Saturday, July 31, 2010


The largest free hot air balloon festival in the United States is held in Reno, Nevada each year. This year, however, the festival has more balloon pilots than sponsors, sending the city scrambling to find more sponsors in order to keep the event airborne.

The economic downturn
in Nevada is taking its toll on the balloon festival, just as it's taken its toll on Reno's largest annual community event,
Hot August Nights. From the Reno Gazette:

"With the loss of about $35,000 in major sponsorship money, the Great Reno Balloon Race is pushing for more, but less expensive, corporate sponsorships.

"The popular September event lost the $35,000 with the defection of three major sponsors. The commitment of each exceeded $10,000, event organizers said."

Apparently, people are still taking Obama's admonishment seriously and staying away from cities like Las Vegas and Reno. Although Obama didn't mention Reno by name, it goes without saying that a corporation isn't going to cancel its convention in Vegas, move it to Reno and not expect blow back from the White House. And to make matters worse, Harry Reid stood by without muttering a word in defense of his state.

In November, Nevada voters will be looking closely at their ballots, especially the U.S. Senate race between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle. My money's on Angle, and I'll be taking full odds.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mobile blogging northern cal



Hat tip to Rudy in NC. I'm told this video will bring back memories for some.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Labs--mobile blogging from the UC Davis Cancer Center.

The wheels of modern American medicine are just beginning to turn for me, again. Tomorrow, Friday, I will get my final instructions on how my doctors will be proceeding with my treatment of CML, a clinical trial involving a drug called TASIGNA. I had a briefing today on what TASIGNA is but the exact plan is being formulated later today and in the morning, with adjustments based on today's lab results.

My labs from over a month ago showed my white blood count at 32,000--normal is 5-10k--and today my spleen showed the first signs of enlargement, which means my spleen is unable to filter out the onslaught of immature white blood cells. Since my spleen is enlarging, I expect a white count of over 40,000, possibly near 50k. Nothing alarming there since things don't get dicey until they reach the 100k level, but the disease is obviously back in force and with a number of other symptoms tagging along: dizzyness, joint stiffness, weight loss and extreme fatigue, to name a few.

Some preliminary plans were laid out today as well: pharmacy near my home for easy access to TASIGNA, and my doctor is moving my immediate care follow-ups in these early stages to my town--he has an office just down the street from me. How lucky was that? Very. However, if other treatment is called for, I will have to do that at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

As with Gleevec, TASIGNA has some cardiac considerations, and today's EKG showed I was ok in that department. (I would've had a pic of that but it wasn't pretty--the gown and all.) These new cancer drugs are amazingly effective but come with a thousand possible side effects. However, I had very few with the Gleevec, and those were minor. I expect the same with TASIGNA. I'd tell you how much this drug costs but you wouldn't believe me.

That's about it for today's medical events. All in all, it was a great day. Friday I'll have a conference call to nail down all the particulars, and then move forward. Not diggin' one foxhole on this end!

Also, when this journey began for me in early 2007, I don't think I ever wrote about it, thinking it was a downer of sorts for people to read. We all have problems and I figure you really don't need or want to know mine. Many people have emailed, called, and sent letters wanting to know how I'm doing, wishing me well. So I decided I'll give a few reports at the beginning. I've documented each step of this process in detail, and at a later date it's possible that I'll put all of it together.

As a tease, though, part of today's discussions involved health care reform--but not from my doctor. I was floored, to say the least. After a few minutes of this, I made one comment and then thought better of it and shut my mouth. But I did want to get up off the table and give a 5 minute block of instruction on the greatness of our country, and I could still make that speech if this topic comes up again.

Thanks for all the support. You have no idea how important it is. God Bless each of ya!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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CONTACT: Bryan J. Shroyer at (916) 596-0299 or


"Please Stop Calling Tea Partiers Racist" Group Pleads

The Tea Party Express (website: paid a visit to Senator Lisa Murkowski's office in Ketchikan today as part of a campaign swing through Alaska for Murkowski's opponent in the U.S. Senate race, Conservative Republican Joe Miller.

