Monday, December 28, 2009


Janet Napolitano's security analysis--"the system worked"--was an incredibly stupid statement to make. But since it fell out of the mouth of an Obama White House cabinet member, it's not surprising in the least.

This Christmas bomber story serves only to remind us what we already knew: that we're not as safe as we think we are. We all know this but choose not to think it, especially if we're planning to fly. And because of Napolitano's statement, the story is being redirected, focusing on her abilities as the head of the DHS. At best, this is simply a "gotcha" moment, and one that Napolitano will have ample opportunity to clarify.

In my opinion, Napolitano is not the story nor should we be wasting inordinate amounts of time writing about it. However, many posts and articles right now are pouring onto the internet. No doubt tomorrow's cable news cycle will be filled with Napolitano this and Napolitano that. Don't get me wrong, this story is worthy of some reporting, but beyond that, it's still a "gotcha" moment and will amount to very little. Oh, maybe she'll lose her job. So what. What then, DHS Secretary Ayers?

The Radio Patriot is pointing out the beginnings of a deluge of reporting on this topic. Not only that, our Radio Patriot makes VERY CLEAR what's really important. What the real story is. And what YOU should be focused on, and it's not Janet Napolitano.

If you're not focused on what The Radio Patriot has pointed out--and it's something you already knew but have lost sight of--then everything else is just wasted conversation.


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Bob McCarty's report posted at indicates more evidence that our economy has NOT turned a corner on the way to recovery. I was hoping this story would turn out to be false. McCarty has more at his blog.

"Arrow Trucking Company suspended operations yesterday, leaving hundreds of drivers across the country out of work three days before Christmas."--Oh, it gets much worse...continue reading.


Monday, December 21, 2009


On December 21, 1945, General George S. Patton Jr died. For a man who survived two World Wars, the manner in which he died was quite unusual and unexpected: an automobile accident.

I'm sure General Patton had a more glorious ending in mind, but you get the hand life deals you. And even Patton knew life's Dealer wasn't under his command. So, following orders, he left us 64 years ago today. His job, his duty, was done.

Since the days of the Great World Wars, times have changed. Wars have changed. Generals have changed. However, there's one thing that hasn't changed over the years: service members being away from family and friends during tours of duty. Just like his men, Patton was away from his family for very long stretches.

As the war in Europe came to a close, Patton had the opportunity for a brief respite from his duties in Germany. His first stop would be Boston, where he would spend some much needed time with his family. After Boston, Patton was off on a whirlwind War Bond tour that would take him cross-country to Los Angeles.

This trip back to the states would be Patton's last. Time Magazine chronicled Patton's final visit, and what a visit it was:

TIME--June 18, 1945


New England had rarely seen anything like it. But, after all, the world has rarely seen anything like General George Smith Patton Jr. Last week, when he came home from the wars, 750,000 people jammed the 20-mile parade route into downtown Boston waiting to see and cheer the conquering hero. Georgie Patton did not disappoint them.

He stepped down onto U.S. soil agleam with 24 stars, variously placed, all glittering: four on his shiny steel helmet, four on each shoulder loop, four on each collar tab, and four on the black butt of the automatic pistol at his hip. On the side of his helmet was the painted insigne of the armored divisions; on the front, below the stars, was the Third Army's "A"—which, in photographs, looked like a fifth star. On his chest was a quintuple corsage of campaign ribbons; on his left sleeve, five overseas bars and four wound chevrons. He wore two rings on his left hand, one on his right.

As he hurried to embrace his wife, it was apparent that he had grown old as well as famous in battle. His hair was white, his face lined. But he was still erect and turkey-cock as ever.

There He Is! As the crowds roared their applause, he stood stiffly erect in a Fire-Department touring car, bowing, saluting, holding his helmet over his heart. At Lexington, where the world-heard shot was fired in 1775, citizens had raised a banner: "WELCOME GEORGE BLOOD 'N' GUTS PATTON. NICE GOING!" At Cambridge City Hall the car drove beneath arched Fire-Department ladders. Handed a gavel .made from the Washington Elm, Georgie Patton promised, "I'll cherish it forever."

