Monday, October 31, 2011


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at NoisyRoom always posts Rush Limbaugh's morning updates. They're short, topical vids presented in that special Limbaugh way. In this one, Rush discusses Piper Corporation and how Obama's economic policies are damaging one of our country's finest aircraft producers. What a shame.

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Earlier this morning in the Monday news cycle, one of the prominent news items--conveniently scheduled for release this morning--is the alleged sexual harassment case involving republican leader Herman Cain.

As predicted Friday at The Radio Patriot, women would be coming forward in an effort to derail the Cain Train. Hardball politicos always reach for this weapon when all else fails to sideline the popularity of a successful candidate they want stopped. And Cain is not just a successful candidate, he's a runaway political phenomenon.

As of this writing, we don't have any solid details in hand unless and until Cain himself addresses the issue. I'm somewhat of an expert in the field of sexual harassment settlements ( not against me, of course) and they're not always what they seem since docs are almost always sealed when no trial is involved. So I can tell you that the public has little to no knowledge of the subject and most especially this particular one involving Cain. And this lack of detailed information gives opponents of Cain an advantage, coloring the issue to their liking and keeping it alive by bringing it up at every turn.

It was just announced on Fox & Friends that Cain will be commenting on the allegation in a few hours, so until then, we really won't know much more. The one thing we do know, is that the left media--including the right--will pull out all the stops to slow the popularity of a man who is not supposed to be where he is in the polls.

More to come---developing.

NOTE: I will be at the doctor this morning, so a guest blogger might be updating this story for me.

*UPDATED---CAIN'S RESPONSE 7:00 AM PST via Fox & Friends:

First they (Cain and advisers) are arguing over the ground rules of the questioning. Not surprising. No question was answered at this time but Cain will be returning to Fox in about an hour for a comment.

**UPDATE---8:20 AM PST: Paraphrasing--Cain says he was accused of sexual harassment while at the National Restaurant Association but didn't commit these alleged offenses. According to Cain, they are false claims and if they were paid off, he hopes it wasn't for much since he never committed any offenses against these women.

The Fox interview then moved on to campaign issues, including his family which he said would not be in the limelight throughout the campaign. Sticking to the issues was his message.

Overall, this was an excellent response by Cain... but expect the issue to continue boiling in the pot in many spots--MSNBC, CNN and with several of Cain's republican opponents. The print press will certainly continue buying extra ink to continue publishing this story, and don't be surprised if these women come forward--lawyer in tow--to hold a presser. When you're running for president and winning, you can expect anything to be lobbed in your direction. It is war.

Final thought: I don't think this issue is over.

Final Final: Greta will be covering The Cain Train issue tonight!! Oh boy!! (10 pm et)

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Sunday, October 30, 2011


YouTube linkage. Barbara makes the point so many forget or didn't even realize: Voting is not enough and it never was. You have to get involved!

If you believe what Barbara is saying, get involved at Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama. Pass it around.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Project Veritas, James O'Keefe: "To Catch a Journalist"

Oh, yes. About a week ago I was talking with Andrea about what I thought James O'Keefe was planning to do. Originally, I thought he would be infiltrating the "OWS" group and expose the whole affair for what it really is. Well, O'Keefe did do that... and then some. I love this guy! Project Veritas has more.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011


No particular reason why I'm posting this today. I saw it some time back and always thought you'd like to look back at one of the greatest times in America. Well I ran across it this morning, watched it again and soon posted.

Bob Hope, NASA, and Neil Armstrong... can't go wrong there. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


**ELIZABETH LETCHWORTH will be making her usual weekly appearance with Andrea to discuss the latest under the capitol dome in Washington DC. Letchworth will advise on what's happening now, what's in the works for the future, and how it'll affect each one of us back here at home.

More importantly, Letchworth will advise how to stop some of these crazy moves our elected officials seem to make on a regular basis and, when she can, she'll explain the "whys" of the process. Leadership analysis is always part of the deal when Letchworth stops by the show, and our listeners always look forward to this segment of her weekly interview.

***The Andrea Shea King Show: M-F 9pm et. Chat room is always open; call in # 646-478-4604. See you in chat!!

Elizabeth Letchworth can also be found at, her Blogtalkradio show Mon & Fri at 6:30 pm et, and as a columnist at The Daily Caller.

And check out Andrea's blog at The Radio Patriot--she has so many words. Trust me, she does... and then some.


