Friday, December 30, 2011


Hat tip: Rudy in NC

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Many things happened in 2011 involving The Andrea Shea King Show, and we'll do our best to make sure this show's involved in the important issues of 2012 as well.

Tonight's the final Andrea Shea King Show for the year 2011. We hope you're tuned in this evening at 9 PM ET. Thanks for all your support over the past year. May God Bless America.

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Monday, December 26, 2011


I think I found this over at Terresa Monroe-Hamilton's NoisyRoom Blog:

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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. This Christmas Season is a little different than the others I've experienced in the past 50 plus years.

It is my hope that you are with loved ones, enjoying this one special day of the year while not losing sight of the true meaning of this day.

I ask that you take a moment to compare and contrast two Christmas greetings from two very different presidents: Barack Obama--2011 and Ronald Reagan--1981. Video clips via

Here's a gift for all of you: The history of White House Christmas cards--Andrea Shea-King.


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Friday, December 23, 2011


Pictured above: Debbie Lee with her son Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy Seal to be killed in Iraq.

Debbie will be on FoxNews' America's News Headquarters Saturday 12-24-11 at 12:25 PM ET. If it's possible, please tune in and ask others to do so as well. Debbie's a patriot through and through and we should support her whenever possible.

Read all about Debbie Lee and her son Marc Alan Lee at America's Mighty Warriors. And consider making a generous contribution. Thanks.


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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Rudy from LWNC sent this the other day. If you have even the slightest bit of interest in aviation, this site's for you. Enjoy:

Prepare to get reeled in. It is just not possible to stop looking at these sites.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Sad news in the world of really great singers. Etta James is terminally ill with leukemia. Story here. Hat tip: BigFurHat, who takes the copy editor to task for the sloppy job.

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Hat Tip: Rudy in NC (click image so you can read the text)

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Friday, December 16, 2011



**BIRTHER ALERT** This evening Andrea will be discussing a subject many in Washington wish would go away: Obama's ability to be on the ballot at the state level. Fact is, Obama is being challenged on several fronts as to his qualifications to be placed on some state ballots.

George Miller and Gary Wilmott will join Andrea tonight, providing a clearer picture of the problem facing Obama. Head over to and you'll see the enormity of the problem facing the Obama reelection team. After Washington blatantly ignores the will of the people, this is what happens: people dig in, forcing the powers that be to get back in line with the constitution.

Tune in tonight--9 PM ET. Chat will be open. Trolls will be there doing their damndest to educate you on their facts. It's always fun to watch them frolic about.


I was busy this morning, so I didn't get around too much. But where I did go was plenty for the time being. Andrea posted "Tim Tebow: Praise the Lord and Pass the Ball!"

This Tebow--Tebowing--story is gaining strength, even down to the high school level where kids are being expelled for "Tebowing." It's incredible how a story like this sends the Left into fits of rage.

Andrea also posted a story about Gov. Haley endorsing Mitt Romney--"Everybody has a Price." A Tea Party darling justifies giving her support to a candidate who is anything but conservative, but Haley was able to do it. The Radio Patriot thinks there's something going on behind the scenes. She'd be right, too. Unbelievable.

Moving on to yet another post by Andrea, "European life died in Auschwitz" is a story that'll make you sit up straight, and think. Read it, pass it around too.

NoisyRoom's Terresa Monroe-Hamilton posts about Newt's favorite president of the 20th century--FDR. Having said that, you had to know Newt was going to get some blow back... and he did. TMH will take you apart at the seams for thinking you can play the American voting public for fools. "Regardless of what they told you in school, FDR sucked" puts light on the subject so that even the dumbest of doorknobs can understand.

Now don't forget--THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW--9 PM ET


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Thursday, December 15, 2011



Yes, we're hitting the eligibility issue for the next couple nights whether anyone likes it or not. Some refer to it as the "birther" issue, and that's ok, but eligibility is what it's all about--that's why you never hear the term mentioned in the mainstream.

Over the past months there's been tremendous progress on the eligibility front. Many people--important people--have been working the issue behind the scenes as well as out in the open.

Well, it's all coming together now and it appears the issue will be inconveniencing certain people and groups, which is not a good thing for Obama, the democrats or the republican party. If this plays out the way I think it will, many people will have some explaining to do, especially those who bill themselves as conservatives. (The Call Center?)