The triumphal procession moved through downtown Boston, finally reached the Charles River Esplanade, where 30,000 people roared themselves hoarse as Governor Maurice J. Tobin compared General Patton to Washington, Sheridan, Grant, Forrest and Stonewall Jackson.

That night, at a state dinner in Boston's Copley-Plaza Hotel, the General surreptitiously flipped an olive pit at his two married daughters, blew kisses, beamed happily at his wife. But as he rose to speak —still wearing his pistol—tears rolled down his cheeks and his high, thin voice grew almost inaudible. He sat down after less than five minutes, put a big handkerchief to his face. Then he lighted a big cigar.

Said his son, West Point Cadet George Smith Patton IV: "Same old Pop."

A Poet, Too. As "Pop," he went off to Hamilton, Mass., to spend the night with his family. But the triumphal tour had just begun. Next day, after an eleven-and-a-half-hour plane flight, he arrived in Denver. Happily profane, he rattled off a stream of characteristic Pattonisms. Sample: he classed himself a "better poet than general." As his plane rolled into its takeoff, Los Angeles bound, he found his hotel key in his pocket, chucked it out, yelling to those on the ground to return it.

Los Angeles outdid the earlier receptions. But a crowd fully as big as Boston's turned out to cheer California's Patton and Co-Hero Jimmy Doolittle. That night, 100,000 crowded into the Coliseum for a mammoth reception engineered by Hollywood Producer Mervyn Le Roy.

The Hollywoodian effects included 600-million-candlepower floodlights, a tank battle, assorted movie stars. A gargantuan U.S. flag stretched from one side of the stadium to the other. Georgie Patton was equal to the occasion. While the vast crowd roared, he stood on a speaker's stand with red-white-&-blue streamers flowing down before him. He wept, swore, roared for defeat of the Jap. Los Angelenos, who had wondered whether he could outshine Hollywood, called it a tie.


Six months later, General Patton would be gone. By his request, he was buried next to his men in the American Cemetery at Hamm, Luxembourg. Newsreel from his funeral:

Today, General Patton's grandson--George Patton Waters--keeps alive the memory of his grandfather and the thousands who fought under his command:

I have an on-going tribute to General Patton that I post each year at this time. People are always adding new pictures and videos of Patton to the internet, so I do my best to include the new items each year. This tribute has a multitude of links that you will find of interest. It's a work-in-progress.

I do my best to pay tribute to our hereos. It's our responsibility, our duty, to do so. Men such as Master Sgt C. J. Grisham live by this code--THEY HAVE NAMES. I thank C. J. for his selfless efforts and for his service to our country.

Please take time to visit my main Patton tribute:

11 NOV 1885--21 DEC 1945
Rest in Peace


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Milblogs are going silent today, December 16, 2009. Why? Two reasons, but mostly because of C. J. Grisham. Read about it...then DONATE to C. J.

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Last night's Andrea Shea King Show featured Big Government's Editor-in-Chief Mike Flynn. Flynn filled in for scheduled guest Andrew Breitbart, who was issued a last minute summons to appear before a New York Grand Jury proceeding. And, yes, it's ACORN related. Story at the RADIO PATRIOT.

At this point, we're just hoping we'll be able to learn the details of this little ACORN related get-together in NYC, but since Grand Juries are held in secret, there's a chance we won't know for some time, if ever.

You'd think losing Andrew Breitbart as a guest would be a loss for the audience, but with Flynn's nearly 20 years in the business of politics and news gathering, the audience got its money's worth, and then some.

Flynn has more than a firm grasp on the many serious and often complicated issues facing our nation. The most interesting part of his interview surrounded the history and impact of the current BIGS--Big Hollywood and Big Government. Then Flynn shifted to the future and brought us up-to-date on some of the newer BIGS currently in the developmental stages--and there are plenty of them. Look for them after the first of the year. Can you say, BIG SOROS? Here, try it: BIG SOROS. Has a great ring to it.

