Saturday, March 31, 2007


One of America's finest is clinging to life. BlackFive is asking for our help. Go here. An updated request is located here.

Pray, then pray some more.



****NOTE: Andrea's show will begin following the completion of the Orlando Magic game.

Wizbang contributor, Lorie Byrd, will be on The Andrea Shea King Show this Sunday night. Lorie will be sharing her opinions about "The View" and Rosie, but I'm sure Lorie and Andrea will hit some other topics as well. Lorie is a "mover and shaker" in the world of blogging, so make a point to tune in.

Also joining Andrea will be Jack Cashill. Jack is an expert on all things Sandy Berger, TWA 800, and the Clinton administration. These topics will be the focus of the interview. Plus, Jack will be asking for your help regarding the TWA 800 case. Further details about this show here.

The show begins Sunday night at 9 PM EST from Orlando on WDBO 580 AM:
**Internet Stream (Listen Live)

If you have a question for Lorie Byrd or Jack Cashill, call the show at: 1-800-329-5858


Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yes, all citizens in the Greater Chicagoland area can go to bed knowing they are now completely safe from at least one evil enterprise. This is what happens when politicians go unchecked.



John McCain (D-Arizona) was in Florida recently giving a talk at a retirement home. After his talk, he took questions from the group, and the first question was about Jane Fonda. From the article:

"We all know you're a man of honor and integrity and there's one thing that's always disturbed me and that is the fact that you have avoided the traitorous activities of Jane Fonda," said Jim Woolbright, 75, a retired Air Force colonel who served in the Korean War.

As the crowd murmured, McCain began the answer with a quick joke about Fonda, who has attended recent Iraq war protests.

"I don't know if you've noticed, but she's re-emerged," the Arizona senator said before turning serious. "To give visibility to someone - anyone - in America who did some of the things that they did is not dignified, in a way. I think the American people have made a judgment."

It's not that he's forgotten Fonda. He made a reference to her at a Vero Beach town hall meeting earlier this month, saying he recalled his captors constantly piping music into his cell and he sometimes recognized the voice of one of his favorite actresses.

"There was anger then, but, you know, you can't waste your time being angry at somebody who obviously, in my view, was very immature. You've got to get over these things and move on," McCain said after Wednesday's meeting, adding that he reconciled with most of the anti-war movement. "It's best to move on. You can't look back in anger in life. It's too short."

The man who started the "Straight Talk Express" appears to have gone over to the "Soft Talk Express." I could understand McCain's attitude toward Fonda Cong had she just slipped away after Viet Nam to never be heard from again. But the truth is, she's back attacking this nation, the war effort, and doing what she does best: emboldening our enemies. General Giap would be proud of Fonda's efforts via "America's livingroom."

McCain may feel "it's best to move on" because life's just too short, however, many of us don't feel that way. Voters, that is. After all, he thinks "Americans have made a judgement." Yes, senator, we have but we'd like to hear from you about the treasonous Fonda Cong. And not, let's "move on."

Patriotic Americans will never forget what Fonda did in the past, or what she's trying to do today as she re-emerges onto the anti-war scene. The children of VN vets will not forget, either--they vote, too. We expect more out of McCain when it comes to people like Jane Fonda.

Americans, today, are looking for leadership--straight talkers, if you will. McCain, though he's a hero, doesn't fill-the-bill.

44th president of the United States? Think again.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Now you're seeing why.

Personally, I'm looking for real leadership...



Take a moment and say a prayer for Tony.


Monday, March 26, 2007


Michelle Malkin posted about the USO having trouble getting A-list stars to go over and entertain the troops. Though they're having some difficulties, the USO is filling the gaps with lesser-known acts. My thanks goes out to each of them--they're A-listers in my book.

There was a time when finding A-list stars to entertain the troops wasn't a problem. Today, with much of Hollywood AWOL from the effort, it's a real problem. There seems to be fewer and fewer people in Hollywood, and the entertainment industry, in general, who have a real passion for supporting this country and the men and women who fight to protect it.

There was a time when this was not the case.