Tune in tonight for all the details--9 pm et. Chat will be open. Trolls will be thick as molasses.


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Wednesday, December 14, 2011



The Honorable Elizabeth Letchworth stops by for her usual Wednesday chat about what's happening on Capitol Hill. Now that it's the Christmas season and Congress wants to get out of town... again, our elected class is working fast and furiously to check all the boxes before making their getaway.

Letchworth, owner-founder of, will explain what Congress has done of late and why. And we'll get her insights into what Congress has cooked up for us when they eventually return to the scene of the crime.

Make it appointment radio at 9 pm et. You'll no doubt learn something about the Washington process.

Below: Andrea Shea King (L) with Elizabeth Letchworth.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

**TONIGHT--9PM ET** Kevin DuJan of Hillbuzz on The Andrea Shea King Show

Live from Boys Town, Hillbuzz' Kevin DuJan will be chatting with Andrea Shea King about Hillary Clinton and Islam. Specifically, this little clip:

"...Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is due to host OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu in Washington, DC in mid-December 2011 to discuss how the United States can implement the OIC agenda to criminalize criticism of Islam..."

This doesn't sound too dangerous, does it? Well, we think it does and Andrea will get DuJan's take on what Clinton has in store for us commoners here on the mainland. DuJan has lots to say and I expect this won't be the only topic covered this evening. As usual, DuJan brings a lot to the table and I have no doubt this will be yet another of his great interviews.

THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW--9 PM ET Chat room will be open!!


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Sunday, December 11, 2011

"We Used to Make Things Here in Wisconsin"

*I'm sure other states can relate to what has happened over many years in Wisconsin as regards union influence in both the private and governmental sectors. It's a tragedy, and it must be stopped. Hat Tip: The Radio Patriot, Andrea Shea King.

“Moment Of Clarity” is a weekly commentary by writer and speaker Tim Nerenz, Ph.D. Visit Tim’s website to find your moment.

We used to make things here in Wisconsin.

We made machine tools in Milwaukee, cars in Kenosha and ships in Sheboygan. We mined iron in the north and lead in the south. We made cheese, we made brats, we made beer, and we even made napkins to clean up what we spilled. And we made money.

The original war on poverty was a private, mercenary affair. Men like Harnishfeger, Allis, Chalmers, Kohler, Kearney, Trecker, Modine, Case, Mead, Falk, Allen, Bradley, Cutler, Hammer, Bucyrus, Harley, Davidson, Pabst, and Miller lifted millions up from subsistence living to middle class comfort. They did it – not “Fighting Bob” La Follette or any of the politicians who came along later to take the credit and rake a piece of the action through the steepest progressive scheme in the nation.

Those old geezers with the beards cured poverty by putting people to work. Generations of Wisconsinites learned trades and mastered them in the factories, breweries, mills, foundries, and shipyards those capitalists built with their hands. Thousands of small businesses supplied these industrial giants, and tens of thousands of proprietors and professionals provided all of the services that all those other families needed to live well. The wealth got spread around plenty.

The profits generated by our great industrialists funded charities, the arts, education, libraries, museums, parks, and community development associations. Taxes on their profits, property, and payrolls built our schools, roads, bridges, and the safety net that Wisconsin’s progressives are still taking credit for, as if the money came from their council meetings. The offering plates in churches of every denomination were filled with money left over from company paychecks that were made possible because a few bold young men risked it all and got rich. Don’t thank God for them; thank them that you learned about God.

Their wealth pales in comparison to the wealth they created for millions and millions of other Wisconsin families. Those with an appreciation for the immeasurable contributions of Wisconsin’s industrial icons of 1910 will find the list of Wisconsin’s top-ten employers of 2010 appalling: Walmart, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Milwaukee Public Schools, U.S. Postal Service, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Menards, Marshfield Clinic, Aurora Health Care, City of Milwaukee, and Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.

This is what a century of progressivism will get you. Wisconsin is the birthplace of the progressive movement, the home of the Socialist Party, the first state to allow public sector unions, the cradle of environmental activism, a liberal fortress walled off against common sense for decades. Their motto, Forward Wisconsin, should be changed to Downward Wisconsin if truth in advertising applies to slogans.

