Monday, February 28, 2005


Chris Rock didn't drop any "F" bombs and I don't think he was bleeped even once, however, after sitting through the whole affair, it became quite apparent that Rock wasn't the best choice for hosting the Oscars.

The host's job is to make the evening flow, throw in a few jokes here and there, and prop the thing up when it begins to drag, as it often does. Political statements and the sort are for the winners when they give their speeches, if they so choose. Not the host. Rock wasn't on stage long before he tore into Bush and the war in Iraq. Inappropriate. Trump would've fired him, but I will grade him with a "C" overall.

The new format for awarding Oscars in the aisle and having everyone onstage together waiting for the winner to be announced was a bad idea. Not only was it a bad idea, it was an insult to those being awarded. Let them have their moment.

The tribute to past Oscar host, Johnny Carson, was superb and showed what talent and class this guy had. It also pointed out, painfully so, what the Oscars needs in a host and what Rock doesn't have.

Early in February I made 6 Oscar picks and won 5 of them. Not bad. I was pleased to see
Eastwood and his crew take the lion's share of awards; they deserved every one of them.

The only regret I had last night was that Eastwood didn't get the best actor award, but being up against Jamie Foxx' performance as Ray Charles, I wasn't surprised. Foxx was the one lock of the evening.

I wonder who will be hosting next year?


Sunday, February 27, 2005


There has been a problem from time to time with the email system on this blog. Some of you have figured out to copy and paste the address from the top right of this page and send it that way; I think that's the best way for now.

Your emails are great and please keep them coming.




Is it me or does BTK look a little like Jack Nicholson or George Kastanza?
See him here.


Saturday, February 26, 2005


The next time you're out driving and it begins to mist, think of Robert Kearns. Mr. Kearns died just before Valentine's Day and his obit is very interesting. Read it here.

His story is interesting not because of what he invented, but what happened after he invented it.


Friday, February 25, 2005


The breaking news story out of Kansas is that authorities have a man in custody that they believe is the BTK killer. The report says the man is 59 years old, married with adult children, and is currently the local dog catcher. The dog catcher? Please tell me this is not the case.

In addition, they say he was an original suspect in the case 30 years ago. Tomorrow morning at 10 am, CST, officials will be having a BTK press conference where they will release their report to the public.

They have searched the man's home, taken a dna sample and the results of the test should be available by tomorrow morning. It looks like they have their man because the mayor will be at the press conference. Something tells me the mayor isn't attending so he can tell the public they have the wrong man.

UPDATE: Cnn reported that in addition to the mayor, all the victims' families and a Kansas Congressman will attend the press conference in the morning. This case is solved.




Since Canseco unveiled his book and appeared on several talk shows, the nerves in baseball seem to be getting a bit frayed. Bonds had a press conference the other day where he appeared to be very testy over the steroid issue, attacking the press corps and telling them to "move on" from this issue and to "just let them play ball."

The strangest thing Bonds did at the press conference was playing the race card. For me, that seemed to be a stretch, and it's the one comment that got me to thinking more about Bonds.

More later....



This argument that's raging in Florida over whether or not to kill Terri Schiavo is making me nuts. It all seems so very clear to me what should be done, but, yet, the courts can't seem to come to any solution in the case. However, in a day or so, they will render their decision.

I won't say what my preference is in this case, however, I will say that if you killed your family pet in the manner in which they're proposing for Terri, you would be in jail not long after.

Ok, let's see what we have here: a woman that is bed ridden, not on life support, just a feeding tube. She is awake, eyes open and seems to recognize things in front of her. She moves her head and makes noises.

She has a mother and father that want to keep her alive and provide her with love and care. She also has a husband that wants to remove her feeding tube and starve her to death. He says this is what Terri wanted but has no signed documentation by her to support this course of action. This is the same husband that has fathered 2 children out of wedlock since she's been in the hospital. I'm talking about the loving husband that will receive around $200,000 upon Terri's death by starvation.

You decide.....

UPDATE: This morning the court decided to give a 3 week stay in order for additional tests to be done.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Think back to where you were 25 years ago. I lived in Monterey, California. I was just out of the Army and School, young, broke and my whole life ahead of me. This period of time for me was difficult, not for the obvious reasons, but because I was embarrassed to be an American.