Sunday, March 25, 2007


Pat Curley of Brainster and Screw Loose Change will be interviewed tonight on The Andrea Shea-King Show in Orlando. Joining Pat during the interview will be Earl Johnson, author and survivor of 9-11 (WTC). They will be discussing the latest 9-11 "truthers" movie venture which involves Mark Cuban, and somewhere in the mix is Charlie Sheen.

Complete details and linkage can be found here, here and here. Don't miss it--9 PM EST.


Thursday, March 22, 2007


First, this is how NOT to raise an American. To voluntarily attend the burning of an American soldier in effigy, along with our flag, is un-American, to say the least. To bring a youngster with you is child abuse--criminal. Unthinkable. If you're thinking about leaving a comment about "their rights," don't bother. We're talking about an un-American activity, which this clearly is.

Now, if you're interested in how to raise an American--to help your child love this country--I suggest the book below. It's co-authored by Myrna Blyth, who is mentioned in this Michelle Malkin post, and, coincidentally, will be interviewed on The Andrea Shea-King Show Friday afternoon. Radio Patriot has more details.

The show begins at 3 PM EST, streaming on the internet at AM 1510 WWBC. The show broadcasts at 30,000 watts, soon to be 50,000 watts.

Join the live in-show chat room here. If you have something you'd like to say, just call the show at: 1-800-648-1437



A well known blogger is waiting in an airport terminal for a flight that's delayed. While taking in the scene around him, he witnesses a young lady who seems to be having trouble with a stranger. Then, before he can act, help arrives in the form of a soldier:

"Hi Honey!", says the off duty Soldier as he approaches the girl.

He knows her?

She looks relieved. Douchebag looks pissed. I move a little closer in case things got interesting.

Read the rest--Ladies...there's still a few "men" out there.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


They don't make love songs like this anymore. From the NYT.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The pet food contamination story is growing day by day--pet owners are spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on vet bills to save their beloved pets. Sadly, some of these owners have lost their pets and the numbers are expected to rise.

Of course, this story is only about dogs and cats and doesn't affect our national security. However, imagine this story being about our human food sources or water supplies. It's certainly possible and this terrifying scenario is one of possibilities we are trying to protect against.


Monday, March 19, 2007


Sunday night's Andrea Shea-King Show was exceptional in its coverage of the Gathering of Eagles in Washington DC. Her guests were eye witnesses to what actually happened, and it differs considerable with what the MSM is reporting. The chat room was a very busy and spirited group, which included many new participants. Once again, Andrea beat the MSM and Fox with her interviews, so, it was a big night in Orlando.

If you missed the show, here's your chance to hear it. (Pam and Aaron are interviewed first)

Another eye witness to the GoEs was Michelle Malkin. She had her Hot Air crew in tow to document what the MSM refused to report. Without question, the weekend was a huge success--Put a "W" in our column!!

And, just for fun, the newest "Her Royal Pantsuit" ad. (Obama's crew denies having anything to do with the ad--maybe the NYT is behind it. Maybe.) Let the games begin.


Sunday, March 18, 2007


Tonight on The Andrea Shea-King Show, Andrea will reporting on the Gathering of Eagles pro-troop rally that took place Saturday in Washington DC.

On the show this evening will be some bloggers who were at the rally, Aaron Arnwine of Lifelike Pundits, Pam Meister of Blogmeister USA, Plus, Seton Motley adds his views from inside the beltway, and Kristinn Taylor of Gathering of Eagles will be on hand with a full report.

Go to the show's website for all the details and linkage to the internet stream. Curtain goes up at 9 PM EST. Don't forget Andrea's blog.---(Just in case, here's the show's internet stream link)
UPDATE: It looks like the Orlando Magic will run into the first part of Andrea's it will be starting around 9:30 PM EST.


Friday, March 16, 2007


The Lockheed C-141 StarLifter "Hanoi Taxi," tail number 60177, has been flying for the Air Force since the early 1960s, but the old girl has seen her last days in the air and has been retired to the museum circuit for future generations to see.

The Gunny did a fabulous segment about the StarLifter on the season opener of Mail Call. It was a touching tribute to a fine aircraft. A great history lesson, too.

So, this is my little tribute to the StarLifter and to all the flight crews who ever flew her, especially LTC Buzz Patterson. Buzz has 4000 hours in the 'Lifter, taking her to 69 different he's been just about everywhere.

