Sunday, September 30, 2007


For just about as long as I can remember, John Doolittle has been my congressional representative here in the Folsom-Sacramento area. In the 2006 election cycle, Doolittle's support began to wane and President Bush had to make a personal appearance to help him win a close election.

Since then, Doolittle, his wife, and many of his close associates have been under investigation, mainly for ties to the Jack Abramoff scandal. With Doolittle being hit with constant bad press, local support has been falling sharply. Connections to Abramoff are bad enough for any politician, but Doolittle is also being identified as someone who is no longer a "conservative" when it comes to the basics like spending.

Enter Major Eric Egland.

Egland is a counter-terrorism consultant and a military intelligence officer; a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan and, most importantly, a native of northern California. Egland, a few months back, announced his intention to challenge Doolittle for his seat in Congress.

Since his announcement, support for Egland has been on the rise. In fact, many believe that if Doolittle's troubles continue at the current pace and Egland's support remains strong, Doolittle will back out of the 2008 race. If Doolittle decides to stay in the race, he has little chance against an Egland candidacy. He's the right man at the right time.

Tonight, Major Eric Egland returns to The Andrea Shea-King Show to discuss his run for congress. The show begins at 9 PM ET--for links and other information, head over to The Radio Patriot.


Thursday, September 27, 2007


Haven't been feeling well lately, so posts have been sparse. Then, of course, after I get to feelin' better, my cable connection begins to go haywire. And so it goes.

The Dream Act, if you haven't been paying attention, is the little sister to Immigration Reform, which went down in a ball of flames a couple months back after enough Americans grabbed congress by the throat. At the time, the message was very clear: Americans DO NOT want amnesty for the illegals; Americans want their government to enforce the existing laws. Very clear, I think.

So, ignoring the will of their constituents yet again, congress comes up with the Dream Act, which doesn't give amnesty to the entire estimated 12 million illegals at one time, it gives out amnesty to smaller blocks of them, beginning with the younger age set. In other words, this is piecemeal Immigration Reform, and congress was kinda hoping you wouldn't notice. But you did.

Congress attempted to slip the Dream Act through by attaching it to another piece of legislation, but it FAILED, again.

I know you've already read about this at a million other sites--I just needed a place to put this great cartoon. Thank you, America!!

Michelle Malkin has the story.


Monday, September 24, 2007


William Beall's 1958 Pulitzer Prize winning photograph.


Sunday, September 23, 2007


Recently, a group of Milbloggers had the opportunity to meet with President Bush for an hour at the White House. The President recognizes and appreciates all the good work done by Milbloggers, and he took this rare opportunity to let them know. Matt at BlackFive tells how the meeting came about and what took place during the one hour meeting.

Tonight, Andrea Shea-King interviews two of the Milbloggers who sat at the table with the President. What a story.

For all the details and links for tonight's show, go to Andrea's blog--The Radio Patriot. Great pics too!!


Friday, September 21, 2007


When Arizona, Oklahoma, and Missouri began passing sweeping legislation to rid their states of illegals, it was predicted that illegal workers would begin to migrate to neighboring states with a more favorable view of them. And that's exactly what happened. Since the federal government refuses to enforce laws already on the books, individual states are taking charge of the situation in a most effective way.

But, with all these new state laws being passed, an unintended consequence has begun to take shape: Illegals are fleeing to Canada.

Apparently, some illegals are noticing the trend here in the U.S. and are looking for not only a more friendly state, but a more friendly country. And that country would be good ol' Canada.

One city just over the border had been noticing a few families showing up on their doorstep. Then late this week a few hundred arrived. Officials are expecting thousands to arrive in the coming weeks, and they have no idea what they'll do.

Also, officials are saying they've never seen anything like this--welcome to the club--and they don't have the ability to handle such an influx. Again, welcome to the club, folks.

In Naples, Florida, an organization is finding itself at the center of this recent northerly migration. According to reports, the organization helps illegals to find a better locale in which to live and work as, well, illegals. Because these illegals paid this organization for information leading them to Canada for what they believed would be a better life, the organization is finding itself under increasing pressure. Apparently, illegals were told they'd receive refugee status upon arriving in Canada, but that's not the case. Of course, the organization denies any wrong doing in the matter.