Americans were taken hostage in Iran months earlier and our President couldn't bring himself to do the right thing. He wasn't able to "bear any burden" when this crisis was thrust upon us, so he thought we ought to "bear any humiliation" instead. Had this weakling of a President done the right thing at that time, our nation wouldn't be facing the situation we find ourselves in today. The Cold War was still on when the world gave birth to terrorism.

Everything in our Nation seemed to be upside down, from interest rates to the hostages. No matter how you looked at it, our Nation was in trouble.

Then one evening a bunch of kids playing hockey in Lake Placid made us all swell with pride at being Americans because they beat the USSR in the semi-finals. Life was good again. Things in the world were righted, if only for a short time. I can still hear Al Michaels screaming into the mic as the clock ticked down to zero.

The great feeling we had by being Americans lasted only until the night of Desert One. After that night, the only thing in our future to look forward to was a guy by the name of Ronald Reagan. All I knew about this guy was that he was a movie star, he was from my home state of Illinois, and my grandma loved him. That was enough for me.

I was still young and broke, but the kids from Lake Placid made me feel good about being American again. Reagan would make it last a lifetime.



Bush is willing to do what it takes to get some help with Iraq. You have to give him credit on that one. But, nonetheless, it galls me to see our President making nice-nice with the likes of his counterpart in France. When this trip is over and done with, France isn't going to help us anyway, so it makes me wonder why Bush made the effort in the first place.

The relationship between America and Europe, today, is strictly business and nothing personal. If you think France and other European nations should feel they owe us for saving them in WWll, you'd be wrong, because we didn't do it expressly to save them. We got involved in WWll, in Europe, to save ourselves and the rest of the world from the unthinkable horrors of an unbridled Hitler miltary machine. France and the other nations simply benefited from the undertaking. We had no choice in the matter.

Jealousy and bitterness remains with the Europeans from those days, and I don't think they will be offering any real help until the day when they find themselves back in a corner again. It's not personal, it's business.

With the help of France and Germany alone, terrorism, on today's scale, would soon be under control and withering on the vine. But, in their view, a weakened USA translates to a stronger, emerging Europe looking to its future. We have to deal with this reality and struggle on our own.

It's not personal, it's business.


Saturday, February 19, 2005


The battle for Iwo Jima was 60 years ago and it was the bloodiest battle the Marine Corps ever encountered. I wonder how today's press would have covered the story? Here are some pictures taken 60 years ago of the battle zone. Some of those pictured died there on the island, some are alive today, but, soon, Father Time will claim them all.

NOTE: After the first set of pics ends, keep scrolling....there's more!



Osama Bin Laden saved Gary Condit's bacon back in Sept 2001. At the time, the FBI had just assigned their number one investigator to the case, but because of 9-11 they had to re-direct their investigative resources toward the terrorists.

The situation wasn't looking good for Condit back then as public pressure mounted during the investigation. The pressure was removed because of 9-11 but his political career was destroyed when the folks back home in Modesto discovered Condit's sleasy private life in DC.

Last night Fox' "ON THE RECORD WITH GRETA" had Condit's daughter on with the usual panel of lawyers discussing the case against her father. It was good tv to say the least. Lots of shouting back and forth. I'm sure the ratings were huge and will propel the story back in the public's eye.

Enter Dominick Dunne.

A couple years back, Dunne made some allegations on TV about Condit that have prompted Condit to file a lawsuit against him. One aspect of Dunne's remarks were proven false after the remains of Chandra Levy were found in Rock Creek Park, but that hasn't caused Dunne to back of his original claims that Condit was involved in her murder.

The lawsuit, if Condit continues with it, will require him to be deposed by Dunne's lawyers. Condit will be forced to answer many questions about his involvement with Levy, including the ones he has to this date refused to answer. This process will be very messy for Condit but I think he'll go forth since it will make him look guilty if he backs away from it. Dunne has him right where he wants him, I think.