UPDATE: I found some of the footage The Gunny used on Mail Call. It's of 60177's last flight before going to the museum. There was a ceremony that included many of the original POWs who were brought back home from Hanoi in '73. Then, for old time sake, they loaded the former POWs into 60177 for one last flight while their families watched from the tarmac. The "Hanoi Taxi" ended its final flight with a smooth landing, rolled up to the hanger and off loaded the men to their families, just as she did back in '73 at Clark AFB. Video--Well done, good and faithful servant.

StarLifter Heaven


Thursday, March 15, 2007


While in the army at Ft. Ord, I joined the civilian jump club on base. I held a C-License (#12045) and a Jumpmaster rating as well. In total, I made 200 jumps. Most of them were at the Ft. Ord Sport Parachute Club, but I did make many others at locations in California and Illinois. It was nothing but fun, fun, fun. More importantly, though, I made some life-long friends from the experience. I'm very lucky.

The highest we were able to jump from at Ft. Ord was 12,500 ft. Any higher and you begin to have oxygen issues. So, twelve-five was fine with me, plus it allows for about one minute of solid free fall. I used to think that was high, that is, until I learned of Capt. Joe Kittinger. He was a pioneer in high altitude jumps--Major General Chuck Yeager needed a plane to reach the speed of sound, Kittinger didn't.



Why does congress spend so much money? Three reasons: One, because they can. Two, because it's not their money. And three, because you're not paying attention.

Recently, the president requested some "emergency funding" for the war effort, a sum that topped out at just over $100 billion. Now, you would think congress would let this bill sail through the committee process, alone, approve it and send it on to the president. You would think, anyway. But congress can't help itself when it comes to spending YOUR money. They tacked on an extra $20 billion for some of their favorite pork projects. Of course, each of the bill's sponsors will justify the additional spending as "vital," but you and I know that's a load of hogwash.

"This emergency supplemental bill has more ornaments hanging over our many branches of government than the White House Christmas tree," Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., said.

Yesterday on The Andrea Shea-King Show, Andrea interviewed Dr. Jack Wheeler on a variety of topics. Later in the interview, the topic of the North American Union and Dr. Jerome Corsi came up. Wheeler dropped a bombshell when he revealed some details that came out of a luncheon he and Corsi attended in Washington DC. Present at the luncheon was a White House official--Wheeler decided to ask a question of him regarding the proposed NAU. The answer left both Wheeler and Corsi "dumbfounded." The Radio Patriot has all the details.

Debunking the rumor that Brainster has left Screw Loose Change in disgust. And, a new blogger joins, as Pat likes to say, "the living dead." Deano!!!


MONDAY will be a day for making lots of noise, according to Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward. She writes in a recent email alert:

"A special note for all of you about this Monday - we'll be conducting a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. where we will unveil our brand new television ad that is blunt, concise and direct. There will be some on Capitol Hill and in the anti-military crowd who will not like this ad. But it honors our American heroes in the military, takes to task those who undermine the missions of our troops and shows quite vividly the consequences we face if we fail in the war on terrorism."

Morgan's pro-troop organization--Move America Forward--is doing outstanding work. This work, however, costs money--lots of money. TV ads are not cheap. I know we'd all like to be in Washington DC this weekend to lend a hand, but that's not possible. So, lend a hand by tossing a few bucks their way. It's all for the troops. You don't have to send a huge amount, though that would be nice--just send something. And if you have the time, ask for donations on your blog as well.

Just in case you didn't know, Melanie Morgan has a real job and all the work she does through MAF is for zero pay. She's a patriot, so lend a helping hand.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Mike Barnicle was the guest on "Imus in the Morning" a few weeks ago. The topic was the Walter Reed story. Barnicle was laying blame at Bush's doorstep but Imus wasn't going to have any of it. Imus tore into Barnicle--and liberals in general--about how they always blame everything on Bush and Cheney. Then he tells Barnicle what he really thinks. Barnicle didn't know what hit him. (not safe for work)



I don't know what motivated Dan Rather to report the TANG-BUSH story back in late 2004. Only Rather knows the real reason. It could've been a deep hatred for the Bush family or possibly he was looking for a career-capping, blockbuster story. Or both. Whatever the reason, he destroyed himself and damaged CBS News to the extent that it (CBS) will never recover. As far as journalism standards go, this was a train wreck.

