Tuesday, July 25, 2006


My machine is in the shop. A power blackout here in California did some damage to the inner workings. The repairs look to be very expensive, because as I wait for a diagnosis, I'm using the shop's 32 inch widescreen flat panel ($1000).

This is going to be expensive, I can see it now.

I may be down for a few days--please stay in touch and feel free to browse my blogroll.


Friday, July 21, 2006


CONSTITUTIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, starring Andrea Shea-King and Mark Vance, opened the show, again, with the Pledge Of Allegiance. Today, Olivia joined Sophia in reciting this important Pledge.

I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Olivia and Sophia did a wonderful job during their recital, and we all look forward to hearing them on the air many more times in the future.
These girls have talent and, more importantly, they're the future of our Nation. We're very proud of them--keep up the good work!!



The Israelis are amassing troops on the border of Lebanon in preparation for a ground invasion. If they invade, look for Hezbollah to start attacking around the globe, especially here in the United States.

Michelle Malkin posts a must see video at Hot Air that highlights the threat we face here at home. These terrorists are crazy and have nothing to lose; a lethal combination. And they're among us as we go about our business each day.

TERROR CELLS IN AMERICA (from San Francisco to Orlando)

History is in the making, so pay attention.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

JULY 20, 1969

37 years ago today, Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11's Commander, climbed down the Lunar Module's ladder and became the first person to set foot on the moon. An American foot, that is.

Lunar Module Pilot, Buzz Aldrin, became the second person to walk on the moon when he joined Armstrong.

Michael Collins, Command Module Pilot, circled the moon while Armstrong and Aldrin remained on the surface.

Apollo 11 had a backup crew but they rarely get mentioned:

James A. Lowell Cmdr
William A. Anders CMP
Fred W. Haise LMP

The greatest feat known to mankind, and it was done by the greatest Nation on the face of the earth--The United States Of America. Sadly, after scanning the major news outlets today, I found no mention of this historic day. Maybe they'll find room in the late editions.

***For another breaking news story on July 20, 1969, click here.



The cross at Mount Soledad is a little bit closer to staying right where it is--forever. The House voted 349-74 on a bill that would allow the federal government to acquire the land where the cross stands, thus leaving the war memorial in place at its present location.

All 74 "nay" votes came from democrats. Imagine that.

STOP THE ACLU has more.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Andrea and Mark didn't see the post I did early this morning (below) but they did take note of the story in the press. It's an important story.

Because of that story, Andrea had CPR's newest STAR, Sophia, open the show with a recital of The Pledge Of Allegiance:

I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Sophia did a magnificent job, too. We're all very proud of her.

Speaking of God and Country, I posted about one of Hollywood's greatest and what he had to say on the subject. Read and listen to it here.



The "left" in this country knows that to further their "progressive agenda" it must first cripple our constitution and rid this nation of certain founding principles. As they see it, God keeps getting in the way of their plans and therefore must be removed.

Atheists like Michael Newdow have been using our constitution against us for a long time, and with much success. But, it seems some in congress are about to bolster our constitution through the use of the courts. However, this legislative proposal looks to have opposition from some on the democratic left. I want to see the list of names voting against this one.

This bill, like most, has many "riders." And some controversial ones, at that. Expect the bill to get stalled along the way. Read the story here.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Today, Andrea Shea-King and Mark Vance will be interviewing Pat Curley about his new blogsite, "Screw Loose Change." Well known for his blog, Brainster, Pat decided to tackle the 9-11 conspiracy theorists at SLC, and so far it's been a big success.

CPR broadcasts from Florida's Space Coast on WWBC 1510 from 3-5 PM EST--Cocoa, Florida. Live internet streaming by clicking here. Join Pat in the live in-show chatroom here. Missed the show? No problem. CPR repeats at 9 PM EST M-F.

So, was it a missile or was it a plane? Call the show at 1-800-648-1437 and ask Pat yourself.

SLC was mentioned in Vanity Fair magazine....


Monday, July 17, 2006


The only problem with STS 121's landing this morning was me trying to stay awake. I snoozed through the whole event. Apparently, the re-entry process was flawless, with the exception of some cloud build-up in the area of KSC. But, in the end, this didn't bother flight controllers. Kudos to the crew and NASA.

In other positive aviation news, Boeing's Dreamliner is jumping ahead of Airbus' A-380 Superjumbo jet in customer orders. This is great news for Boeing and not really that surprising, since the Dreamliner's practical sizing will allow it to service more markets.

