Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today, we're on the ground floor of new journalism--citizen journalists of the New Media. We operate from several positions, such as bloggers, contributing opinion writers, reporters, columnists, and radio show hosts, BTR being one example.

Most citizen journalists gravitate toward one or maybe two of these areas--Not Andrea, she's heavily involved in ALL of them. Of course, most Citizen journalists aren't paid for their work; they are motivated by love of country and their fear of where our nation is headed. I'm not saying Andrea isn't compensated from time-to-time, but very few are. In time, that will change. For now, knowing they're making a difference is enough compensation. To be sure, Andrea just doesn't make a difference, she makes a HUGE and LASTING difference. I could tell you a story or two but that's for another time, especially after I get clearance.

There's no official Hall of Fame for citizen journalists, yet. But when one is finally established, Andrea will certainly be inducted on the first ballot. As citizen journalists go, she's a New Media MVP. I work with her seven days-a-week so I'm in a position to know the stats on her play. She plays to win--constantly bringing the fight to the enemy, always moving forward with no interest in holding ground. George Patton would approve.

Since there's no official NEW MEDIA award for her work, dedication, and determination to save our nation, I think the least we all can do is WISH HER ONE GIGANTIC HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Working with Andrea over these years has been one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences of my life. I look forward to the coming years.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, ANDREA! But, as they say at Augusta National: The Masters doesn't begin until Sunday on the 2nd nine, and I figure you'll be making your approach shot into the 18th green around Nov 2nd. Expect the LEFT to leave you a very difficult pin placement too. With that in mind, you have miles and miles to go before you rest. There's uniformed men and women in harm's way and a nation to save, so get back to work, girl!

Stop by Andrea's blog and pass on your birthday wishes--The Radio Patriot. Or, if you prefer, drop her an email at


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tonight, during the State of the Union speech, seated before the president will be hundreds of people. The majority of these people have a couple things in common. One, they are federal officials; two, all took an oath prior to assuming their positions.

All 535 members of congress will be there, save a Kennedy in rehab or an ailing Robert Byrd. After being elected to the 111th congress in November 2008--full house plus one-third of the senate--all took the following oath in January 2009:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God."

After what you've seen this country go through over the past year, do you really feel that the members of congress have lived up to their sworn duty? My opinion: no. Not even a close call.

As the president reads to us, think about the oath. Think about your congressional member(s). To some, the oath is simply a formality, words; to others, it has real meaning. Lincoln thought the oath so important, he expanded it.

Will there be any congressional outbursts during the president's read? I don't know. I doubt it. Joe Wilson just said on Cavuto that he'd behave himself. Apparently Joe got his mind right. However, in millions of living rooms this evening, there will be loud outbursts. I'm not sure if they'll be outbursts of laughter or anger. Probably both. In my case, both.

Again, the 111th congress took the oath of office in January 2009. Here's Speaker Pelosi administering it. BTW, do you play BINGO?:

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


*UPDATE: Interview with Hillbuzz confirmed. Thursday 9pm et, The Andrea Shea King Show.

Greybeard never read the blog, but now that he has he thinks it's time to L&L. Well, he's probably correct. Clear on the right, clear on the left... the range is now clear. And once the range is clear, you know what to do, right?

The blog in question: Hillbuzz--there's plenty going on over there, and they could use your support. We're talking about Obama thugs and the Chicago machine. We've requested an interview with Hillbuzz ASAP and we'll let you know if that pans out. Here's an excerpt from their site:

"Every day we get a little closer to exposing the people behind all this. Once we have concrete proof of who it is, we will indeed publish your identities for all the world to see, just as you revealed one of us, posted his picture, told people he is a racist, and encouraged Obama supporters in Chicago to harm him physically, financially, emotionally, and personally."

HILLBUZZ.ORG is now on my blogroll.


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Friday, January 22, 2010


I know we're not supposed to be talking about Obama's birth certificate and all, but Andrea Shea King just doesn't know when to stop. What's with her? Tonight on her show she'll be interviewing attorney Mario Apuzzo and lead plaintiff Charles Kerchner. Here's a sample from Apuzzo's lawsuit:

"Attorney Mario Apuzzo filed the action in January 2009 on behalf of Kerchner, Lowell T. Patterson, Darrell James Lenormand and Donald H. Nelson Jr. Named as defendants were Barack Hussein Obama II, the U.S., Congress, the Senate, House of Representatives, former Vice President Dick Cheney and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi."

As I said before, we're not supposed to be talking about this subject (Obama's birth certificate) but just try stopping Andrea Shea King. The woman's a loon. A birther!

You didn't hear any of this from me... here's the link for tonight's show (9pm et).


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UPDATE: They were stranded by weather and are ok!

Bookworm Room is asking for your help in locating a missing couple in California, possibly western Nevada. Hit the link for more info and pics. Thanks.

