category, albeit the only one. So any talk of Edwards is just that, talk.

Another reason for counting these men out is that they're Senators. For some reason this nation does not elect Senators to the Presidency, at least not recently. Can you tell me the last one that was promoted to the White House? It was Nixon back in 1968 and '72. Once they get into the Senate, something happens to them. Hillary might be the exception to this rule. On the other hand, we seem to like Congressmen and Governors.

McCain has one other big problem: The Bush family. Any serious run for the White House will depend on the Bush administration throwing all their support behind the candidate. There is serious bad blood between McCain and the Bushes, stemming from the 2000 primaries, when the Bush campaign unleashed a nasty ad against McCain in the Carolinas. Some say it was a low blow on the part of the Bushes, it probably was, but no one ever said politics was a game of manners.

McCain hasn't gotten over this and I don't see him ever doing so. In the run-up to election day 2004, the atmosphere was looking dicey for Bush. McCain could've stepped up to the plate to help Bush over the top, but didn't. Instead, he left Bush hanging. The wound inflicted by Bush has yet to heal.

Looking back to Al Gore's failed campaign, you can pinpoint his loss on one thing: Bill Clinton. Clinton never put his full support behind Gore on the campaign trail. Gore was a couple Clinton speeches short of moving in at 1600. I think the same situation is awaiting McCain in 2008.

Again, watch for Newt.

Those are my thoughts.



This morning on Fox News, they ran Cronkite's sign off from back in 1981. This brought back memories for me, because even back then I was a news junkie and rarely missed a broadcast of the CBS Evening News. I taped his final parting words (audio) and still have the tape.

In '81 there were 3 choices for news and I chose Walter. CBS was always the choice in our house when I was a little kid, so I guess that's how I ended up always watching Walter. I remember watching Douglas Edwards too. What a voice that guy had.

Fox showed a few clips of other famous news readers giving their final broadcasts. I especially liked David Brinkley's parting words: "All's well that ends well."

Dan Rather's 24 year run didn't end well, but at least it ended.

All's well.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Al Gore thought he should answer the question no one was asking: Is he going to run in 2008? It's official, Chris Matthews reported the other day, Al will not be running for President. The real question is: Who really cares?

It seems a bit early in the season to be figuring who'll be contending for the White House; whatever the reason, the process has started anyway. The left/right fight card is hotter than poker right now, and temperatures will rise as we get closer to the mid-term elections in 2006. After that, the picture will become more clear.

On the Dems side, the picture is crystal clear. Hillary is the only one with a chance, though a few names will be tossed around to make it look good. John Kerry will be touted as a statesman with a chance, but the truth is, I have a better chance this time around. Follow the money is a good rule of thumb, and the money will lead you to the cash window at Clinton, Inc. She will have party support, all the money, and, besides, there's no one else with a snowball's chance in the democratic party. No one.

In addition to having all the cash and party support, Hillary has the full force of the media behind her. The media is the only reason Kerry came so close in 2004. Had the media done its job, the campaign would've been stopped in October and the election given to Bush, 49-1. It was a good attempt, luckily a failed one.

On the republican side, there's one person who could win hands-down at this time: Arnold. He's the party rock star, and if the election were held today, he'd easily KO Hilliary early in the first round. The constitutional ammendment problem is simply a problem yet to be solved. It would take a couple days to run through congress. Socially, I don't like his liberal leanings , but I can live with them, besides, you have to understand he's married to Shriver. A little give, a little take.

Other than Arnold, the republicans don't have a rock star equal to him. There's Rudy, but he doesn't sell outside New York, and he's recently picked up more political baggage. He has appeal, but also leans liberally on the social side. The Senate leader, Bill Frist, has had his name tossed out there, but I have no idea why. There's Condi. What's not to like? But it may be premature to consider her at this time. Everything depends on how she does in the new job between now and 2006. I'm hoping she does great for obvious reasons, but I would love to see her name on top of the ticket. A definite VP choice, no argument here.