The A-380, on the other hand, is so big that it can't land at many airports without the facilities being refitted to accommodate the behemoth. As potential buyers of the A-380 look to the future of passenger service, they are looking to Boeing.

Boeing is a better product, always has been, and always will be. Try as they may, the French will never compete on the same level with an American company. Concorde, anyone?


Sunday, July 16, 2006


STS 121 is slotted to return to Florida early tomorrow morning. NASA will begin its coverage at their blogsite at 7 am est. Television coverage will begin around that time too. The bad news: NASA is sticking with its policy of bringing the shuttle back to Florida over the least populated areas--southern Mexico, the gulf of Mexico, then to KSC. So, there won't be a chance to view it on re-entry, unless, of course, you happen to be in those areas. I'm hoping one of the network or cable outlets have a crew in place so we can see it.

Weather is a factor at KSC, so it's possible California will be the landing site (Edwards AFB). Hourly forecast for KSC.

Just in case you thought the B-1B had a busy cockpit. This, my friend, is what a BUSY cockpit looks like. Live tracking of the shuttle here.



Mr. Right of The Right Place has finally been identified. That's him with Mrs. Right (I hope, anyway). Last Friday night, a group of bloggers got together for the first time. They met at the Stonewood Ale House in Schaumburg, Illinois. The meeting was called, OGMEET 2006.

Stop by Mr. Right's and read about the meeting and follow the link for more pics.

You can enter Mr. Right's photo caption contest by clicking here.


Saturday, July 15, 2006


If you're a teacher, entrusted with our children, and you decide you want to have sex with one of them, this is what should happen to you--man or woman: Detention.

The judge in this case, Bart Stanley, wasn't swayed by pleas for mercy as Pamela Rogers stood before him crying. Rogers' mother offered the judge some excuses for her daughter's behavior in a letter, but he stood firm in his decision: Detention.

"Officers led Rogers away after she stood before the judge handcuffed and shackled. She cried as she asked for mercy and apologized to her family, the teen's family, her relatives and friends." 7 years of detention

**Here's another teacher--sex offender post from way back. Make sure you use the link, too.



Friday, July 14, 2006


Hollywood lost another star this week. Red Buttons died Thursday. For as long as I've been alive, Red was a star.

His most famous role was in "Sayonara" with Marlon Brando in the late '50s. He won an Oscar.

But I'll always remember Red Buttons for his role as Pvt. John Steele in "The Longest Day." Steele was the unlucky paratrooper who gets his parachute caught on the church steeple during the Normandy invasion, and hangs there pretending to be dead. The ploy worked.

Many of the 3 dozen stars in "The Longest Day" have long since passed on, and now Red Buttons has joined the cast.

Sayonara, Red.


Thursday, July 13, 2006


Friend of this blog and Great American, Vic Pomel, sent me these pictures of an air show held over Jones Beach in the New York City area. And here's a few pictures of Vic here (LL) and here and here. Thanks, Vic!!

Speaking of Great Americans, here's another one.



Wednesday, July 12, 2006


A B-1B Lancer pulls up to the pump a few days ago. Details of this mission at OPFOR. The cockpit view below indicates a somewhat busy environment. These crews are the best of the best. We're in good hands.



Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Robert Novak has a green light to begin talking about Plamegate, and his sources. But no matter what the facts are, the MSM will turn the spotlight on Karl Rove, even though he wasn't indicted. Watch for David Gregory to ask Bush if he intends to fire Rove.

In the end, I think this case rates a zero--Watergate being a 10, of course.

Even today, Novak says there are aspects of this case that he's not allowed to talk about. So, the plot thickens. Wake me when it's over....







For its anti-American activities, the NYT is getting a lot more attention than it expected. Andrea Shea-King has several great examples posted at her site.



Monday, July 10, 2006


Pam over at Blogmeister USA attended the protest at the NYT's building. Lots of people and lots of great pictures. Thanks, Pam, for representing all of us out here. Good job!!




If you don't think we're dealing with evil, then take a look at this. Be warned, though.



Patrick Hynes of Ankle Biting Pundits will be the guest on Tuesday's Constitutional Public Radio. Hynes is the author of "In Defense of the Religious Right." Andrea and Mark have seen the power of blogs and are making an asserted effort to include them on their shows.

Recently, Pat Curley of Brainster was interviewed about John Kerry and his covert trip to Cambodia. The interview was one of Andrea and Mark's best.