The delegation led by Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer, included Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee (mother of the first U.S. Navy SEAL killed in Iraq), Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith, Tea Party Express Coordinator, Joe Wierzbicki, Tea Party Express Political Director, Bryan Shroyer and Tea Party Express Coalitions Director, Dustin Stockton.

The group expressed concern over Senator Murkowski's denouncement of the Tea Party Express as a "racist" organization - smearing over 400,000 Tea Party Express members (including over 1,000 here in Alaska) in the process.

Additionally, the delegation explained why the Tea Party Express has come out against Murkowski's re-election and is instead supporting Conservative Republican Joe Miller in the U.S. Senate race. Those issues cited included Murkowski's support for the bank bailouts, her Co-Sponsorship of Cap & Trade, her support for amnesty for illegal aliens, her support for Barack Obama's secondary stimulus and her support for taxpayer-funded abortions.

Senator Murkowski's office was represented by Staff Assistant Sherrie Slick, a veteran of the Republican political establishment. To her credit, Sherrie Slick was professional, gracious and courteous.

The Tea Party Express explained to Sherrie Slick that no matter who wins the race for U.S. Senate we cannot continue the out-of-control federal spending and erosion of our Constitution by the federal government.

"We were grateful for the courtesy extended by Sherrie Slick on behalf of Senator Murkowski, but make no mistake, the sins of Senator Murkowski are numerous, and we plan to hold her accountable in the upcoming August 24th election for U.S. Senate. It's time that Alaskans had a U.S. Senator who represented them better than Senator Murkowski has. Alaska deserves better," said Bryan J. Shroyer, Political Director for the Tea Party Express.

*Media organizations wishing to schedule an interview with a representative of the Tea Party Express, should contact Levi Russell at (509) 979-6615 or via email at:

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Mobile blogging from N. California. And after reading the FINANCIAL NEWS UPDATE at Noisyroom, you might be tempted to relax in the warm, swirling waters of a spa. Also, last night I watched Pam Geller on Hannity's Great American Panel. Geller was stellar! Around 4:16 in the video, Geller called Obama an anti-Semite. Some thought it a harsh thing to say on tv but Geller isn't one to mince words. Great job, Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hat tip to Vic in Arizona.

Financial News Update at Noisyroom

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Whether it's for a long weekend or a vacation, Arizona has something for everyone. It even has JD HAYWORTH. Need I say more?

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Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's been many years since it happened... so now would be a good time to refresh ourselves about the Lockerbie bombing:

"Cradled in their mother's arms, the two youngest victims of the Lockerbie bombing were probably sleeping peacefully as the catastrophic break-up of Pan Am Flight 103 began in the skies above Lockerbie.

"As the excited chatter of passengers travelling home for Christmas died away, tiny Jonathan Thomas and Brittany Williams, both just two months old, would have been unaware of the tragedy befalling them.

"The youngsters were among 14 babies and children travelling with their parents on the doomed New York-bound plane just before Christmas in 1988.

"Whole families, who had barely settled into their seats for the long journey across the Atlantic, were wiped out as a bomb ripped the Boeing 747 apart."--
continue reading about the work of Abdel Baset al-Megrahi.

I read another story today that says the Obama Administration had a hand in al-Megrahi's release. Is it true? I don't know. But if it is, it's game, set, match for Obama and a busload of democrats. And If Hillary's involved, she might as well move back to Arkansas, with or without her lesser half.

Gateway Pundit reports.

Pam Geller reports.

Update here. This isn't going away.


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Saturday, July 24, 2010


From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Obama: Our finances have suffered, too.

July 24, 2010

WASHINGTON -- "President Obama says he can relate to the plight of Americans striving in the struggling economy to pay bills while saving for their kids' education."

*Hit the link up top to finish this short piece on First Family financial woes. Only morons on Chicago's south-side would buy this fiction. Well, they did vote for him.


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Friday, July 23, 2010


There is a city Obama can scratch off his "apology tour" list, and that would be Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Why? Because they've made it their business over the years to THANK America, the American soldier, and General George S. Patton, Jr. And in all this paying of tribute to America, they've singled out one as their American hero: Lt. Virgil P. Kirkham, a pilot.

