Tuesday, February 28, 2006


**Last night's "24" was as good as ever. President Logan is making me sicker, though. For the best in "24" coverage, go here and here.

**Have you seen the new video of Natalee Holloway sitting at a gaming table with Joron? What is a high school girl doing sitting at a gaming table with a cocktail in hand? Natalee's group had chaperones, but where were they? I find it interesting that no one makes these observations in the reports. Joron is guilty as the day is long. His family comes from money, power and influence in Aruba, and if his family believed for a nanosecond that Joron was not involved in her murder, they would've dumped on those other two cretins right out of the gate and moved on with their lives. May Joron live in interesting times.

**Did anyone watch "The State of the Black Union" on c-span the other day? I found it hard to believe the MSM failed to cover this story, especially in light of what Rev. Farrakhan had to say. The MSM didn't miss a chance to mention the plight of blacks when it came to Katrina, but when the so-called black leadership makes outrageous statements, they're nowhere to be found. La Shawn Barber has a post.--Scroll down a bit.

**Barney Fife is gone from our world, but he lives each day on our tv sets. Tonight, TVLand will be having a marathon of the Andy Griffith Show. Here's a good ad for the show.

** Anyone have an idea what the angle is here? I'm confused.

**Thomas Sowell's latest.


Sunday, February 26, 2006


Pam at BlogmeisterUSA was telling us she was on the radio the other day as part of a reunion--she was running the show. Sounds like she had some fun, and she might be posting a photo of her in studio behind the mic. (Pam has a link to her pic at the bottom of the post)

Just after reading her post, I ran across a post from Ace of SpadesHQ about a site that will program your own radio station for you. You just type in a song that you like, or a group, the site plays that song and then searches for similar music it thinks you might like. Of course, if you don't care for some of the selections, you're able to give a "thumbs down" and it will adjust. Add more selections and the station develops a broader idea of what you like.

So far, it's worked well for me. You're on the air!!



Amazing!! Someone did some research and concluded the following--again:

"Those having an abortion had elevated rates of subsequent mental health problems including depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviors and substance use disorders," reports David Fergusson, a scientist at New Zealand's Christchurch School of Medicine & Health Science."

Who woulda thought? Enjoy the rest of this shocking study.



George Carlin once said, "When you're born, you get a ticket to the freak show; when you're born in America, you get a front row seat."

This must be one of the acts.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Didn't someone send her the memo regarding her time was up? What, no Dixie Chicks? Pathetic.

We can only hope this event ends like this one.



Everyone's been waiting for Air America to finally crash and burn. The idea of "all-whine, all the time," has been a colossal failure and we've just been waiting for the whole thing to finally hit the ground. Economics, like gravity, will bring it down, eventually.

But it appears the flagship "of all things liberal" will be staying aloft for an extended period, at least through the 2006 elections.

Brian Maloney (Radio Equalizer) has a round up of this last-ditch effort from some big names on the left. Not surprisingly, Reiner and Soros appear on the list. All aboard!!



This is the kind of thing people of Christi's talent, and dedication, come up with while thinking about the awesome strength and beauty of our Nation.

One evening, late, she couldn't sleep, and she began thinking about patriotism, then she wrote about it.

Christi could've done what many do late at night: channel surfed cable tv, messed around on the internet, or ate a bowl of ice cream. But she chose to think, and write, about patriotism. That is powerful.

Our Nation is the centerpiece of freedom and all that is good in the world, because we're populated with patriots like Christi. She is a lady.

Read what she had to say.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006


If you're thinking about returning to New Orleans and you're accustomed to the easy, government-paid-lifestyle, you'd better find another place to land, because you're going to be required to work this time around.

I'm not making this up. The City Council in New Orleans put the word out to everyone who's considering a move back to the city.

I say, it's about time someone said it. Watch for the Rev. Jackson and Al "The Pal" Sharpton to blow into town soon to file suit. Read about it here.

P.S.--Wanna bet no one moves back?


Monday, February 20, 2006


Certain events happen in our lives that we mark in time and never forget. This week is the 30th anniversary of one of those events in my life.