Listen to CPR live via the net from 3-5 PM EST on WWBC 1510 AM. Join the live in-show chatroom, or call the show toll free at: 1-800-648-1437

******Patriot Guard Riders' News

Last night on The Andrea Shea-King Show, Andrea interviewed PGR's National Director, Kurt Mayer and Florida's State Ride Captain, Clayton Murphy. During the interview I learned something that the MSM passed on, as they tend to do if the story has anything to do with the rise of patriotism here at home.

A little background on PGR: About 9 months ago PGR was formed, and it's now represented in all 50 states, plus a couple territories--9 months!! The group boasts nearly 45,000 members and growing.

Now, just 9 months after forming, where do you think Mayer and a couple other PGR members found themselves on Memorial Day? That's right, the Oval Office as guests of President Bush during the signing of HR 5037, a bill that prohibits the disruption of a military funeral in a national cemetery.

Mayer said the story was covered by a couple local outlets--the MSM completely passed on the story. Not surprising. Well, here's the story.

The signing ceremony is pictured below. (Bush insisted the PGR members wear their "colors") This is an American story, and a great one at that. So, again, we get to do the MSM's job for them. Proudly, too, I might add.

*******Other Happenings

John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit posts about our peaceful friends at CAIR.

Remember the movie, "Mr. Ruberry Goes To Washington?" Something like that.

Good news for France: At least they lasted longer against the Italians than they did against Hitler. (Can't remember where I saw that but thought I'd pass it on)

Here's to hoping socialism is finally dead.

This just won't go away, will it?

"You're about to enter...the fucking war zone!"



Sunday, July 09, 2006


The Patriot Guard Riders is a grassroots organization dedicated to honoring our fallen military men and women. PGR will attend military funerals at the request of the families, and they will assist in shielding the family from any group (Fred Phelps) that's there to protest the ceremony.

PGR is made up mainly of motorcycle riders but membership into the organization is open to anyone, and it's free. I encourage you to see their site and to join them in support of our fallen heros.

On tonight's show, Andrea Shea-King will be interviewing PGR's National Director (PR), Kurt "VenturaCowboy" Mayer along with PGR's Florida State Ride Captain, Clayton Murphy. Tune in tonight and learn more about this growing, patriotic organization.

The Andrea Shea-King Show can be heard live via the web from 9-11 PM EST on WDBO 580 AM. Join her live in-show chatroom (upper right) and chat with other listeners as well as Andrea and her producer, Mark Vance. You can call the show toll free at: 1-800-329-5858

Attending funerals is only one aspect of PGR. They also organize "Welcome Home" rallies at airports when members of our military come home on leave. If you become a member of PGR, they will alert you to all planned activities in your area. Remember, "Freedom isn't free, but membership is."--Join today!!

PGR mission on 5-13-2006 in Little Ferry, NJ, to honor and respect SGT Matthew J. Fenton.


Friday, July 07, 2006


...what a little digging, and I mean little, will turn up. Chris at Lucky Dawg News read an article that accused Ann Coulter of plagerism in her last book, "Godless." Chris did a little checking, and this is what he found.




A South African woman says she's the oldest woman alive at 132 years. I think the United States has that one beat.


Thursday, July 06, 2006


Conservative Mexican presidential candidate, Felipe Calderon, is the new Mexican president. Jimmy Carter couldn't be reached for comment.

The story. Jack Kelly has some stats.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I'm in court this morning, but there's no reason why you should miss today's CONSTITUTIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, Starring Mark Vance and Andrea Shea-King.

CPR broadcasts from Florida's space coast live via the web from 3-5 PM EST on WWBC 1510 AM. Join the live in-show chatroom here. (top right) Call the show toll free at: 1-800-648-1437.

The last two days I had the pleasure of being in the chatroom with Anna from "A Rose By Any Other Name." Anna also blogs at "The Right Place." Stop by and see her when you can. I hope to get back in time to hear some of the show.

***********STS 121 UPDATE*************

For real-time Shuttle and ISS tracking, click here. Hit the ZOOM button once for a closer, more detailed look. (Zoom takes a couple seconds to load up)

And for real-time Cindy Sheehan tracking, click here. Then click on the Hardball screen with Norah O.


Monday, July 03, 2006


Looks like Justice Kennedy is good for something, after all. The Supreme Court intervened Monday to save the cross by issuing a "stay." The fight goes on. Stop The ACLU has more.



Our favorite feline, Kitty Myers, over at Kitty Litter, had one of her short stories picked up for podcasting. (I hope that means money exchanged hands)

TWD gives Kitty a Standing-O!!! Kudos, baby!!!

For other short stories by Kitty Myers, turn the page here.



A 4th-of-July video that has both humor and meaning.

Hat tip: Mrs. Greyhawk at the Milblogs.

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