Recently, Rather was giving a speech about the state of news gathering and those who report to us through the various media outlets. It's an understatement to say that Rather is the wrong man to be passing judgement on the media but I will give him credit for being correct in his assessment:

"I do not exclude myself from this criticism...By and large, so many journalists--there are notable exceptions--have adopted the go-along-to-get-along (attitude)," he said.
So, because of this "access game," journalism has degenerated into a "very perilous state," he said in response to a question from his on-stage interviewer, writer Jane Hamsher.

Rather then reiterated his feeling that many journalists today--and he repeated that he has fallen for this trap--are willing to get too cozy with people in positions of power, be it in government or corporate life.

What Rather did with the TANG story so close to a presidential election is unforgivable, and he certainly deserved what he got as a result of reporting the story. I will, however, give him credit for what he had to say about today's journalists. See, bloggers aren't such bad people.


Monday, March 12, 2007


Last night Andrea Shea-King had a "live" interview from the Move America Forward caravan while it was on the road. The caravan is making its way through the great state of Texas, and the news is all good. All this week, Andrea will be doing a daily interview "live" from the caravan to update listeners on the progress. Tune in on the internet at 3 PM EST--join the chat room too.

Just thinking about all the good MAF is doing for our troops, especially the rally in Washington D. C. this weekend, I get even more patriotic. Here's a video that gave me a good feeling, and I hope it gives you one too. I suggest full screen for this one:



Many people have their doubts about the idea of a North American Union being sold to the American people under the radar through the workings of I have to admit, for a long time I had my doubts as well. It's a crazy, un-American idea. Unthinkable, in my opinion.

Things are changing, though. Dr. Jerome Corsi has been leading the effort in exposing this project, and he's been alone for the most part--until now.
Lou Dobbs has given this topic a lot of play on his show; many bloggers have shown interest, and now 12 STATE LEGISLATURES have stepped up to the plate to stop any form of a NAU, beginning with ARIZONA. From WND:

A dozen states are working on resolutions that would oppose not only the implementation but the idea of a "North American Union," or other plans that would lead to the integration of the United States into a larger structure.

"Americans are rapidly learning the new vocabulary of the globalists," Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum told WND, "and they don't like it."

Read the article. At the bottom is all the info regarding each state's proposals against a NAU.

Related links here and here.


Sunday, March 11, 2007


Franklin Graham's son, Capt Edward Graham, has been wounded in Iraq. Details are sparse, but the family said he was recovering and will be ok.


Friday, March 09, 2007


Move America Forward's pro-troop caravan pulled out of San Francisco yesterday to huge media coverage. Nationally the coverage has been very sparse, with the exception of FoxNews, but the local outlets, both print and tv, were covering the event as it made its way to southern California. This is great news, and unexpected.

Read all about the coverage of the caravan's first day. Kudos, Melanie Morgan!!


Thursday, March 08, 2007


"Gathering of Eagles" will take place on March 17th--Defending The Wall--more details can be found at Beth's site, TGSL Takoma.

Move America Forward is just one organization taking part in this effort. The other day, Chairwoman Melanie Morgan announced a cross-country caravan that will depart San Francisco on March 8th--arriving in Washington D.C. on the 17th.
The caravan's official schedule is now posted. Check the schedule for times and dates in your area.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


As I said yesterday (lower section), Her Royal Pantsuit can't compete with Obama for the black vote. I suggested that the Clinton Machine will go out of its way to destroy him--and they will. Here's another reason why they have to:

"Presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s upcoming fund-raiser in New York sold out so quickly that his campaign moved it to a larger venue to accommodate the expected rush of attendees."

And the Senator from Illinois is doing this in Her backyard. Ouch.

***Other fun news from inside the beltway--I just love this stuff.

If you enjoy falling dominos, then you'll like this.

There's only one reason to watch CNN.

It's Katie, stupid. Not the producer.