Ryan Barrett and his girlfriend, Viola Liu left on Saturday, January 16, at 2:00 p.m. to go camping with their three dogs (2 huskies & a lab) in his red 2005 Toyota Tacoma pick up truck (with shell.) They were scheduled to return home on Monday evening, January 18, 2010. We have not heard from them. We need your help. We filed the attached missing persons report on Wednesday, January, 20, 2010 in the early morning with the Fremont police. The problem is Ryan did not tell us where they were going. Ryan told his father, “We think we’ll go to the Sierra Nevada to play in the snow.” We fear they were caught in the storm.

The police need leads. Our families need leads. We need you to broadcast this to your audience as soon as possible in the hope that someone saw them and we can focus our search efforts. KCBS has already run the story, but I need to reach more people and so many people get their news on line.

Ryan is a white 31 year old male, 5′9″, blue eyes, brown hair, and his smile lights up the room.

Viola is a Chinese-American woman, slim, 31 years old female, 5′7″, brown eyes, brown hair with highlights and a quiet beauty. (The photo makes it look like her hair is blondish, it isn’t)

Ryan is familiar with the mountains, very strong and brought a tent, sleeping bags, camping gear, dog food, freeze dried food and water.

We have been looking for them since Monday.

Thank you for your help.
God speed.

If you have any information about Ryan or Viola, please contact the Fremont Police Department, at 510.790.6800. This is the police report, with a picture of Ryan, Viola, and their three dogs:


Thursday, January 21, 2010


During an interview with Neil Cavuto, Zuckerman unloaded on Obama's policies. Even big libs are beginning to see clearly:

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The one year anniversary was approaching since George W. Bush left office and Big Government's Andrew Breitbart and editor-in-chief Mike Flynn thought it was time to take back the narrative on Bush. After all, the MSM and the Left had used the man as their personal crash-test dummy during his eight years in office, not to mention Obama's made-to-order excuse for all that's wrong in America--and the world--today. Yesterday, the narrative began taking a turn for points unknown to the Left: the Bush we all know, love and miss.

It was a privilege to be chosen as one of the many contributors on this project.

By Andrea Shea King and Dave Logan

Pam Meister at Big Hollywood has a contribution as well.

Big Government

Big Hollywood

Big Journalism

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The polls are open and the stakes couldn't be bigger. All we can do now is wait. While you're waiting, though, how about chewing on this one.


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This morning, Free Republic's Kristinn Taylor was a guest on the G. Gordon Liddy Show. Liddy was interested in the series of Code Pink articles authored by Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King. Kristinn did an excellent job of explaining the Code Pink/Jodie Evans story to listeners. It's an important story, especially for those who have loved ones in harm's way.

Andrea has a comprehensive Code Pink/Jodie Evans post at THE RADIO PATRIOT--12 articles to date, plus a link to the audio podcast of Kristinn's interview with Liddy. If you have the slightest interest--and YOU should--in what Code Pink and Jodie Evans are doing against our nation's military as well as against our national security interests, this post will do the educating.

Kudos to Kristinn Taylor for using his superior skills in presenting a complicated, fast moving story on Liddy's show. And thanks goes out to Mike Flynn at BIG GOVERNMENT for posting all 12 articles. As for G. Gordon? A patriot through and through.

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010



Read Breitbart's introductory piece.

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Monday, January 04, 2010


MICHELLE MALKIN REPORTS: The battle lines have been drawn, the date has been set. Who fills Ted Kennedy's senate seat will be decided on January 19 in a special election. This affects each and every citizen of this nation. According to some, this race is going to be close--that's the good news. The bad news: SEIU/ACORN specialize in stealing close elections. The GOP's Scott Brown needs our help NOW. Prior to the election, the most important day is January 11--Malkin has all the details.

APPOINTMENT RADIO: Tonight The Andrea Shea King Show features political writer JB Williams. Show begins at 9 pm est--The Radio Patriot has all the links. As I said, this is appointment radio. Be there.

AMERICA RISING: That's the name of a video Brutally Honest posted. It dovetails nicely with the special election mentioned above. If you're lookin' for a little hope, this vid fills the bill.

"MY LIFE IS GROWING SHORT": That's what Greybeard says in his personal review of 2009. GB, who posts at Pitchpull, is a veteran helicopter pilot with 40 plus years behind the stick. Recently, though, GB looked down at life's panel of gauges and saw a red warning light, and GB doesn't fly or go through life with a warning light flashing. Let's just say GB is making the necessary repairs and adjustments ASAP. Do you have a warning light flashing?


PRAY FOR MEL: Health related issues have forced Melanie Morgan to resign from her radio program in Washington DC. She's moving back to California to work the problem. Mel has some details at her site. Pray for her, then pray some more.

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