Dunne is no dummy when it comes to this stuff, and I think he knew exactly what the ramifications were going to be when he made those statements on tv; it could well have been his plan all along, in order to get Condit out in the open.

I don't know what happened to Levy, but I do know that something about this story is fishy. Dunne is the perfect guy to go after Condit. He's old, experienced, rich, and he's not alone in his beliefs Condit is involved. Not by a long-shot.

Dunne's crown jewel is the Martha Moxley murder case he solved with the help of Mark Furhman. At the time of the murder, the police were looking at the Skakel family's hired tutor, who had the bad luck of arriving for his first night's work the same night Martha was killed. Later, when that didn't pan out, they focused on Tommy Skakel, a family friend and neighbor, but couldn't pin that down, either, or didn't want to, since the Skakels were a very powerful political family connected to the Kennedys. The police let the case go cold for for over 20 years.

Dunne, undaunted, pressed forward with the case and ran across the one piece of information that would eventually solve the puzzle. Mr. Skakel, a rich and powerful man, wanting to remove the dark cloud hanging over his family, secretly hired a PI firm to investigate the murder and find out who really killed Martha. After $750,000 in PI expense, their findings were reported to Mr. Skakel in a good news/bad news format. The good news was they didn't think his son, Tommy, was guilty; the bad news was they thought his other son, Michael, was the culprit.

So, with that information, Mr. Skakel did what some rich, powerful people do when faced with bad news: He buried it.

With the help of an inside source, Dunne took this info and ran with it. Michael is now in prison for Martha's murder some 25 years after he committed the crime.

I'm hoping the Levy case unfolds in similar fashion. And I hope Dunne brings Furhman in on this case, too.



Play at the Nissan Open has been suspended as of this post. My internet connection was suspended for a couple days, too. Can't live without the internet!

Tiger hasn't dominated this week, the weather has. Despite the weather, Tiger is still in the hunt for #1 player after this tourney. He's in a tie for 5th and only has to finish in 4th for the #1 ranking. He's 4 strokes out of 1st place with a better-than-good chance of winning outright. However, if they cancel the 3rd round and shorten the tourney to 54 holes, his chances of winning drop off. I still see him coming in at least in 4th place.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Tiger Woods is just .12 points away from taking golf's #1 position away from Vijay Singh. He will overtake Singh this week for two reasons: 1. Tiger has his game back in championship form. 2. Three of golf's BIG FOUR won't be competing with Tiger this week in L.A.

Although Tiger only has to finish 4th or better to reclaim the title, anything less than a win would be a major disappointment.

I see Tiger dominating this event, maybe going wire-to-wire, and winning in big fashion on Sunday. If this scenerio comes to pass, the showdown at Augusta will be set.



JACKSON'S SICK CALL: Who didn't see something like this coming? This is the beginning of a long list of Jackson delays in his court case. Next he'll be having chest pains, a cancer scare, or maybe his nose will reject his face. Stay tuned.

MIDEAST PEACE: As nations in the mideast begin the process, again, of constructing a plan for lasting peace and a new State, it means one thing for sure: a whole bunch of people are about to get killed. Watch and learn.

THE COS: The recent news reports about Cosby resorting to the use of "date rape" drugs on women so he can grope them, is one pill I'm having trouble swallowing. Cosby has made his views on the parenting skills in the black community very clear lately, and I think this has pissed off the "powers that be" who profess to represent blacks in America. I smell a smear campaign in the works here. After all, famous, powerful types like Cosby probably turn down more "tail" in a month than the average male has a shot at in a year.

UPDATE: 2/17/05 it was announced that Cosby would not be charged.


Monday, February 14, 2005


The internet and news outlets are buzzing today about Oscar host Chris Rock. See Drudge Report here.

Hollywood's academy members are voicing their shock and surprise over some statements Rock has made in his comedy routines. They point to Rock's comedy routines involving politics, blacks, gays, and abortion, fearing if he offers these up to an Oscar audience, it will be a disaster. This, folks, is hype worthy of an Oscar nomination.

From a marketing standpoint, it is nothing short of brilliant. This hype is generated to increase viewership, not only across the board, but in the black community in particular. Black viewership is on the rise over the past few years because more blacks are being nominated for their work, and they're winning, too.

With Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman slotted as favorites in their categories, black viewership will be higher this year, but with Rock at the microphone the numbers will be even bigger.

For Hollywood, there can never be enough viewers, period. Trust me, the people in charge of hiring Rock as this year's Oscar host knew exactly what they were getting when they picked him. They are aware of everything that has ever come out of his mouth. I'm sure they sat him down and explained how his routine must be tailored. This is one of the biggest live shows on TV, if not the biggest, so the boundries have been made very clear to Rock.

Rock's most important audience isn't the people who buy tickets to the theater, it's his current and any future bosses watching the show with us. These people make Rock's life in the spotlight possible. This event will be huge for Rock and he won't do anything to screw it up.

He's not going to be Bob Hope or Johnny Carson during this show; he'll be Chris Rock and he'll be funny. I'm sure the director will have the "delay" button close at hand and will have cause to use it more than once.

It will be interesting to see if Las Vegas will be offering an OVER/UNDER betting line for F-BOMBS dropped during this year's show. My line is set at 7.5

I'll be taking the UNDERS.


Sunday, February 13, 2005


Do you follow "24" every week? I do. It's one of the most exciting shows on tv these days, and one I think is reflective of the situation in our nation to date. Many, though, don't think so and feel it's a slap in the face to many Muslims living in the USA. Hence, the following statement was made by Fox' Jack Bauer prior to the airing of last week's show:

"Hi. My name is Kiefer Sutherland. And I play counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer on Fox’s ‘24’. I would like to take a moment to talk to you about something that I think is very important. Now while terrorism is obviously one of the most critical challenges facing our nation and the world, it is important to recognize that the American Muslim community stands firmly beside their fellow Americans in denouncing and resisting all forms of terrorism. So in watching 24, please, bear that in mind."

Stands firmly? Really. I don't remember hearing this resounding statement of support from the Muslim community, because I would've remembered it. Maybe the Muslim community needs to hire a better PR agency so they can get the word out to the rest of us. Furthermore, why did Fox have Sutherland make this statement instead of a high-placed, well regarded and well known leader from the American Muslim community?

Here's a must read article on this subject. As I see it, the Mosques located all over the nation (and you would be amazed how many there are) are like the ones in Iraq: off-limits. That is until you discover they're part of the war effort, housing terrorists, weaponry, and organizational tools.

Until we take a close and serious look at each of these "meeting places" dotting our landscape, we are putting ourselves in grave danger. There can only be a couple reasons why the local Muslim leaders aren't "shouting from the rooftops" their denouncement of terrorism. They're afraid of reprisals from radical Islamists or they're quietly supporting the insurrgency, or both.

This post took place between 5 and 6 am....


Saturday, February 12, 2005


At Kudlow's blog, he notes that Bush 41 was listed as a possible DT candidate, but removed him since he wasn't ill. However, after looking around the beltway area, he found that Fred Fielding, a past White House council to Nixon, has been ill.


Friday, February 11, 2005


I read several blogs everyday. There's a new one out here that's worth a look see. Dennis the Peasant.

Of course, the best blog on the block is Powerline. If you haven't seen either one of these blogs, take a few minutes and enjoy them with your coffee in the morning.



Not long ago, Canseco was on a talk show selling his new book about baseball and steroids. Canseco, trying not to give too much away, gave few particulars in the hopes you will rush out and buy it. Later, the Host, who had read it, offered up many details found within this "juiced-up" tell-all.

This book will do "Operation Linebacker" type damage to baseball, because in it he not only carpet bombs baseball as a whole, he names names. By "names," I mean, BIG NAMES. The kind with records attached to them; the kind that fill stadium seats with butts that have 8 dollar beers in hand.

Canseco, with this book, isn't pulling the curtain back and showing us anything we didn't already know about baseball. And we all know he's doing it to make some money so he can regain his prior station in life. He has few options in which to do this, so he's using the most practical one available to him, and doing it well, I might add.

I believe he's telling the truth in this book, it's just my opinion, but here's why I think this:

Between stories of how some players got to looking like Popeye at the plate, he tells the readers how his date with Madonna turned out. According to Canseco, he only made-out with her on the couch. That's it, end of story. A let down, to say the least.