The pro-troop caravan put together by Move America Forward will be pulling out of San Francisco tomorrow. The caravan will be headed for Washington D.C. for a rally on the 17th and to protect our Nation's military memorials. The anti-war lefty loons will be there to deface our memorials. Michelle Malkin will be there, too. Not sure how you can help? Malkin has put together a video at Hot Air that will give you an idea. See below.

The caravan's schedule has been updated--here's the latest.


PBS is launching a Spanish-language network--Who's paying for this?? You are, that's who. Another generation and we'll all be assimilated into THEIR culture.

HER ROYAL PANTSUIT is scared to death of Obama's rising popularity, especially within the black community. HRP will never be able to match him, so she'll do what she, and the Clinton Machine, does best: Destroy him. Watch for more stories like this one to follow. Obama will be playing defense for a long time once the CM places him squarely in their cross hairs.

DR. JEROME CORSI was on the radio this morning with
G. Gordon Liddy discussing the border situation. Later today, Corsi will be interviewed by ANDREA SHEA-KING on Constitutional Public Radio. Corsi will be talking about the border problem as well as several other topics. This will be an hour long interview. Don't miss it.

Internet stream--show starts at 3 PM EST.

Chat Room


Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This week I seem to be having blood tests each day. As much as I hate needles, I'm getting rather used to them. Yesterday, the hospital called to tell me I have mail (7) and to come get it. Many phone messages and one big package, too. Wow. More later after I return from the lab.

In the meantime, go over to Brainster (52+2) and read his roundup on the candidates. While you're there, break the news to him (gently) that John McCain's moment has come and gone.

William Anderson, dead at 85.

More China news.


Sunday, March 04, 2007


Newt uses NYC and Rudy as an example of how to get the job done effectively and without violence. It's a five minute discussion that I'm sure you'll find interesting.



Now that you know it's Pat's birthday, get on over to his site and wish him a Happy Birthday. Brainster and Screw Loose Change.

Kitty Myers has some great stuff related to the Brainster's big day. Go read.


Friday, March 02, 2007


FoxNews just announced (no link yet) that former Senator Fred Thompson is considering a run for the White House in 2008. I've always liked this man and thought he had the star power to make a successful run for president. Reagan had some star power as well. If Thompson decides to make a go of it, there will be two "real" conservatives in the race. The other being Newt. However, Newt hasn't announced but you know it's only a matter of time before he does.

Adding Thompson to the mix is good news for conservatives, and bad news for McCain and Rudy. McCain, in my opinion, is finished. If you officially announce your intentions to run for president and have to apologize the next day, well, you've pretty much screwed the pooch. You're history. Rudy's a player and will still be standing in the late rounds, and he's an attractive VP. No matter what your views are on Thompson, I think the presidential race on the republican side just got a little more interesting. From NewsMax:

"Many activists said they hoped another conservative would get in the race -- perhaps Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, or Fred Thompson, the former actor turned senator turned actor again."

Here's a couple ads by Thompson with his views on our president and troop support.


Thursday, March 01, 2007


NOTE: I'm home from the hospital, taking many drugs and trying to get strong. Later, when I'm a little more clear in the head, I will attempt to show my deep appreciation for what you did for me while I was in the hospital. Suffice it to say I would not be home now if not for the outpouring of support you gave me. Words can not begin to describe what you've done for me.

Today I am posting about an interview Andrea Shea-King will be conducting Friday. It's an important interview and I couldn't be prouder of Andrea for putting it together.

Last Monday, President Bush presented LTC Bruce Crandall with the Medal Of Honor for his bravery at Landing Zone X-RAY back in November 1965. Today, many people are enjoying their lives, their families, children and grandchildren because of this man. Crandall was not alone in his efforts in the Valley Of Death, but this is the week we, as a nation, pay tribute to him.

The anti-war Left would like for you to hang your head in shame at the mere mention of Viet Nam. I do not hang my head in shame nor should you. In fact, I am prouder than I've ever been of the men and women who served in Viet Nam. Their efforts deserve to be honored.

Radio Patriots has the details of Friday's interview.

Here's the President's words to Crandall as he presented him with the MOH.

And YouTube will tell the rest of the story. (Voiceover by Sgt-Major Basil Plumley--Sam Elliot of "We Were Soldiers." Perfect.

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