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Gingrich's speech has been heard many times over the last few years but it's freshness is still evident. It needs to heard again and again, especially his closing statements... "Don't tell me..." I don't hear any of today's presidential hopefuls outside of Gingrich speaking in these terms. This is an important speech and one that should be taken to heart. (This is part 5/5--to hear the entire speech, hit the link above.) Hat Tip: Vic in Arizona.

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I think it's official: The eligibility issue is working its way back to the front burner. That is, for those who aren't afraid to discuss the issue. We realize there's some folks out there who are not allowed to discuss this issue because their jobs depend on following orders from up above. Mostly, I think, many fear being labeled by their peers. Keep in mind: Place of birth and the actual birth document aren't the most important factors here--eligibility, according to the constitution, is. Remember that.--Thirdwavedave.



Now a quick expansion on the sedition issue. Here is what I SUSPECT happened with regards to Obama's elevation to power. This is just my theory given the evidence. Since there is no longer any journalism in this country, people like me are left to assemble the facts as best they can, and then parse and synthesize those facts into the most likely theory. I wish I didn't have to do this. I wish that journalists would dig for and then report the truth. But since they refuse, this is the best that we can do.

From the get-go in 2007, Obama wanted to run against McCain. Here is a quote from an AP story dated 2/2/2008 :

Obama advisers have said privately for months that McCain would be their preferred opponent among all those who sought the GOP nomination.

Citation URL here:

The thing that has ALWAYS bothered me the most about the 2008 election was NOT the ascendency of Obama himself. That is no mystery. The truly imbecilic electorate in this country was told by the media to vote for the black guy, because voting for the black guy would wash all of their sins away. Good people vote for the black guy, and to so much as ASK a question about his background or qualification is RAAACIST. And the sheep ran to the slaughter, as they were told. This is no mystery.

The mystery is the fact that McCain was a weak, Bob Dole-esque candidate who was performing poorly in the primaries, and then all of a sudden, Romney dropped out and McCain was it. It was bizarre. Now I think we know, to some extent, what happened.

Yes, McCain was indeed a Bob Dole redux. McCain had an unattractive personality and comportment, somewhat like Dole, was an injured war hero, like Dole, and was just on the cusp of being too old to run, like Dole. The whispered cover-story was, "It's his turn. He spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton. Let him have this."

But that isn't why Obama wanted McCain. Obama wanted McCain because McCain provided Obama with cover vis-a-vis Obama's eligibility. McCain was born on a U.S. Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal zone, and thus there was a question about his eligibility per Article 2 Section 1 of the Constitution. Was McCain born on U.S. soil?

Note the question: Was McCain born ON U.S. SOIL.

A big hullabaloo was made about this, climaxing in Senate Resolution 511, co-sponsored by Senator Barack Obama himself, affirming that McCain was eligible under Article 2 Section 1. Here is that URL:

Note the date: April 10, 2008. We now know that at EXACTLY the same time as these Resolution 511 thrashings were going on, was scrubbing all mentions of Minor v. Happersett from their SCOTUS archives. Now some argue that these rulings were still available on LexisNexis and WestLaw. That's right. But LexisNexis and WestLaw are expensive PAY services. is the only real FREE online law library. How many Americans are going to fork out the big bucks for access time on LexisNexis or WestLaw to investigate SCOTUS precedents for the definition of "Natural Born Citizen"? Uh, you could probably count the total on one hand, and still be able to pick your nose.

Obama wanted to shift the focus from the definition of "Natural Born" and the focus on the parents to the physical location of birth as the one and only relevant factor - when it is NOT the only relevant factor. Obama was confident, having Marxist co-conspirators in Hawaii who were ready to perjure themselves with regards to his original birth certificate, that he could fake his way to proving that he was born in Hawaii. He thought that he could wave the "certificate of live birth", which is the document generated for foreign-born children like his sister, Maya, and that this would satisfy the lapdog press. If any further questions came up, he could get a Hawaii state official to lie and say that they had "physically seen" his original long-form birth certificate, even though no such thing existed. Remember, Marxists lie, and they lie without the slightest compunction. This was no big deal and is EXACTLY what was accomplished.