The news of more BIGS is very exciting and, to steal an oft-recurring term, historic. Or to put it another way, the Breitbart Machine is well on its way to "fundamentally transforming" the way your news is reported. Which, in this case, is the old-fashioned way. The only way.

Andrea will be interviewing Andrew Breitbart in the near future--and often--but Mike Flynn is welcome on this show as often as his schedule permits. Great editor, great interview, great guy. Much thanks for taking the time, Mike.

Listen to Mike Flynn's interview in our archive section. And be sure to make Big Government and Big Hollywood daily reads.

Breitbart TV

Read Andrea's contributions at Big Hollywood and with Kristinn Taylor at Big Government.


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Monday, December 14, 2009


BREAKING NEWS about Andrew Breitbart: Andrea Shea King has the exclusive from Andrew.

*TUESDAY NIGHT*--Andrew Breitbart joins us on THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW. 9PM EST. It will be BIG.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Andrea Shea King made her way to Arlington National Cemetery again this year for the annual wreath laying ceremony. Sometimes words and pictures alone don't come close to describing what it's like to witness this solemn event, one that takes place across the nation at hundreds of cemeteries simultaneously.

However, Andrea has done an excellent job with her words and pictures in conveying the heartfelt gratitude--and sadness--that was on display Saturday morning. The first picture brings it all into focus for me:

A Field of Dreams


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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Update: WorldNetDaily is covering CJ's story.

Greyhawk has the full story. Please help in any way you can.

**Just a note: The entire milblogging and military community is watching this story unfold. Again, do what you can.

BLACKFIVE coverage here.

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By the time 2038 arrives, everyone connected to the Kennedy assassination will be long gone. Dead. Many of us will be too.

Recently, one of the most important witnesses died. Dr. M. O. Perry is the Parkland emergency room doctor who performed the tracheotomy over the bullet wound in JFK's neck, forever changing the appearance of the evidence.

Dr. Perry is no doubt famous for performing the procedure on Kennedy, but he's also famous for what he said to reporters after they asked him if he thought it was an entrance or exit wound.

2038--only 29 short years away. Or maybe you can hang on until 2017.

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Turns out those Tea Party people are angry...and they're coming for congress. Former Carter adviser Pat Caddell says he's never seen anything like this before--the anger and fear. I'm beginning to think this Tea Party movement isn't so fringe after all, as the MSM reports. Sounds more mainstream to me.

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Sunday, December 06, 2009


"Some people take photographs of mountains, as I did with El Capitan in July. Others climb them." --John Ruberry.

Read Marathon Pundit's post about a man who wants to take on Yosemite's El Capitan. A man with Cerebral Palsy.


Thursday, December 03, 2009


Retired LTC Allen West is the type of conservative candidate who can help put America back on the tracks to recovery. The establishment republican party, led by Michael "Welcome to our big tent" Steele," has a different idea. West, and many conservatives like him, don't figure prominently in the RNC's 2010 plan. Well, the RNC doesn't figure in our plans, either.

I've always been impressed with West and I'm confident he'll be one of Florida's new congressmen come November 2010. You don't live in Florida? Send him some support anyway. We need more leaders like West in congress.

West for U. S. Congress--Florida's District 22:

Part of West's speech reminded me of Patton's closing remarks below:

*The Speech: June 5, 1944--Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.*

"...The General paused. His eagle like eyes swept over the hillside. He said with pride, "There is one great thing that you men will all be able to say after this war is over and you are home once again. You may be thankful that twenty years from now when you are sitting by the fireplace with your grandson on your knee and he asks you what you did in the great World War II, you WON'T have to cough, shift him to the other knee and say, "Well, your Granddaddy shoveled shit in Louisiana." No, Sir, you can look him straight in the eye and say, "Son, your Granddaddy rode with the Great Third Army and a Son-of-a-Goddamned-Bitch named Georgie Patton!"

20 years from now, what will your response be when your grandchildren ask the question?


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