In the next couple of days, many people from my past will be sharing in the same memories that I have.

Friday, February 20th, 1976, was the start of a not-so-usual weekend at our drop zone; a weekend that would end in tragedy on Sunday the 22nd. Most weekends ended with partying and fun; this one ended with the deaths of 5 people, some of which were like family.

It all started with our new plane, a Piper Cherokee Six. Details here. More later.


Sunday, February 19, 2006


I think writing long posts about Hollywood liberals is a major waste of time. These folks don't live in the real world, have too much money, and have an inflated opinion about their expertise on worldly matters. A post like this will work fine:

"Richard Dreyfuss is an idiot; so is Alec Baldwin."

I suppose I should thank Pam at BlogmeisterUSA for saving me some time. Thanks.

Instead of posting about some liberal actor hailing from Hollywood, I will post about the man (book) who made Richard Dreyfuss famous: Peter Benchley. Benchley died last week.

His book, Jaws, changed our views on "going into the water". I know it changed me. In the '70s I would spend many a day at the beach in Florida, body surfing. While in the Army at Ft. Ord, (Monterey) many of us would go to the beach to swim, not once giving thought to what's in the water. Until, that is, Jaws hit the movie screen.

I read the book before I saw the movie; it was a hard book to put down. I started and finished the book while in a foxhole down by King City at Fort Hunter Liggett. Don't worry, there wasn't a war going on, so the nation was never in danger. After seeing the movie, I never again dipped so much as a toe in the ocean.

Did the movie have an affect on you?

The movie, which I've seen about 20 times, was packed with mistakes from beginning to end. Next time you see the movie, see if you can find them. Here they are.



Mr and Mrs Media Matters, a local Sacramento blogging couple, are having a baby soon, but they have encountered some problems with the pregnancy.

These are some exceptional folks and I ask that you stop by their sites and offer some words of encouragement, and prayers, as well.

They have emailed me about this challenge in their lives, filling me in on the details; they are frightened at what the future could bring, so your prayers are needed to help bring them through this ordeal.

Whether you just stopped by for the first time or you're a friend of this blog, please take a moment and offer a prayer here and here. Bless you all.


Friday, February 17, 2006


...so, if you fail to giggle at least once while reading this, I'll send you a "Grover". However, if you wet yourself, well, then you send me one. Read on.

Thanks goes out to ACE.

If need be, leave your address in the comment section.



Before Vice President Cheney gave a speech in Wyoming today, he appeared at Folsom Prison, just down the street from me. It was an unannounced stop by the VP.

His appearance went well and all who attended the show were very pleased. See and hear the details of his visit here. Volume, please.

Cheney makes his feelings clear regarding the shooting accident, so this comes with a Language-Huffpo WARNING. Those libs are havin' some fun.


Thursday, February 16, 2006


Sacramento, California:

Was Hamid Hayat a trained terrorist awaiting orders here in the Sacramento area? We'll know soon enough. The details behind this man's involvement with terrorism will begin to unfold as the trial gets underway. Today, both sides gave their opening statements.

Read the details of today's proceedings. I may have to go downtown one of these days and sit in on the trial.


You've seen it before, but in these crazy, partisan times, it's worth another peek. Volume!!


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The Hume/Cheney interview went well, I thought. Hume hit all the questions and pressed when he thought he needed something nailed down.

There's no story here other than it was an accident involving the VP. However, it's obvious the WHPC is attempting to make something out of it since they got scooped by a local that wouldn't be allowed to carry David Gregory's dry cleaning.

Cheney's excuse for not notifying the press immediately is understandable, but only to an extent. Wanting to get Mr. Whittington medical attention, first, and to insure that family members were made aware of the accident before they heard the story on tv, only goes so far. I can see this taking a few hours but after that it gets rather thin.

I'm sure Cheney wanted to avoid the Sunday papers along with the Sunday morning talk shows--had they gotten their hands on this fresh meat, the story would have went through all kinds of speculative ups and downs. Cheney admitting he had a beer at lunch will only lead to trouble for him, because conspiracy theorists will make the case that Cheney was drinking and needed the time to sober up, a la Whiskey Ted, circa 1969. Cheney does have a couple DUIs in his past, so this angle isn't that far out there, and, besides, consuming alcohol before hunting is a big no-no.