There is no shortage of activists, advocates, and agitators in this state. If government were the answer to our problems, we would have no problems. The very same people – or people just like them – who picketed, struck, sued, taxed, and regulated our great companies out of this state are now complaining about the unemployment and poverty that they have brought upon themselves. They got rid of those old rich white guys and replaced them with… nothing.

Wisconsin ranks 47th in the rate of new business formation. We are one of the worst states for native college graduate exodus; our brightest and most ambitious graduates leave to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Why shouldn’t they? Our tax rates are among the worst in the nation and our business climate, perpetually in the bottom of the rankings, has only recently moved up thanks to a Governor who now faces a recall for his trouble.

In 1970, the new environmental movement joined unions and socialists in a coordinated effort to demonize industry. When I was in college, the ranting against “polluting profiteers” was like white noise – always there. They won, and here is the price of their victory: in 1970, manufacturers paid 18.2% of Wisconsin’s property taxes – the major source of school funding – and in 2010 those who remained paid 3.7%.

So who is it that caused the funding crisis in our schools and the skyrocketing tax rates on our homes? It is the same ignoramuses who are sitting on bridges, pooping on things, and passing around recall petitions. The unemployed 26-year old in the hemp hat looking for sympathy might look instead for some inspiration from Jerome I. Case, who started his agricultural equipment business at the age of 21, miraculously without an iPhone 4s.

Mr. Case got rich by asking people what they want and making it for them. He did not get rich by telling people what (they) wanted and waiting for them to do something about it. If you want to declare war on your own poverty, memorize that.

In the last decade alone we have lost 150,000 manufacturing jobs in this state – over 25%. And it’s not just jobs that have been lost; the companies that provided them are gone. Those jobs are not coming back, no matter how long we extend unemployment benefits pretending they are. The 450,000 people who still work in manufacturing in Wisconsin are damn good it at, but we are now outnumbered by people who work for government. A significant number of the latter are tasked with taxing, regulating, and generally harassing the former. While it is true that many manufacturers chased low-wage opportunities on their own, many more were driven out of the state by the increasing cost of doing business here.

It is a myth that unions improve wages. If you consider only the 1,000 jobs in a closed shop, you might think an average union wage is, say, $30/hr. But if you add in the zero wages of the 10,000 jobs lost in companies chased out by union harassment, the average of all 11,000 union workers is reduced to $2.72/hr. Do you know the average wage of union iron miners in this state? Zero. And the left is fighting hard to keep it that way in Northern Wisconsin – looking out for the working man, they call it.

It is also a myth that free trade causes job losses. Over the past three years, U.S. manufacturers sold $70 billion more goods to our Free Trade Agreement (FTA) partners than we bought from them. Conversely, we suffered a $1.3 trillion trade deficit with countries where no FTAs exist. I doubt that kids are going to learn that in our government-union-monopoly schools – it doesn’t fit the narrative.

No one wants to see another person suffer in poverty, and liberty is the best economic policy there is. The great industrialists of Wisconsin took less than a generation to lift millions up to a life of dignity, pride, prosperity and good will. When enterprise was free and government was limited, we all prospered.

Those great men of industry were not anointed at birth to be rich; they rose from nothing to great wealth through their own hard work and the value they added to their employees and their customers through choice, competition, and voluntary exchange. That is the only sure path to real prosperity; the debt economy is a temporary illusion.

Look again at the list of our famous industrialists and the list of our current employers. Who would you wish your child or grandchild to grow up to be? Who do you think will do more good on this earth – Jerome I Case and his tractors, or the Coordinator of Supplier Diversity at Milwaukee Public Schools?

If you chose MPS, then apply now – that job is open, and it pays up to $72,000 plus benefits and early retirement. Go in peace and save the world. Me, I’m going with the tractor guy.


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Thursday, December 08, 2011


What a news day it has been. We have Holder telling congress and America that he knows nothing about Fast and Furious, and then Corzine sat before a congressional committee and said the same thing... that he simply doesn't know where the more than $1 Billion went--customer dollars! No idea, period.

