Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Lou Barletta, mayor of Hazleton, Pa., will be interviewed tonight on BlogTalkRadio, hosted by Andrea Shea-King.

BTR link here.

Time: 9 PM Eastern

Chat Room link here. (upper right)

Also, read the update on The Lone Protester at The Radio Patriot.

***American Thinker contributor, Pam Meister, is posting an update about the other side of the immigration issue--the legal one. It's in bad shape too.


Monday, July 30, 2007


Sunday night's Andrea Shea-King Show began coming apart at the seams shortly before air-time. First, Carl Bernstein called Andrea while she was driving to her Orlando studios. Something had come up at the last minute, so he'd have to re-schedule for a later date. Nice. Then, author Brad Thor's people thought his interview was next week or next month. Again, nice. So, not one to panic, Andrea created a new show out of nothing, and it went very well. Some people do their best work under pressure.

***One segment from last night's show needs to be posted, and it needs to be re-posted by each of you. That is, if you think it's important. And, it is. The topic is "airport security" or lack thereof. The story is shocking, to say the least. However, what's even more shocking is the scant coverage the story has gotten in the MSM.

Investigative reporter, Lisa Fletcher, KNXV TV, Phoenix, came on the show to update us on a story she broke on July 20th. Fletcher was given a tip about security at Phoenix' Sky Harbor International Airport. After following up on the tip, Fletcher couldn't believe what she discovered over several nights at the airport. Better yet, she had the whole thing on video. Here's a snip from her original story:

"In the time we watched, dozens made it past this checkpoint, bags unchecked.

Larry Wansley couldn't believe it.

(Wansley is a U.S. Govt Airport Security Consultant)

Clearly this is a very, very imminently dangerous situation," he said. "You've got the front door, TSA that has locked it up for the better part of the day, the majority of the day. And then you throw open the back door to be exploited by those that would simply destroy us. And I simply do not understand it and I'm appalled. I'm shocked and I'm amazed."

The airport employee we talked with said she is afraid.

"No one's doing anything about it," she said. "Management knows. I know management knows. I know my superiors know. I know the security guards know. Everybody knows what's going on, but nobody's doing anything about it.

"You would think the director of Sky Harbor, or even a spokesperson from the TSA, would trip over themselves to talk about this issue, but you would be wrong."

***Read the entire story--begin with the original one on July 20, then move on to the update. There's video too.

Fletcher is pleased that Andrea had her on the show and has agreed to come back soon to discuss the story in more detail and to advise us on any updates. You want more? Phoenix isn't the only airport doing this. What's happening at yours?


Saturday, July 28, 2007


Sunday's Andrea Shea-King Show will feature famed author/journalist, Carl Bernstein. Bernstein's newest book, "A Woman in Charge," covers the life of Hillary Clinton. Interesting? You bet.

Following the Bernstein interview, Andrea talks with director Bryan Daly and author Brad Thor. Get the complete scoop on all three interviews at The Radio Patriot.

Andrea's show
begins at 9 PM Eastern, streamed at WDBO, Orlando, Florida. Chat room is here (upper right).

If you have a question for one of the guests, Andrea will do her best to fit it in. Either log into the chat room and type your question, or pick up the phone and call toll-free: 1-800-329-5858



Winston Churchill's own words


Friday, July 27, 2007


On this day in 2003, at 100 years old, Bob Hope passed away. He was an entertainer for over 80 years. The one constant for nearly 6 decades of Hope's life was his dedication to raising the morale of the American G.I. through the U.S.O. tours. Hope began his relationship with the G.I. in May 1941 at March Field, California. The rest, as they say, is history.

In this rare video, Hope reports to the American public about the role of the U.S.O. and the importance of supporting the organization. How times have changed.

Although his movie credits are a mile long, Hope never won an Oscar for any of his performances, and he often joked about it. However, he was awarded an "Honorary" Oscar for his work in show business. During a 2003 Oscar Tribute, Bob Hope was the star of the show:

Enjoy more great pictures of Bob Hope as he entertains our GIs. (place your cursor over the photo for a description)


Thursday, July 26, 2007


Christi at COMMON SENSE AMERICA is posting about a man in S.C. who's "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore." Mad about what, you ask? Illegals ruining his business of 20 years with their cheap labor.