I think Cheney allowed this story to go out through a local reporter for one reason, and one reason only: It was Cheney's way of telling the WHPC to f-off. And you can't blame him for that one, either.

Since the MSM was left out in the cold on the original, breaking story, and on the first interview afterwards, the MSM will be gunning (npi) for both Cheney and Bush, and not nicely like before.

Bush will pay the price during his next press conference, that is, if he has another one.

The MSM's actions are troubling and the time has come, I think, to really do something about it. Hey, someone else feels the same way.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Leno and Letterman took their best shots at Cheney last night. Of the two late night stars, I enjoy Leno over Letterman by far. Like his predecessor, Johnny Carson, Leno has class; Letterman lacks it.

When it comes to Bush administration jokes, who's funnier? Leno. No contest. Leno spreads the political jokes around to all parties, not just Bush or Cheney. Letterman has a hard time with this because he hates everything Bush, so he tries too hard to be funny. You can't be very funny when your comedy flows from hate; it appears forced or contrived and in the end isn't well received. Here's a sample from Leno's show:

"I guess the guy is going to be OK,” Leno said. "When the ambulance got there, out of force of habit they put Cheney on the stretcher … When people found out he shot a lawyer, his popularity is now at 92 percent.”

BREAKING NEWS: It appears Cheney's friend has had a heart attack, a minor one, and has some injury to his heart related to the accidental shooting. Newsmax has the story here and here.

If you missed Leno and Letterman, here's the jokes they told on Monday, Feb 13th.


Monday, February 13, 2006

No way could I ever write something like this. Even Ace knows he's going to hell for it--front row, reserved seating, down close to the fire. I don't suggest you read it. No, don't.



**PRO BOWL update: The NFL certainly goes all out when it comes to the Pro Bowl. It appears a tremendous amount of work goes into these events, and they pulled it off rather well.

The National Anthem ceremony was extravagant, with a giant American flag covering the field. Honor Guards from various units were announced and presented the Colors with precision. The Anthem was sung and topped off with a fly-over by a locally based fighter wing. Yes, a lot of planning goes into these events.

Missing from the show, again, was any mention of our soldiers currently engaged in combat. Would it be too much for the NFL to announce a "moment of silence in tribute to those soldiers facing combat--pray for their safe return home?" Too much? Hardly.

As I said before, there is MORE to this story. This seems to be a POLICY so to not upset a certain segment of the world. I'll be back to this again.

**COMMON SENSE AMERICA, I call it CSA, for short, has linked to an interesting and thought provoking piece that will surely upset scores...well, 1.4 billion, to be exact. Go to Christi's site through this door and follow the link to "The Queer Muhammed."

**NASCAR'S Bud Shootout: Exciting stuff. I was impressed at the opening ceremonies when they had a man of the cloth saying a prayer. Nancy Pelosi, had she been in the crowd, would've had a stroke. Imagine that, quoting from the bible in a public place. What's this country coming to? I picked Jeff Gordon but he didn't finish the race. Broken oil cooler.

**DO NOT MISS Rush's show this morning. He just returned from Pebble Beach, and always has great stories of his trip, his game, people he met, and a round-up of everything that happened last week while he was gone. The man's got the life, huh?

**ONE POST below, you will see the updated list of people who have mentioned the NFL post. I have some emails indicating more support is on the way.

**YOU VICIOUS, vicious people. How could you be so cruel?


Friday, February 10, 2006

WELCOME ONE AND ALL--with updates

I thank everyone for their support. I'd like to welcome readers from these sites and thank the sites for posting about the NFL's snub of our military at this year's Super Bowl.

COMMON SENSE AMERICA --(Christi, you are THE jewel)
TheFORUM--by Paul Eiden

And thanks for the comments and emails. Our troops will appreciate your efforts.



After the Super Bowl I posted my thoughts on the game. One of things I noted about the event was the lack of any tribute to our military. I noticed 3 pre-game tributes (King, Parks, Katrina) but apparently our military didn't make the cut.