Back to . The meme that was put out in the press with regards to the question of the definition of "Natural Born Citizen" was that the term was totally ambiguous and had never been defined. THIS IS THE BIG LIE THAT JUSTIA.COM WAS COVERING. The term had been defined by SCOTUS in a UNANIMOUS decision in 1875. The case was Minor v. Happersett, and the Minor decision had been cited in subsequent cases as precedent. This is what edited away so that if any journalists or citizens were to go online and research the question using standard search engines, they would come up dry and never see Minor or any of the subsequent case law citing Minor without having an expensive pay subscription to either Lexis or WestLaw.

Here is a quote from a Washington Post piece about McCain's eligibility dated May 2, 2008. Emphasis mine.

But Sarah H. Duggin, an associate law professor at Catholic University who has studied the "natural born" issue in detail, said the question is "not so simple." While she said McCain would probably prevail in a determined legal challenge to his eligibility to be president, she added that the matter can be fully resolved only by a constitutional amendment or a Supreme Court decision.

"The Constitution is ambiguous," Duggin said. "The McCain side has some really good arguments, but ultimately there has never been any real resolution of this issue. Congress cannot legislatively change the meaning of the Constitution."

Here's a hotlink to this WaPo citation.

That is a stone-cold lie. There HAD been a resolution in the form of a UNANIMOUS SCOTUS decision in Minor that explicitly definined NBC as a citizen born to two U.S. citizen parents.

Duggin almost certainly knew this, being a law professor who had claimed to have studied the Natural Born issue "in detail". Duggin, like, has some serious explaining to do, and may be staring down a sedition charge.

So, in conclusion, I think the reason that Obama wanted McCain is because McCain provided cover and shifted the eligibility issue from the nationality of the parentage, which CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY disqualified Obama as unanimously defined and codified by SCOTUS in Minor, and shifted the focus the the physical locale of birth, which Obama was confident he could bluff.

And here we sit, with our government usurped by a Marxist-Communist cabal, fronted by a puppet who can only produce a forged birth certificate that is so laughably obvious in its forgery that it defies belief. And we are mere weeks away from a global financial collapse, with said usurping contingent fanning the flames of hot civil war, and doing everything it can to start World War 3.

The Rule of Law matters. Article 2 Section 1 matters, and was written for a reason. Am I a Birther? You're damn straight I am.

Please see the post immediately above for a collection of Denninger's authoritative and objective proofs of the April 27 birth certificate forgery.

Final note: I do NOT believe that McCain is directly involved in this. The man spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton. No, he is not personally involved in elevating a Communist to the White House. McCain is, like the rest of them, a power-hungry, money-hungry man who isn't too terribly bright. He is just another "useful idiot". His time in the Hilton didn't spare him from his own character flaws, but a Communist he is not.

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Monday, October 24, 2011


Found via Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit. I like it very much, and the timing couldn't be better.

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Notice to Facebook Readers


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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The Radio Patriot has much more on this video produced by the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama. I suggest you hit the link, read and contribute if you can. At least pass this video and the website around to your readers and mailing list. It's of vital importance if your goal is to stop Obama from having a second term.

The Radio Patriot--Andrea Shea King--is the current Vice-Chair of the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama. Join us in stopping this Marxist takeover of America.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Posted by Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital Management, Oct 21, AD 2011

The definitive online law library service has been caught red-handed via web caching services as having fraudulently removed all references to the definitive "Natural Born Citizen" SCOTUS decision, Minor vs. Happersett, from its entire library. This was done in early 2008, obviously front-running for Obama at the Obama campaign's bidding. Minor vs. Happersett explicitly defines "Natural Born Citizen", a standard which Obama obviously does not meet simply by virtue of the fact that his male DNA contributor was a Kenyan - regardless of Barry's physical place of birth.

In early 2008, every Heppersett reference was painstakingly removed by When the fraud was discovered last year, then painstakingly returned the case law to its original, uncorrupted and unedited form. But the damage was already done. is run by a man named Tim Stanley. Mr. Stanley should be arrested and tried for treason and sedition. Sedition is defined as engaging in behavior designed to subvert the lawful order, namely the Constitution of the United States. Tim Stanley has committed a capital offense in facilitating the subversion of the Constitution in the person of Barack Obama. When are we going to start arresting traitors? How can this nation survive if treason and sedition are LAUGHED AT and men can literally shred the Constitution without compunction?

Here is the very thorough citation. Please distribute.