His name is Terry Funderburk, and he became enraged when he learned that he's being run out of business by low construction bids that he can't compete with. So, he made a sign, went to the job site and began protesting the illegals as well as the owner who knowingly employed them.

Mr. Funderburk was smart enough to have someone with a camera document his protest. The pictures are very good, especially the ones of him in cuffs!! Yes, he was arrested...for cursing. He's demanding a jury trial.

***UPDATE: Andrea Shea-King wasted no time securing an interview with Mr. Funderburk. Details here.



Hat tip to Greybeard for sending this video. (language warning) Btw, it's my responsibility to inform you about great leaders like Patton, so here's the link.



Greybeard at Pitchpull got his scanner running, so I thought I'd do the same. For the last couple months I've been going through the box of old photos and will be showing some from time-to-time.

This picture is from a trip I took to NYC back in April of '91. Our destination was Atlantic City to see George Foreman fight Evander Holyfield for the heavyweight title. While in NYC, we went out to the Statue of Liberty, and on the boat ride I wanted a picture with the World Trade Center in the background. I'm on the left, my boss, Larry Smith, is to the right looking out at Lady Liberty. Great trip. (click to enlarge)


Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Back in the 1930s, France and England knew full-well what Hitler was capable of doing once he finished building his military machine. However, France and England stood by and did nothing. The rest is history.

In his newest article, Thomas Sowell compares the "Hitler problem" from the 1930s to that of the problem we have today with Iran and their quest for nuclear technology. Sowell wonders if "moral paralysis" will lead us down the same road traveled by Europe: world war.

Today, with nuclear weapons a part of the equation, the possibilities are simply nightmarish. Interesting and thought provoking piece. Included are some quotes from Churchill:

Looking back after that war, Winston Churchill said, "There was never a war in all history easier to prevent by timely action." The earlier it was done, the less it would have cost.

At one point, Hitler could have been stopped in his tracks "without the firing of a single shot," Churchill said.

Thomas Sowell's website. I think we need to interview him.


Sunday, July 22, 2007


In an effort to re-educate the American public as well as remain in the good graces of the CAIR crowd, the democrat leadership has blocked the John Doe amendment. That's right, the dems would prefer you kept your big, fat trap shut if you see some suspicious activity.

Michelle Malkin has all the details, plus she's helping to unleash the creative--and combative--powers of the blogosphere--it's photoshop time!! Here's a few I created that the CAIR crowd (dems included) would like to see around town:


Thursday, July 19, 2007


Index Value: 14,000.41
Trade Time: 4:04PM ET
Change: 82.19 (0.59%)
Prev Close: 13,918.22
Open: 13,918.79
Day's Range: 13918.79 - 14015.85
52wk Range: 11,218.70 - 14,095.60

Read the story


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Andrea has the scoop on Sen. Jim Webb from a meeting that took place yesterday in his Capitol Hill office. This is good stuff.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Here's my first poster. (click to enlarge) You can make your own posters by visiting this site. The link is on the right, near the top. Have fun!! Hat tip: The Radio Patriot

More Patton quotes here. (from his diary)

All things Patton


Monday, July 16, 2007


COMMON SENSE AMERICA has an alert about the return of immigration reform, which is sponsored by Little Dickie Durbin. The difference this time, is that he's trying to slip this legislation (The Dream Act) into another bill with the hopes we won't notice. But we did. Since the proponents of immigration reform--amnesty--couldn't get "comprehensive" legislation past the American voter, they're attempting to do it "piecemeal."


Sunday, July 15, 2007


THE ANDREA SHEA-KING SHOW--TONIGHT--even I'm impressed with this line-up:

Bill Roggio, Ret. Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, and Oklahoma Rep. Randy Terrill. Read all about it, plus upcoming interviews.

Show begins at 9 ET on WDBO, Orlando. Live stream.

Chat room entry here. (upper right)

***Donate as little as $25 to MOVE AMERICA FORWARD and receive a copy of Buzz Patterson's new book.


Friday, July 13, 2007


Just an update on the USS McCain Presidential Campaign woes. It looks like the Arizona senator took another hit in Iowa, as a couple more staffers hit the exit.