Any republican with a real shot at the nomination will be looking to California to see what Arnold's next move is. No one has a chance against him, so everyone has to wait and see. If Arnold is out, then I think everyone will turn to the state of Georgia and Newt Gingrich. He's laying low, but the idea of him running has been floated. He's got everything the republicans want in a leader, and I think he could win. Remember "The Contract with America" back in '94?

2008 could bring us a couple different tickets: Arnold/Condi or Newt/Condi or Condi/Newt. Whatever the combination, they all have KO potential against Hillary. A Condi/Newt ticket brings home everything the republicans could ever want. However, you have to get elected first, so star power rests solely with Arnold.

Here's lookin' at you, California.

UPDATE: A few emails said I failed to mention John Edwards as a viable Dem candidate and they said a couple other things about me too. I won't reply to those comments, but I will say that if you are running on the national ticket for VP and fail to carry your home state, you are no longer viable for anything. Thank you and have a nice day.


Monday, March 07, 2005


The wounding of the Italian journalist and the death of her security agent, though tragic, didn't have to happen. Whoever was in charge of this operation screwed up badly. The stories in the MSM have yet to say as much, but the story is coming out slowly on other venues. The MSM will catch-up shortly, only because they'll have to.

The first mistake was paying the terrorists a reported $6 million for Sgrena's freedom; the second was not coordinating with coalition forces in order to get her safely out of the country. I understand why some would pay for her freedom, I just don't agree with it.

It's obvious why the Italian's didn't notify anyone of her release and her travel plans to the airport; they didn't want anyone to know they buckled under to these thugs and paid them off. $6 million will buy a lot of death and destruction.

Sgrena, who's a communist, doesn't agree with anything the big bad USA is doing in the middle east, so she will stick to the story of how she was "attacked" by US forces. In addition, she may sell a few more papers and get an interview on tv with one of the MSM's finest. Get Blitzer on the phone.

You know the drill.

UPDATE: The little commie said the Americans fired 300-400 rounds at her vehicle in a "rain of bullets" or something to that effect. Her vehicle was located and here it is. Our boys don't seem to shoot very well. More training, more training!!!!



Tiger is not only back, he's back in a big way. I thought he would regain his #1 ranking 2 weeks ago at Rivieria, but the weather stepped in and put a halt to that idea.

Now that Tiger is cutting the ball off the tee instead of drawing it, he has put himself back in the fairway for those short iron approaches to the green. He has a new driver to go with his new set-up, and he's simply hitting the ball a country mile. After that, it's just a short iron and a putt.

NBC was ringing the cash register all day Sunday with Tiger and Mickelson in the final pairing. The Super Bowl seemed commercial free in comparison. After every tee shot and final putt, it was off to a Ford commercial. If you weren't in the final pairing, face time on the tube was rare. Although, NBC did find time to show Singh circling the drain on the back nine. Speaking of face time, what's up with Mickelson refusing to do an interview afterwards? That's unlike him.

You couldn't ask for a better match-up or finish. Now that these two have squared off in Florida, look for the showdown at Augusta. I wonder if Vijay knows there's a tournament there next month?


Friday, March 04, 2005


It seems each week there's another female teacher arrested for having sex with their students. The story from West Virginia is right out of "Deliverance." When you get a look at her, you will hear banjos off in the distance.

Most of the teachers are strikingly good looking and the stories are giving late-night shows a new source of material. However, it isn't a joking matter, since the kids' lives are affected and some teachers are going from classroom to prison.

The story says she admitted to having sex 4 times with 3 students. Sounds like someone didn't hand in their homework on time.

This teacher from Strange Creek, WV, is striking in her own little way....well....let's just say she could make a freight train take a dirt road.

Oh, the humanity.



MSNBC just had a news conference regarding the latest news in Jessica's disappearance.

The grandmother is taking a lie detector test today, and some news about the grandfather's background has come to light. It seems that back in the '50s he had several scrapes with the law, though never prosecuted. Assault and battery, pre-kidnapping, and attempted rape were the charges from his past. Anyone know what pre-kidnapping means?