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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Unconfirmed reports early this morning indicated that Colonel Gaddafi was dead. It had a pleasant sound to it. Reports said he was either hit by a missile while riding in his convoy or shot in the legs and then the head--execution style.

TV news reports were showing a still photo and a short video of what appeared to be a bloodied Gaddafi in a sheet.

Gaddafi is responsible for many evil acts in this world but the one that stands out to me is the Lockerbie bombing. I like to remind readers of the horrors that day over Scotland and reprint a story that puts the reader on board the 747 just prior to the bomb detonating. This is Gaddafi's handy work, his hobby, his signature. It's a better world now that he's dead.

Lockerbie: the victims:

Cradled in their mother's arms, the two youngest victims of the Lockerbie bombing were probably sleeping peacefully as the catastrophic break-up of Pan Am Flight 103 began in the skies above Lockerbie.

As the excited chatter of passengers travelling home for Christmas died away, tiny Jonathan Thomas and Brittany Williams, both just two months old, would have been unaware of the tragedy befalling them.

The youngsters were among 14 babies and children travelling with their parents on the doomed New York-bound plane just before Christmas in 1988.

Whole families, who had barely settled into their seats for the long journey across the Atlantic, were wiped out as a bomb ripped the Boeing 747 apart.

The bodies of some victims were never found. On the other side of the Atlantic, parents, friends, and partners were preparing to leave for JFK airport in New York to pick up loved ones who would never arrive.

Among those never to return from an overseas study course in London were 35 students from Syracuse University in New York, including twin brothers Eric and Jason Coker, 20.

There were a total of 259 men, women and children on board Pan Am Flight 103, that fateful night including the crew of 16 headed by American pilot Captain James Bruce MacQuarrie, 55.

The passenger list included people from 21 nations - although the majority were Americans - and from all walks of life.

The youngest were the two two-month-old babies, while the eldest was 79-year-old retired doctor Ibolya Drucker, from Hungary.

There were hairdressers, lawyers, teachers, engineers and a financial consultant, while many passengers were serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Also among the travellers were two female playwrights, a professional golfer, four CIA officers, a diplomat, a Nazi-hunter named Michael Bernstein, and Bernt Wilmar Carlsson, who worked at the United Nations.

Over the years some of the names of the passengers have become better known than others because of the high profile campaigning of parents or family desperate to discover the cause of the disaster.

They include that of Flora Swire, the daughter of UK Families spokesman and the most high-profile of campaigners, Dr Jim Swire.

She died the day before her 24th birthday as she travelled to America to spend Christmas with her boyfriend.

Pan Am Flight 103 exploded just after 7pm as, on the ground 31,000ft below, the quiet market town of Lockerbie was preparing for Christmas.

Many families had just finished their evening meal and were relaxing in front of the television, watching This Is Your Life, featuring Harry Corbett, of "Sooty" fame.

A total of 11 residents - seven females and four males ranging in age from 10 to 82 -died as wreckage from the devastated aircraft showered down on Lockerbie.

The plane's fuel-laden wing section came down on the Sherwood area of the town, exploding in a fireball made worse by ruptured gas mains and leaving a massive crater in the ground.

This was the area where the 11 townsfolk, all from Sherwood Crescent, were killed. No trace was ever found of some of the victims.

The Flannigans

Residents who died in their homes included Thomas and Kathleen Flannigan and their 10-year-old daughter Joanne.

One of their sons, Steven, who later became dubbed the orphan of Lockerbie, escaped by a twist of fate.

Then 14, he had left the house and taken his little sister's bicycle to a neighbour to ask him to help repair it just 10 minutes before the jet crashed on the town.

Another son, David, also escaped, because he was living away from home at the time of the disaster.

He returned in the aftermath to sift through the debris of his home, to find only a plastic watering can among the devastation.

Both Flannigan boys were to die tragically in the years which followed the bombing - David while travelling in Thailand in 1993, and Steven in August last year, after he was hit by a train.

The full scale of the human cost of the tragedy really hit home just after the start of the Lockerbie trial when the names of all 270 victims were read out to a hushed courtroom.

It took prosecutor Alasdair Campbell QC around an hour to recite the tragic roll-call as relatives of those who died listened in the public gallery.

For many, it was one of the most emotional parts of the trial as they waited in silence to hear the all-important name of their loved ones. Many tears were shed.

Relatives described the experience of hearing the names as "gut-wrenching" but insisted it was important that every single one was read out.