I'm sorry, folks, if Canseco was inclined to embellish in this book, this would be the place to do it. Any editor wanting to sell books will tell you that.

If I'm the one writing this story, and I'm "at bat" with Madonna, there isn't going to be a bloop single with me standing on first base. No, the ball's going out of the fuckin' park, past the Fire Station, and rolling down Waveland Ave. And, the inning would go on with me appearing at the plate, again, for yet another long ball, so magnificent, that Harry Caray wouldn't know whether to shit or have another Budweiser. Madonna would be inspired to write a song about it.

Whether true or not, Baseball is not going to be happy with this book, and in the end, I don't think Jose Canseco will be, either.

UPDATE: Jose Canseco will be on "60 Minutes" Sunday, February 13th. Don't miss this one, baseball fans.

Read today's article about Conseco from the New York Times.



George Carlin has a funny insight. It goes something like this:

"When you're born, you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get reserved seating down front."

Truer words have never been uttered.

Michael Jackson's Show of Shows is, no doubt, a Headliner attraction on the freak show tour. I couldn't care less about this guy and his troubles. I don't know if he's guilty or the victim of a shake-down. I just do not care. But it makes for good tv, I suppose.

Now where's my seat?


Thursday, February 10, 2005


50 plus years later, General MacArthur's solution would be the same, and correct.



According to Robert Kase, of Kase Sign, Inc., this is what happens when GRAPHIC ARTISTS get bored. I hope they're bored more often, because this is pretty cool. Thanks, Robert.



There's much that will be said about this story, but since Britain is the only nation of consequence standing firmly with America fighting the war on terror, let me say this: Bless the Brits and may lasting love and happiness forever come to Charles and Camilla.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005





Clint Eastwood's film wasn't supposed to be released until 2005, but his decision to rush the release in late 2004 was a great move since it has put his cast into contention for several awards this year, including a couple for himself.

When I saw "Ray" late last year, I thought for sure that movie would ruin the Oscars because it would take all the awards, most anyway. I now must change my opinion and say that "Ray" might be sharing a few of those trophies with Eastwood's masterpiece. To say the least, "Aviator" will be left out in the cold after the vote tallies are in. The director of that film has been left out several times in the past--with great films--and I think this will be another year of sitting on the bench for this crew.

Eastwood has come a long way since his "Dirty Harry" days; his work here is bordering on genius as he rips your heart out through your throat and practically kills you in your seat with this story. Kleenex should be close at hand for this film. Guys, if you are not comfortable shedding tears with a gal at your side, then don't see this film with her. Go alone.

For a film shot mostly in a gym, about a girl boxer and a broken down trainer and cut man, to have this great an impact on an audience, well, go figure. Just go see this film, enjoy, and know you've had the pleasure of witnessing one of the greatest films produced in recent times.

This film has no shoot'em ups, no car chases, no sex, and no violence outside the boxing segments; it has only the raw emotion brought on by the relationships of the few that interact in this film. It's simple, dark, and powerful.

Eastwood will make your day.








UPDATE: Eastwood was on Jay Leno tonight promoting the movie. This guy is a class act, and funny, too. I have a Clint Eastwood story to tell, but will do it later after I locate a picture for it.

And, I saw "Ray" a second time and I'm now leaning towards Foxx for the Best Actor award. He is nothing short of great in this film. However, Eastwood is Foxx' only competition.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I try my best to divert dollars away from French economy whenever I can. However, after reviewing the list of French products, I found that I had bought something French at the grocery store today, and I've been doing it for a long time. BIC RAZORS are now off my list. For a listing of products owned by French companies and sold here in the USA, check this website.

OF NOTE.....

At the golf course the other day, one of my playing partners refused to drink the "French Roast" coffee, simply because it had the word "French" on it. Her level of dedication is priceless. Unfortunately, she applies this level of dedication to her golf game, too. She whipped me.


Monday, February 07, 2005


Fox just reported that Bob Woodward stated he did a Deep Throat obit. Maybe Dean was wrong about Ben Bradley writing one, or they both wrote one.