Another blogger, Alex at The Noonz Wire, noticed this omission as well and ripped into the NFL in this post last Tuesday. His post got me motivated to take the issue beyond just a mention on my blog: I decided someone was going to explain this to me, and that "someone" was going to be the NFL.


I took me the better part of two days to work my way up the food chain of Paul Tagliabue's office in New York, but, finally, I was put in contact with someone who was authorized to discuss the matter. That person was Matt Hill, who works in corporate communications. However pleasant and professional he was, he was not prepared for my main inquiry. The phone call was not recorded, so I'm constructing it from my notes.

TWD: When does planning for a Super Bowl begin?
MH: Planning begins 2 years in advance. And we have sites identified through 2010.

TWD: Does the NFL decide on what activities take place pre-game, half-time, ect?
MH: The NFL controls everything. But there are a couple issues the network has a say in.

TWD: Why was there no tritbute to our military at this year's Super Bowl?
MH: Not sure why.

TWD: At some point in the planning process, the subject of a military tribute had to come up, and someone at that table had to say why you were or why you weren't going to do it.
MH: Again, I'm not sure why.

TWD: Ok, then put me in contact with someone who can answer my question.
MH: I'll forward your call to Brian McCarthy. I'll put you on hold. (holding)

MH: I wanted to put you in touch with Brian McCarthy but I just noticed he's leaving for a meeting. I'll have him call you back when he's free.
TWD: Thanks very much.

Take note of Matt's first answer to my question as to why there was no tribute. "Not sure why." He admitted there was no tribute but just didn't know why there wasn't one. If there had been a tribute, this was his opportunity to point it out. But, there was no tribute. McCarthy just leaving for a meeting was code for, "we better get organized here before we say more." I expected this and would've done the same thing. About 2 hours later, I received a return call from Tagliabue's office. Again, it was Matt Hill.

MH: I wanted to get back to you and fill you in on what we did for the military during the Super Bowl.
TWD: Thanks, and I appreciate you getting back to me so soon.

MH: Here's what the NFL did this year: 6 colors guards representing each branch of service during the anthem tribute. TV crews from each branch providing live feeds to military units across the globe. On the live feeds, some of the players gave personal tributes to the military. The NFL mailed 5000 Super Bowl programs to service members. Staff from the NFL and the Washington Redskins visited Walter Reed and watched the game with some of our wounded. Cleveland Browns' owner, Randy Lerner, provided tickets for 50 marines to attend the Super Bowl.

TWD: You know, that's some great stuff you listed. It would've been nice if you had announced this to the viewing audience. We would've liked to have known about it.
MH: Yes.

TWD: But, getting back to my original question. Why was there no tribute to our military at this year's super Bowl?
MH: There was. We had 6 color guards representing each branch of service during the anthem tribute.

TWD: The 6 six color guards?
MH: Yes, during the pre-game tribute.
TWD: Ok, Matt, I appreciate the time you've taken with me and, again, thanks for getting back to me so soon.

Let me respond to some of what Matt listed. 6 Color Guards do not constitute a tribute--not when we're at war--nor is it special. Color Guards are always present during professional sporting events. Because this was the Super Bowl, where everything is done bigger and with more flash, of course there would be more than one Color Guard presenting the Colors. And, if you remember, the National Anthem was announced as a tribute to the victims of Katrina. Not the military.

An owner, as in one, bought 50 tickets for some Marines to attend the game. The NFL has 32 teams. This is something the NFL is touting as support? Something to be proud of ? I think not. Don't get me wrong, I commend Mr. Lerner for his support of those 50 Marines. But where in the hell was everyone else? Where was the NFL?

Obviously, the military was downplayed this year. There was no tribute at all. The NFL, for whatever reason, decided on this policy and they aren't saying why. All the items Matt listed off to me were "behind the scenes" events and the viewing audience was not made aware of them. In other words, everything Matt said was simply NFL spin. Period.