It was a poignant moment in which the dead, instead of always being lumped together as the "270 Lockerbie victims", were remembered properly as individual men, women and children.


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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Since I'm having ongoing problems with the workings of FACEBOOK, all posts from my blog can be read at

Soon, I hope, I'll figure out how to make the hotlinks come through on FB. I apologize for any inconvenience.


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"Campaign to Defeat Obama" Vice-Chair, Andrea Shea King, interviewed by Houston's News Talk 740 KTRH's Matt Patrick

It was an early morning call for Andrea Shea King as she hit the ground running with her first radio interview as Vice-Chair of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

News Talk 740 KTRH's Matt Patrick of Houston, Texas, had Andrea on to discuss the legal status of the "Occupy" movement. By "legal status," Matt was referring to their many entanglements with law enforcement. Listen to interview.

Unlike the Tea Party movement, the "Occupiers" have been taking up space in more than just parks around the nation. News accounts indicate they've been spending a lot of time at local police departments as well, facing various charges and some as serious as assault on law enforcement officers.

King also informed KTRH's audience about the goals of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama and how to get involved and stay informed about the campaign. The KTRH interview was Andrea's first after moving into the Vice-Chair position, and as the 2012 election nears, King expects a busy schedule of radio and tv interviews.

Take the first step--Keep yourself in the loop by going to The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama and sign up for their EMAIL ALERTS. We all have one goal in common, and that's to make sure Obama is not re-elected in 2012.

**Andrea Shea King blogs at The Radio Patriot and hosts The Andrea Shea King Show Mon-Fri 9 pm et.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday night on THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW: Elizabeth Letchworth of and Blogtalkradio's Congressional Candor

Wednesday night on THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW, guest Elizabeth Letchworth joins us again for the inside scoop and analysis under the dome in Washington DC.

It's a weekly feature that's not to be missed... and if you do, well join Elizabeth on her own Blogtalkradio show on Monday and Friday at 6:30 pm et--CONGRESSIONAL CANDOR. And don't forget Elizabeth's other work of art:, where you can grade your reps and communicate with them as well.

Tonight there will be more than enough news to cover so be in the chat room early for a good seat. See you in Chat!!

Below: At the CNN/Tea Party Express Presidential Debate in Tampa, Florida 2011--Andrea Shea King (L) and Elizabeth Letchworth.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


TONIGHT: The Andrea Shea King Show at 9 pm et will be discussing the latest in the news re: Eric Holder and the upcoming GOP debate at Dartmouth. Plus much, much more, including the recent bombing threat in DC and the issue that Holder can't shake--Fast and Furious.

Tune to the show to stay informed as to what's going on in your government. Your Govt doesn't seem to want you too informed but King will make sure you are up to snuff on the goings on in DC.


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Monday, October 10, 2011


NOTE: This video is nearing viral status, so let's keep it going. Mitt Romney does not hold the credentials to be a conservative let alone the nominee of the GOP. Post this and pass it along to your mail lists. Thanks.

The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama
has put together this video to highlight the major reasons why Mitt Romney shouldn't be the GOP nominee for 2012. In '12, we need a conservative who's compass has been working for a long time. And Mitt doesn't fit the bill.

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Herman Cain speaking at the Value Voters Summit on 10-7-11. Cain brought the house down with several standing ovations. On Saturday there will be a straw poll and Cain is expected to do well if not win it outright. If he wins it, that will be three straw polls in a row. Many conservatives are not only thinking of getting on the Cain Train, they're on it right now and will be riding it all the way to the November 2012 presidential election. ALL ABOARD!! (Cain is defying the skeptics)

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Sunday, October 09, 2011


"Occupy Sacramento" is under way as in other cities around the nation but Sac PD doesn't seem to be too motivated to do anything to stem the protests even though they're violating the city's regulations. Here's a snip from the Sac Bee:

"More than a dozen dome tents dotted the park across from City Hall near Ninth and J streets about 6:30 p.m. Saturday, and organizers were laying in supplies in anticipation of staying for a while."

"Police arrested 20 people on Thursday night for sleeping in the park after its 11 p.m. closing time, and kept them in jail overnight. Only one person was cited Friday night."

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Saturday, October 08, 2011


Trevor Loudon's NEW ZEAL:

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

Jobs' Stanford speech.

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