At any rate, an obit has probably been written for DT and the time may soon come when we know the answer to this mystery.




John Dean is back at it with the Deep Throat mystery again. He's made this a cottage industry unto himself. The DT mystery is right up there with Who Killed JFK as one of those things all of us want revealed.

The JFK story won't come into focus until 2029, according to our govt. By that time I will be so far out of focus that I won't care, so I don't wish any ill will towards DT, but, come on, already!

A check of the internet and TV indicates there's quite a buzz going on about this. I have high hopes this time. Dean even stated that Ben Bradley, of Washington Post fame, recently admitted he had gone so far as to write an obit for DT. Those who know DT's identity have agreed to keep it a secret until DT dies.

At least four people know who DT really is: Ben Bradley, the two WP reporters, and Deep Throat himself. I have an idea Hal Holbrook knows who it is too.



I am one of those that's sick of seeing John Kerry on TV droning on about the past election or about the job Bush is doing. However, I was pleased to see him on Tim Russert's show last week, Meet The Depressed, when Russert finally started doing his job, albeit late.

The interview went on like they usually do, allowing Kerry to blab away about this and that. Then Russert hit him with the question the MSM forgot to ask prior to the last election: "Will you be signing STANDARD FORM 180 so your records can be released to the public?" There's only one way for Kerry to answer this question, and for that, he must have felt sucker punched. So, Kerry answered, "yes." Amazing.

What's more amazing, is that Kerry showed up this morning on Don Imus' show and Imus, a Kerry supporter, hit him with the same question but more aggressively. Newsmax article here. Imus transcript here. Kerry, again, had to say "yes." Imus tried to pin him down as to when this would be done, Kerry stammered away but gave no clear answer for that one. Kerry was Kerry.

There are 4 reasons why Kerry will never be President, at least not in this country:

  1. He's a liar and a fraud.
  2. Standard Form 180
  3. The Swift Vets.
  4. His wife.

If he signs Form 180, then all will see what a farse his military record is. He sports an Audie Murphy miltary record when he wasn't in VN long enough to get a good tan, as one vet put it. His medical records will show he never spent a day in a hospital, but may have lost one day of duty, most likely due to travel.

But the bombshell will be in the explanation regarding the date of his discharge, 1978. It should've been in 1972 when his obligation to the Navy was completed. The truth is, he intially did not receive an honorable discharge from the military because of his anti war actions after returning to the States. If this isn't the case, then I ask why didn't he release all this info through Form 180 prior to the election?

For Kerry, SF 180 equals political suicide and I don't see him signing it anytime soon, if at all. It would exspose him for what he is, a liar and a fraud. I have a feeling he will quietly slip from public view and not seek re-election to the Senate, let alone a run for the White House in 2008.

So, my 4 points are summed up like this:

4. His wife is what she is, need I say more?

3. The Swifies make number 2 happen.

2. SF 180 will prove number 1.

Needless to say, you won't be seeing Kerry sitting across from Russert or Imus again.



At half-time, two things were very clear: Philly had a great chance to win the game and McNabb was not on his.

The Pats had to be more than a bit nervous in the locker room at the half tied at 7. They had dodged a bullet in the first half; Philly should've been leading at that point and the Pats knew it.

Philly's coaching staff failed to adjust in the second when it was crystal clear McNabb's passing was not good, not even close. The defense was too tight on his receiving corps and McNabb was trying to thread the needle too much. Other times, his passes were "ally oops" or he just threw the ball to the other team. This called for running the ball more so that the passing game could open up more for passes when they needed one.

Toward the end of the game, when Philly was in position to win it, or at least take it to OT, the coaches took them out of the game completely by mismanaging the clock and not going to the "no huddle" sooner. Their choice of passing plays were horrendous as well by not going for the sidelines to shut the clock off.

McNabb was trying to do too much the whole game, trying to make a big play on every down, when he should've relaxed and took his time, maybe throwing the ball away when coverage was tight. The coaches never adjusted.

This was Philly's game, they were in it the whole time and the coaches handed the game to the Pats and that was it. Game over.

Until next season.

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