Keep your eye on this story. It should be interesting. For other interesting posts about illegal immigration, head on over to COMMON SENSE AMERICA. Christi King will be there to welcome you.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Crime in the Sacramento area is so bad that people have become numb to all the stories reported through the local paper and tv newscasts. Privately, police will tell you that crime in this area is much worse than reports would indicate.

It's a war zone in Sacramento. In some areas it's just not safe to be out, especially if you're a woman. Your home, no matter what area, is becoming increasingly unsafe, too.

For some years now, the "home invasion robbery" has become the crime of choice for criminals in Sacramento. In July 2005, I was a victim of an attempted home invasion. I was lucky, though. I survived, and the police caught the guy. The trial date in my case is scheduled for the end of this month, but because of the story I'm about to tell you, I fully expect the defendant's lawyer to postpone the case. Putting his client in front of a Sacramento jury at this time would be inadvisable, in my opinion.

The other day, in a south Sacramento community, a crime occurred that was so shocking, so horrific, that public outcry is being felt all the way to the top of local law enforcement and government agencies. Here's what happened last Friday:

Sean Paul, Sr. and his son, Sean Paul, Jr., were out for a drive, planning to stop at a friend's home for a social call. Upon arriving at the house, Sean, Sr. walked to the front door. Sean, Jr. waited in the car. After Sr. knocked on the door, the resident opened it for him. Just then, a number of men materialized and forced Sr. through the open door--at gunpoint. A fight began just inside the door; Sr. was shot twice and fell to the floor, dead.

As the robbers fled the scene, one of them noticed Jr. sitting in the car parked curbside. With gun in hand, the robber reached into the car and placed the gun to Jr's head...and shot him while he sat strapped into his tiny car seat. Jr. was all of 7 months old. His father, who lay dead just inside the doorway, was 21.

What kind of animal does such a thing? I haven't a clue.

Originally, the police thought Jr. was hit with a stray round. But after further investigation, it was clear that Jr. was indeed executed. And these animals are still at large.

The horrific news of how Sean Jr died was told to Sacramento residents in Sunday's edition of the Bee.

Today, another article appeared in the Bee; this time with comments from Sean Paul, Jr's mother. She's 19.


Saturday, September 15, 2007


The "FIGHT FOR VICTORY TOUR", sponsored by Move America Forward, has arrived in Washington after a cross-country tour and is now joined up with "GATHERING OF EAGLES III" for a huge pro-troop rally, which is taking place as I write this. **UPDATE: Michelle Malkin was at the GOE and liveblogged the event. Pam Meister was there too--check out her great pics and commentary.

Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, who led the tour across the country, will be our guest this Sunday night on THE ANDREA SHEA-KING SHOW to give us a rundown on the tour as well as the rally in Washington. Kristinn Taylor of Free Republic has been invited to join us to give his after-action report of the weekend's activities too. Following are the instructions and links for Andrea's "live" internet stream:

*****THE ANDREA SHEA-KING SHOW, Sunday, 9 PM EST, Orlando, Florida, 580 WDBO.

To hear the show, click 580WDBO. At the top of the page is a "listen live" link. Click it and a player will launch. If the player doesn't launch all the way, and that happens sometimes if you have pop-ups running, just "X" it out (the player) and click the "listen live" link again. That should do it.

To participate in Andrea's "live" in-show chat room, click here. In the upper right hand corner, click "enter chat room". Once the chat room launches, click the "guest" box at the top, then type in the screen name that you'll be using. Then you'll be asked to choose between two chat rooms--choose Sunday Night Show. It's that easy. Now, the chat room is optional but I encourage you to use it while listening to the show because you can ask questions and be part of the show. Plus you get to mingle with other listeners and bloggers.

See you Sunday night!! And don't forget, Andrea blogs at The Radio Patriot.

Andrea with Buzz Patterson:


Friday, September 14, 2007


One of our fellow bloggers, Jenn, had a medical crisis enter her family the other day. Her little boy, Anthony, experienced a seizure while at school. The doctors are running Anthony through a series of tests to determine the cause. The family is scared and are relying on their faith to get them through this ordeal.