Why would the NFL snub our military? Your guess is as good as mine. But, the fact remains that they decided not to pay tribute to the most important people on the face of the earth: The men and women of the United States armed forces. Some of whom were shot at, wounded, or killed during the broadcast of this year's Super Bowl. And for the NFL's lack of respect for these precious warriors, they owe us all an explanation.

There's more going on here, so if you're inclined to contact the NFL about this, and I hope you are, you can do so in one of two ways:


or, write to them at:

280 Park Ave.
New York 10017

The NFL has no "general" email address. The NFL.com site only entertains inquires regarding site content. Not NFL issues.

Hey, if enough of you blog about this, and call, maybe the NFl will show some appreciation to our military at this week's Pro Bowl.

See you in the comment section.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I added a couple blogs to my blogroll that I think you'll like, that is, if you're not a liberal. And, I had to cut one blog from the list because he doesn't blog anymore. I was a fan of Viet Pundit but he announced he was cutting back, and cut back he did. Too bad. Froggy is having some problems of late getting into blogging, but I will wait on him--he's a SEAL and we don't leave these guys behind. He's good.

The add-ons are The Noonz Wire and Common Sense America.

I ran into The Noonz Wire through the Brainster's Hitching Post and was pleasantly surprised to see I was on his blogroll. Never heard of the guy before but I like his blog. I picked up on Common Sense America through Granny Tiger's blog. CSA is operated by one Christi King and she's my kinda gal, as you'll see when you read this post.

Take a gander at these blogs and see what you think.

If by chance you don't like them, I know you'll love this one, (Monroe butt crack) and this one, and perhaps this one.

However, if you don't like anything I linked to, stare at this for a spell--then go blind.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Chris, from the New and Improved Lucky Dawg News, commented on my last post that it would be nice know where all the mosques are in the U.S.--I agree, it would be a good idea.

Here ya go, Chris.

NOTE: Brainster is having a hitching post party.



This site should be bookmarked by everyone with a family. It identifies all registered sex offenders in your neighborhood, their work sites, and it updates you on recent moves by these creeps.

The first thing you see is a map with color coded dots, which indicate where they're located in your area. Click on the dot and a picture of the person appears with all relevant information. Using the tabs at the top gives you a list of names and addresses corresponding to the dots.

Check on the area where family and friends live, too. How's the area where your grandkids live? Take a look. You will be surprised.

UPDATE: Click on a school building and all creeps in the area will be listed with pictures.


Monday, February 06, 2006


Here's a ticket from the first Super Bowl back in 1967. Judging from the the ticket face, these games weren't called "Super Bowls" until later. This year's production was anything but "super." Some thoughts on yesterday's game:

*Bringing out the MVPs from all the past Super Bowls was a good idea. They all looked great. I can't imagine why Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw didn't make an appearance. The two greatest QBs in football history.

*Not the best National Anthem this year. Each year I hope beyond hope that someone will do it like Whitney Houston did years back. It doesn't get any better than that one.

*Not one mention of our military personel. Al Michaels did make a comment in passing when he welcomed our military viewing audience. But nothing was done on the field, no thanks, no appreciation, no tributes--nothing.

*The half-time show was painful. It was obvious to me that since the SB was held in Detroit, a Motown theme was in order. The Rolling Stones? Who thought that one up? Painful.

*The commercials were not even close to past years. I was not impressed at all. However, my favorite was Bud Lite. The one where the office manager hid Bud Lites all over the office in an effort to boost moral.

*The officiating was not the best, either. I give them a "C." With all the money flowing through the NFL, you would think they could afford to retain full-time officials. Unfortunately, a couple poor calls were game changers.

*In the booth: Al and John are the best in the business. Enough said.

*The game: The best team won. I was very surprised at around the 4 minute mark in the 4th, when Cowher was on the sideline celebrating with players, laughing, and slapping everyone on the back. He wasn't paying attention to business; the game wasn't even close to being over yet. Of all people, Cowher knows how a game can change on one play--the Indy game comes to mind. At the end, Cowher and the Steelers got lucky because the coach of the Seahawks wasn't paying attention, either.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I thought I'd seen all the videos of the WTC attack, but this one's new to me. It's from the street level and fairly close to the building. Enter here.

Hat tip: Ace

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