With the latest Iowa staffers leaving, you'd think it couldn't get any worse for the McCain campaign. Think again. His campaign organization took a "blow"--well, almost--in the Sunshine State of Florida. Ouch, and Ouch, again:

"In more bad news for McCain, a co-chair of his Florida campaign—state Rep. Bob Allen—was arrested Wednesday after offering to perform oral sex for $20 on an undercover male police officer, authorities said. Allen, 48, was seen coming in and out of a restroom three times at a park in Titusville, Fla., said police Lt. Todd Hutchinson. He then approached an undercover officer and was arrested.

Allen has been charged with solicitation for prostitution, which has a maximum penalty of one year in jail. Brevard County jail officials said Allen posted a $500 bond."

Just for the record, Bob Allen is Andrea Shea-King's local representative. Allen says he'll fight the charges. Just thought I'd pass that along.


Thursday, July 12, 2007


My good friend, Vic, in Arizona, sent this email to me. Thought you might enjoy it:

"Amid all the 787 roll-out hoopla, perhaps the coolest event went unnoticed. On Saturday night, Boeing had all of the 787 airline representative sat an event at the Museum of Flight. At 7:07 PM, an Omega Air Refueling Services 707 landed in front of the crowd (after taking off from Paine Field in Everett). At 7:17, an AirTran 717 landed. This continued until 8:17 when an Air France 777-300ER landed.

In the end, the 717,727, 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777 were lined up nose-to-tail on the taxiway. It is the first time Boeing has had every 7-series airplane in the same place (not counting the 787, which couldn't make the flight, of course).

Click to enlarge



Talk about your basic "inside" bank jobs. This one is the biggest I've ever heard of, and one has to worry about who'll end up with all the money. Is Bin Laden funded for the next 5-10 years?

I wonder who gets to pick up the tab--the Iraqi government or the U.S. taxpayer? I know, dumb question. At any rate, Willie would approve of this heist.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


John McCain's presidential campaign is in the crash-and-burn mode. Today, key campaign managers were replaced (fired/resigned). If you've ever wondered what it's like these days on the "Straight Talk Express," just watch this:



In my previous post I talked about how the state of Oklahoma is on the cutting-edge of immigration reform with a sweeping new bill. The bill's author, Rep. Randy Terrill, Dist. 53, will be interviewed tonight and Sunday night on The Andrea Shea-King Show.

Once bills like the ones in Oklahoma and Arizona begin to take effect, illegals will begin migrating (refugees) to more "sympathetic" states to live and work, thus creating a bigger burden for taxpayers in those areas. And, as a result, those states will be forced to enact similar bills patterned after Oklahoma and Arizona to rid their states of the illegal problem.

So, the question is: Does your state have a plan in the works to deal with the problem of illegals living and working in your communities? Well, Andrea Shea-King has asked her Florida state officials that very question in a post at Radio Patriot and Heading Right.

Andrea invites you to email her post to your local and state officials so you can find out what they are planning, if anything, in your state. Immediately after posting and notifying her state reps, Andrea has gotten many responses from both citizens and reps. Details later.

Listen to tonight's interview on Blog Talk Radio at 9pm EST. Details for Sunday's interview can be found here. And don't forget--the new chat room is up and running!! (upper right corner)


Monday, July 09, 2007


Oklahoma is another state that's taking illegal immigration seriously. Since the Feds will not enforce the current laws, citizens are taking matters into their own hands, forcing local and state officials to pass sweeping laws to deal with the problem.

The new law in Oklahoma focuses on protecting the citizens of Oklahoma. To begin with, the new law will allow police to check on immigration status as well as handing employers stiff penalties for hiring illegal workers.

MSNBC, amazingly, went to Tulsa to follow-up on a traffic accident that involved a local college professor and a suspected illegal immigrant. What the police officer told the professor at the accident scene prompted the prof to write a letter. MSNBC read the letter and decided to see what was happening in Tulsa, and it didn't take them long to find out, either.

After reading the story, you'll get a glimpse of what's about to happen all over this Nation, not at the Federal level, but at the state level. The citizens are taking back their communities.