Please take a moment and stop by her site to offer your support and prayers.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It was a very busy and successful day for the MOVE AMERICA FORWARD pro-troop caravan in Niles, Illinois. Buzz did an appearance on Bill O'Reilly's show and then did the Niles rally in the evening. And, as usual, Buzz did everyone proud with his performance on O'Reilly's show.

Lots of folks showed up to support the caravan. Bloggers, Freepers, veterans--new and old--and just plain old American Patriots. A candidate running for the U.S. Senate seat in '08 was there, as well as WGN9, CBS2, and ABC7 doing interviews.

Also in attendance was Mrs Marathon Pundit--she took all the pictures for her husband, Marathon Pundit, who had to work late and couldn't attend. His daughter, Little Marathon Pundit, would've been there, too, but she took ill. I hope she's feeling better soon.

Can't thank the Marathon Pundit family enough for helping make this rally in Niles a success. Now get over to his site to see his post and pictures. For more on the Niles rally, take a look at Backyard Conservative's post. Thanks, Anne, for that post and for attending the rally. You guys make all the difference in the world.

***You and your family can be part of the caravan when it arrives in your town--check the schedule here. Hello, don't I know a couple people from OHIO?? Well, the caravan's headed your way...and soon. Who knows, maybe the caravan will be met by an Angel or two?

***Please don't forget to hit the DONATE button to help MAF pay for the tour.

Just a reminder, after the "FIGHT FOR VICTORY TOUR" ends this weekend in Washington D.C., Buzz Patterson will be on The Andrea Shea-King Show this Sunday night to do a wrap-up of the tour. Not only do I want you to listen to the show, I want you to blog about it in advance--let's have a big turnout in the chat room. Links and times for the show can be found on this blog Friday or Saturday, or you can check Andrea's site at the above link. Thanking all of you in advance. Oh, btw, here's a photo of Buzz and Andrea taken last year in Palm Beach, Florida:


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The rest of DAYS 4, 5, and 6 are posted at MOVE AMERICA FORWARD. Just scroll down and you'll see them. The caravan has made its way from Texas to Iowa and will be in the Chicago area--Niles--this evening for a rally, news conference, and a 9-11 observance.

In my last post, I asked for some help in getting the word out on the Niles rally, and my blogger friends in Illinois got the word out. In fact, Marathon Pundit, who lives in the area and works in Niles, is having his wife and daughter attend the event. He has to work late, poor guy. His wife will be taking pictures for him and he'll post them soon. So, my thanks go out to Mrs Marathon Pundit, Little Marathon Pundit as well as Greybeard at Pitchpull for lending a helping hand. Buzz and the caravan crew appreciate it.

9-11 observances can be found all over the web, but one of the better tributes can be found at Malkin's site. Blogmeister USA has a good one too. Never forget.

The caravan's schedule of stops can be found here.

Please hit the DONATION button for MOVE AMERICA FORWARD.

Previous posts below


Monday, September 10, 2007


Danny has the Day 4 caravan updates from Arizona and New Mexico posted. I especially enjoyed the blog entry for New Mexico with the Pearl Harbor survivor and his wife showing up to support the caravan's efforts. I could tell it was an emotional stop for everyone.

I want to ask everyone I know blogging from Illinois to PLEASE make a note to your readers that the caravan will be in the Chicago area--Niles--on Tuesday, September 11. It will be arriving at 6 PM for a rally, news conference, and a 9-11 observance. I know Buzz Patterson and his crew would greatly appreciate any mention you could make via your blogs or word of mouth. They'd also appreciate seeing you and your friends in attendance. For more information, check the itinerary for this Tuesday, Sept 11. Thanks.

Check the caravan's schedule of stops here.