More importantly, they're teaching their children to do the same.

I don't know how I missed this story but I did. Here's your chance to read about a city that continues to pay tribute to our great nation.


Hat Tip to Vic in Arizona for passing this on, and MaryLou down on the Space Coast for prompting me to look for more info on it. Of course, when I first read this story, I thought of MaryLou, Dan, her mother Jane... and Herby, a pilot.


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CONTACT: Levi Russell at (509) 979-6615 or

Today the Tea Party Express received a letter from Mark Williams expressing his desire to separate himself completely from the Tea Party Express. Over a month ago, Williams stepped down as Chairman of the organization to pursue other activities, but still offered to remain available as a spokesperson as needed in the future. Today, he went further to completely cut his ties to the Tea Party Express.

A copy of his letter to the Tea Party Express follows below:

“I feel compelled to separate myself from any further involvement with the Tea Party Express so that I can pursue other interests and to free the tea party movement from any more distraction based on my personal comments or blogs.
The media coverage over a recent satirical posting on my personal blog risks injuring the Tea Party Express, the tea party movement as a whole, and the people in this movement who I respect and admire so much. It has become increasingly unacceptable that the media and our domestic enemies continue to anoint me as the official voice of a massively diverse and broad-based movement.

This nation is in crisis, and beyond the struggling economy and suffocating deficits, is what I consider to be the most troubling development recently: this nation’s slide towards socialism and abandonment to the fundamental Constitutional principles that have made America great. I do not wish to be used as ammunition against our own cause so to that end I am removing myself from the equation and severing ties to the Tea Party Express.

Ronald Reagan so correctly and eloquently explained that America is truly mankind’s best hope for freedom. Our respect for the individual rights and freedoms is unmatched around the globe yet our politicians in Washington seem determined to change this legacy of freedom. We are in a war for the future of this country and the Left and their allies in the news media have decided to use my personal comments and views as a weapon to injure the tea party movement and conservative activists. I will simply not allow them to do this.

I have so much respect and admiration for all of you at the Tea Party Express and the tea party activists I have gotten to know and work with across this great nation. I am going to continue to fight on the side of liberty but it is clear that doing so with any affiliation with the Tea Party Express is not the best way to do so.

I do however fully intend to continue to fight in the spirit of and for the causes of the Tea Party Movement.

We have a lot of work to do between now and November and I know that the Tea Party Express will continue to serve as a leading voice for the millions of Americans who are determined to take their country back.”

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... and Freeman breaks the world record for making more sense than anyone in under a minute. I can't remember who the previous record holder was. Can you?

I found this vid over at The Other McCain.

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Produce--posted via cell phone from N. Cal.


Thursday, July 22, 2010


If you've been watching the news media lately, you've no doubt seen the press stories where the NAACP has been attacking the tea party movement as racists. They've even tried to turn conservatives and tea party activists against each other.

It's something I saw coming from a mile away. When I wrote the "American Tea Party Anthem" I included the following line in the song:

"So when they call you a racist, because you disagree, it's just another of their dirty tricks, to silence you and me."

And guess what: it's not going to work, and we are NOT going to be silenced.

The fight for our country's future is so important, and there is so much work that needs to be done by each of us.

I got involved in this tea party movement as a proud American (not a hyphenated-American, just a regular American like you and every other proud patriot) because I love this nation and what it was founded on. There is no other country in the world that celebrates and empowers the freedom of the individual as the United States does.

Our Founding Fathers left us a legacy of freedom that each generation must work to protect and uphold.

Sadly, corrupt politicians have sold us out and taken away some of those freedoms in recent years. They've grown the size and intrusiveness of the federal government. They've strapped us with massive amounts of debt. Our children and grandchildren will be dealing with these problems if we don't take action now.

Now here's the good news: Despite the media and the Left's attempts to derail this tea party movement over the past two weeks, the tea party movement has grown stronger, not weaker. We here at the Tea Party Express have had some of our strongest fundraising pushes for two of the U.S. Senate candidates we have made a priority: Sharron Angle in Nevada and Joe Miller in Alaska. During this time we've raised more than $200,000 to support their campaigns, and I want to thank you for that great support.