***Citizens of Arizona force officials to take action, too. Talk about stiff penalties for hiring illegals--ouch!!


Saturday, July 07, 2007


There are two things I'm watching closely as the presidential season progresses: One, the development of Fred Thompson's campaign; two, the rise and free-fall of John McCain (D-Arizona). As of now, we're in the "free-fall" portion of his campaign, but some are figuring (hoping) he'll rebound and rise from the ashes.

Not that long ago, McCain had it all going for him. Leading in the polls, front-runner status, and lots of campaign cash in the bank. His background in the military, as well as his father's, made his resume fitting of a future president. However, he had one big problem: He found himself on the wrong side of one of our Nation's biggest and most important issues--illegal immigration. Partnering with the likes of Ted Kennedy (D-Stoli) on immigration reform was probably the final nail in his presidential coffin.

Had McCain stood on the other side--the right side--of the immigration issue, I think, today, he'd be the clear front-runner with tons of campaign cash to spread around the primary states. And we'd be looking forward to watching Fred Dalton Thompson on the 2007 Fall Season of "Law and Order," instead of the 2008 presidential campaign trail.

When the going got tough, and the issues tougher, the "Real McCain" stepped up to the plate and struck-out without so much as taking the bat off his shoulder. 3 pitches right down the middle--all he had to do was swing the bat. It was as if he wanted to lose. When the home team needed him the most, McCain failed. And now the voters are going to let him ride-the-pine for the rest of this game.

Here's the latest on McCain's political campaign carnage in Iowa, Florida, and South Carolina. As the saying goes: You can hope in one hand and S*** in the other; see which one fills up first. He's toast. Sad.


Friday, July 06, 2007


Hat Tippage to Robert (Mr. Chicago Dog) in Gold River for sending this video.


Thursday, July 05, 2007


Suspected illegal alien, Juan Villa, has been in jail at least 11 times--soon it will be an even dozen. Just hours after being released on bond, Juan is suspected of raping a 15 year old girl. He's still at large.

The article says he's been arrested 11 times but they only "suspect" him of being here illegally. How can that be? You'd think I.C.E. would be able to determine his status during his many trips through our court system. However, I think this statement tells us why they're not sure about him:

"Villa is suspected of being in the country illegally and George said the department had contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement about him before he was released from jail but the federal agents said they would deal with him later"

Yes, let's "deal" with him later because he doesn't seem to be posing a risk to anyone. It's obvious that the legal system in Tennessee as well as the Feds are doing nothing to solve this crisis. Voters, soon, will be forcing officials to do their jobs. Speaking of that, it appears that Arizona is taking the matter seriously. Let's hope the other 49 states follow suit. John McCain, you there?


Wednesday, July 04, 2007


As youngsters in grade school, we had to give a public reading in the auditorium of the Declaration of Independence. Each year one class was picked for this performance, but if your class wasn't picked that year, you still had to do it in your classroom sometime during that week. I can only hope that this tradition continues throughout our school system.

So, today, in honor of our great Nation, I give you The Declaration of Independence:


Monday, July 02, 2007


Many have anticipated this story coming out about John McCain's presidential bid grinding to a halt. The money is running out, poll numbers are headed south, and staffers are looking for the exits. So, now, we sit and wait for McCain's campaign death rattle.

For me, it can't come soon enough. And after his presidential campaign takes its final breath, maybe the folks in Arizona will wise-up and throw him out of the senate next time around. McCain is only the first to feel the wrath of the American voter; there will be others feeling it as well.



After reading Rear Admiral Eugene B. Fluckey's obit last night, it dawned on me that this man was the Navy's version of General Patton. When his sub, the USS Barb, was on patrol, Japanese ships soon headed for the bottom of the ocean--lots of them.

His motto was, "We don't have problems, only solutions." And it appears that he had a simple solution for the Japanese: seek them out and sink them. Fluckey's sub crew once went after a train--yes, the kind that runs on tracks--and he "sunk" it as well. The mission reminded me of our present day Navy Seals.

Take a minute to read his obit. Trust me, you'll find it very interesting. And if you want to know more about the "sinking of the train," here's the story.

One of America's great leaders of men. Adm. Fluckey was 93.

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