Friday, September 07, 2007


MOVE AMERICA FORWARD has posted the caravan report for Day 3. The report covers the caravan's stops all the way through to San Diego, and the news is all good. I'll be posting more updates as they come in. Currently, the caravan is in Texas. The people riding in the caravan are exhausted but they'll post updates as they find the time. And let me add, Catherine and Danny are doing a first-rate job of writing and posting pictures. The volume of information they give us in these reports is beyond what we ever thought they would have time for given their gruelling schedule. Thanks.

**The Radio Patriot has an in-depth report, so get on over and take a look. ***UPDATE*** Do not miss Andrea's update--in bold red--from Melanie Morgan. This is truly amazing!!!

**To see when the caravan will be stopping in your town, click here.

**Please consider DONATING something--anything--to MAF to help pay for this cross-country caravan. It's all for OUR troops. Be as generous as you can.



Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Check out Lt Col Buzz Patterson as he gives an interview to reporters from Fox, ABC, and CBS. All the details from that interview as well as the events of DAY TWO of the caravan can be found here. Move America Forward's blogger-in-charge is doing a great job of keeping us up-to-date and posting lots of great pictures from the rallies.

Check the itinerary to see when the caravan will be in your town.

Most importantly, please give a donation to help MAF defray the costs of this trip and the other good things they do for OUR TROOPS.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007


One of my best blog friends is Greybeard over at Pitchpull. I've always liked his stuff. He has a very dangerous job, and from time-to-time he'll post about it. By nature, his posts about work aren't the happy kind, and too often they have tragic endings. But, tragic as they may be, there's much to be learned from them. Nothing really complicated, just good common sense advice coming from a man who knows first hand.

You see, Greybeard is the guy who sees you before the funeral director starts putting you back together for viewing. From what I gather, Greybeard would tell you that the funeral director needn't be involved in some of these stories if people would do something as simple as fastening their seat belts. Just ask Jacoby.



The "FIGHT FOR VICTORY TOUR" got off to a great start Monday in Carson City, Nevada. Lots of flag-waving, patriotic Americans came out to support the caravan as it began its journey east to Washington, D.C.

Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Duncan Hunter, traveled to Carson City to deliver the keynote address to the crowd. BTW, on Sunday night, Duncan Hunter, while en route to Carson City, took the time to call Andrea's show in Orlando to talk about his upcoming speech at the opening day of the "FIGHT FOR VICTORY TOUR". The call from Hunter was in the first half hour, and you can hear the segment here (9-2). Prior to his call, Andrea opened the show with a tribute marking the official end to WWII, so you won't want to miss that.

After the opening events at Carson City, MAF's caravan hit the road for Sacramento, fighting their way through the Labor Day traffic. After Sacramento, it was on to the womb of liberalism, San Francisco, then on to Modesto. Currently, the caravan is headed to Fresno, Los Angeles, and ending the day in San Diego.

The caravan is planning for 27 stops along the way, so check the itinerary to see when they'll be arriving in your city. Ruberry, they're headed your way!!

For daily reports and pictures of caravan rallies, just click here.

To HELP SUPPORT Move America Forward, go here. This cross-country, pro-troop caravan isn't cheap--give whatever you can.

Posting about the caravan on your blogs would be greatly appreciated by everyone at MOVE AMERICA FORWARD. The Radio Patriot posted here. Michelle Malkin's post is here. Heading Right is here. Join them!!


Sunday, September 02, 2007


62 years ago today, with the stroke of a pen, WWII officially came to an end. A delegation from the Allied Powers, led by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, met with Representatives of Japan on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay for the formal signing of the Instruments of Surrender. The ceremony took less than half-an-hour.

Earlier, I posted about certain events that led to the end of the war, beginning with Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Japan's announced surrender on August 14. Read the BBC's article from September 2, 1945, and take a behind-the-scenes look at the events at this site. Included are many pics as well as other links.

WWII was the last "real" war the United States won. Whether in Europe or the Pacific, the subject has always fascinated me. And since the end of this war, for reasons unknown to me, it appears that the United States has "misplaced" the formula for winning a war. Men like Patton and MacArthur knew the formula, made their views known privately--sometimes publicly--and were fired. But that's a subject for another day.

Today, take a moment to remember all who gave their lives in defense of this Nation during WWII. Watch the ceremony from the deck of the USS Missouri:

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