So tune in this evening to The Andrea Shea King Show--9 PM ET. I've talked to Andrea several times today and I'm thinking she may break into an on-air verbal tourette syndrome. The news is that bad, and the reporting is even worse.

And be sure to stop by her blog, The Radio Patriot.


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Tuesday, December 06, 2011


PEARL HARBOR TRIBUTE: Remember that it's our responsibility to keep the memory alive and to pass this history on to the younger generations. Never Forget.

Below you will find videos, photos and many Pearl Harbor links related to that horrible morning 70 years ago. Take your time browsing through this post and feel free to pass it on to others.

Before you continue, though, take a moment to think about how your day is going. Then think of how their day must have been. Never forget them, honor them always, thank them, pay tribute to them.

**Attack scene from the movie PEARL HARBOR:


CBS RADIO NEWS BULLETIN. ("We interrupt this program")



FDR addresses the Nation.



Entire Pearl Harbor casualty list
here. Chronology of events here. All things Pearl Harbor here.

USS Arizona Memorial

Admiral Kimmel removed, testifies before congress--(newsreel)

Bush creates World War II monument for Pacific.

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TONIGHT: The Andrea Shea King Show presents... Hollywood actor/singer Robert Davi. Well known for his roles on the big screen as well as the small one in your living rooms, Davi is returning to his roots: singing.

I grew up in the '60s when music took a turn to rock-and-roll, but as a kid I always enjoyed the variety shows on tv that featured crooners belting out some of the best music you ever heard. In time, the variety show format slowly faded away and took the crooners with it. I'm not sure where they went but they were no longer in the mainstream of tv or radio.

Davi is one of few bringing this singing style back into the mainstream, and he's doing it with none other than the music of The Chairman of the Board--Frank Sinatra. Those are big shoes to fill. However, when Davi takes to the stage, you'll instantly know he's on to something. Davi isn't just good at it, he's great.

Another aspect to Davi that caught our attention in a big way: he loves America and has no problem making it known. During this evening's show, Davi will touch on the subject, going into how Hollywood can hold back one's career if you speak of America as an exceptional nation, the greatest of all nations. Andrea has more at her site, The Radio Patriot.

As producer of The Andrea Shea King Show, I can't tell you how many shows we've done, but this one stands out for me--I'm very excited about the Davi interview and I think you'll be more than pleased with it as well.

Show your support of this brave and talented man by purchasing his CD--one for you and one as a gift for that music lover in your life. Here's some samples of his music. See you guys tonight at 9 pm et!

Presenting... Davi Sings Sinatra:

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Monday, December 05, 2011


In her weekly WorldNetDaily column, Surfin' Safari, Andrea Shea King reports that Apple's iPhone has been banned in Syria. That story and much more.


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It seemed like a long weekend since we didn't do a show on Friday, and we won't be doing a show this evening either. Andrea's in transit back from the Boston area and will be arriving at her Florida estate later this afternoon. Regular programming for The Andrea Shea King Show will resume on Tuesday at 9 pm et with actor/singer Robert Davi.

Over the weekend I found an outrageous piece in my inbox sent by Joan Swirsky--slugged "It's official--the USA is now stark raving mad!" And Swirsky would be correct with that tease. Read it for yourself and you'll see what she means. It seems there's no end to these type stories, incidents or whatever you want to call them. But they must come to an end. Oh, and Swirsky sent this along as well--"Iron Curtain Begins Descending Onto the United States of America." Enjoy. It's an Obama world!

In another email, a good friend of mine--Kinch--sent the piece posted below. It was found at this blogsite and supposedly it comes from a 1949 news article. Not sure if that's true but I posted the piece, anyway:

And I can't forget this little post by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at The NoisyRoom Blog, where TMH lets it fly. I feel this way most days, Terresa, so don't feel like the Lone Ranger. "Apocalypse Nowish." While you're over at NoisyRoom, hit the link for KeyWiki. A treasure trove of information for your research projects.


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Friday, December 02, 2011

Government Motors turns out to be a very HOT idea...

... mainly because their cars like to burst into flames. This is what happens when the government gets involved in the private sector. So, what does a government-run car company do to resolve this problem?

Simple. They just buy back all the cars if the owners are afraid their car will start on fire. It's just taxpayer money, so what the hell.

Read all about it.


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