This case is no different than most of the others ones; it's just a matter of time until the whole thing starts to unravel.


Thursday, March 03, 2005

It's scary to think Kerry was almost our next President. Kerry is now proposing that the USA honor some guy that hated America and everything it stands for. He has two helpers: Kennedy and Levin. Read it here.

What Kerry is thinking is beyond me. You can't explain this stuff. I'm sure this proposal will have no problem getting to the floor for a yea or nay, since the republicans will enjoy seeing how the voting progresses along party lines.

My prediction: 95 nays.....5 yeas. I added 2 yeas for a couple nut-jobs from the Bay Area who will feel compelled to give this a thumbs up.



Greta had Jessica's father on this evening. She asked him a question about Jessica and he answered in about 3 or 4 words, and then went off on some prepared statement that had nothing whatsoever to do with what she asked. Odd and evasive, I thought. No tears this evening, either. The girl with him, Jessica's cousin, I think, didn't seem too upset over the whole thing.

Mark Fuhrman was on with Greta and he is the first to come out and say something is very wrong with this situation, family wise. He pointed out something else that is weird, in addition to the dog's silence, and that's the stuffed animal she won at the fair recently; it was gone. I never paid much attention to that, but once you think about it, it doesn't make much sense that she would take it with her if she was abducted by a stranger.

The immediate family situation is peculiar, in that the father is living with his parents with his daughter; he must be around 35ish. There are many little details we are not aware of, but one detail is clear: something is wrong in this family.

RECAP: If a stranger came into the house and grabbed Jessica, she would've screamed, alerting the dog, thus waking the grandparents. She wouldn't have stopped in that situation to get her stuffed animal. If the stranger somehow got in and subdued Jessica, she still wouldn't have been able to take her stuffed animal, and the dog would've been alerted by hearing or smell.

If someone known to her got her to leave, then getting her stuffed animal makes sense, and the dog not barking makes sense as well.



The Queen of England held a ceremony at Buckingham Palace celebrating British musicians the other day. When she shook Eric Clapton's hand, she asked him if he'd been playing a long time. He replied, "It must be 45 years now." She moved on to the next musician.

I can't believe the Queen doesn't get some sort of pre-ceremony briefing before she sticks her Royal foot in her mouth. I guess when you're Queen, you can get away with anything. It's her world.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Tonight I watched Nancy Grace's show on CNN to see if Jessica's Father would be on again. Some of his responses, again, seemed strange, especially during his answers he would move off topic onto something else. I noticed when he did this, Nancy would quickly interupt and hit him with another question. Also, Nancy always makes a point in each of her interviews to mention that he took a voice stress test and a polyagraph test. Sometimes she asks him if he took them or she just states that he did and passed both, driving home the point that the police probably aren't looking at him anymore. By doing this, I feel she is trying to make him feel at ease.

I think the authorities work with these news people and ask that they interview the family members as much as possible, hoping they will learn something from what they say or don't say. Since Grace is an ex-prosecutor, she knows how to ask questions of people that may be of interest to the police. This seems to be the case because Jessica's father practically has his own show each night, and her interviews with him come close to being police interviews without him knowing it.



I've been watching this case play out on tv since Jessica went missing, paying close attention to what the father says in the many interviews he's given. Nothing seemed strange the first few days, but the more the father talked on tv, the more I thought something was not right about this situation. I could be wrong.

The father seems too comfortable talking on tv, rehearsed or prepped in some way. Someone pointed out that he's able to turn his tears on and off to answer questions; I hadn't noticed that, but it's true.

The explanation given as to why the dog didn't bark during the night jumped out at me. The father said it wouldn't be unusal for the dog to not bark if a stranger came in because often times the dog is under a bunch of blankets. I don't buy that completely, mainly because it doesn't explain away the dog's keen sense of smell. If a stranger was in the house, the dog would either hear or smell the person. This tells me the girl left on her own, or she left with someone familiar to the dog.

Just a thought.

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