So how do we best push back against the attacks from the media and the Left? We work even harder. We fight with even great zeal and determination. And we realize that the ONLY reason we've come under so much fire from our opponents is because of how successful we've been thus far.

So, again, let's keep it up. We raised $200,000 the past two weeks helping conservative Sharron Angle defeat Harry Reid and conservative Joe Miller defeat RINO (Liberal Republican) Lisa Murkowski. I challenge you all to help us do even better for these next two weeks!

So please, help support our campaign for Sharron Angle in Nevada by making a contribution -

And support our campaign for conservative Joe Miller in Alaska by making a contribution -

You can contribute as little as $5 all the way up to the maximum allowed $5,000.

If you prefer you can mail in a contribution payable to "Tea Party Express" to our headquarters:

Tea Party Express
770 L Street #1020
Sacramento, CA 95814

Fellow patriots: I thank you for your past efforts, and now I ask you to join me as we put our chin out there, take the hits from the Left and the media, and prevail at the ballot box in the upcoming November elections.

It's simply the only way we can take our country back! If you'd please, forward this email and share it with your friends!

-Lloyd Marcus, Tea Party Express

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Wingwalking with the Jetman is a very exciting aerial demo. Enjoy it now because it's one of the few activitives Americans can still enjoy without an Obama Czar stepping in to tell us when, where and how it's to be done. HAT TIPPAGE to Vic in Arizona.

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From American Thinker via Instapundit--The inspector general overseeing the closure of GM's dealerships has a report that will raise an eyebrow or two, and it couldn't come at a worse time for our Obama. The IG, Neil Barofsky, will either be fired or promoted for this report. Whatever the outcome, the media will be busy elsewhere.

-"[D]ealerships were retained because they were ... minority- or woman-owned dealerships";

-Thousands of jobs were lost, unnecessarily, due specifically to Obama's "mandate for shared sacrifice";

-A disproportionate number of Obama-forced closings were of rural dealerships, in areas unfriendly to Obama, even though such closures could "jeopardize the return to profitability" for GM and Chrysler.

More on the race issue and the Sherrod story/debacle from Noisyroom.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


On Tuesday, Wayne Newton spent some time with Neil Cavuto. Newton talked about how bad business is in Las Vegas and who's responsible for making it worse. Of course, I speak of your president--Obama. Newton didn't pull any punches when speaking about your president. However, he did make a big point of supporting Harry Reid. A very odd position to be in. Great interview, especially Newton's parting analysis of your president.

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This link has to do with Al Gore and a little thing called "Tokyo." It's gettin' good!

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Rudy in North Carolina sent this story to me, and I thought it was worthy of passing on to you. In some ways, this story reminds me of the Tea Party Express--surrounded, outnumbered and being shot at constantly. The last week or so is a prime example of such attacks.

In '43, Old "666" was on a "mapping mission" in the South Pacific. The crew soon found itself in a situation that no other B-17 bomber crew would've survived, let alone completed their mission. But they did both. This wasn't an ordinary crew, either--they were called "misfits," "screw ups," and "castoffs." No one wanted them. So they banded together to form their own bomber crew--Old "666" was the name of their bomber, taken from the tail number.

When this crew went "wheels up" on their mission, they were just a bunch of "screw ups," but when they returned, the entire crew was awarded medals, two of which were Medals of Honor.

The following video re-creation is very good. But to really get a feel for their little slice of hell that day, here's the story in full.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


UPDATE: Don't know why Williams wasn't on O'Reilly tonight. Bill made it clear last night that Williams would be on "tomorrow night." Sorry.

Mark Williams will be on Bill O'Reilly's show this evening--8pm et. Thanks to Andrew Breitbart and the Sherrod video--a video that shows what real racism looks and sounds like--the racial spotlight is no longer on Williams. Mark Williams is no racist--he's just your everyday, hardworking American patriot.

This morning's Sacramento Bee has found more space on the front page to talk about Williams:

"Sal Russo, a GOP strategist who created a committee that has raised $5 million to fund the Tea Party Express and its political causes, said Williams is a man 'without a racist bone in his body' who is being 'attacked and vilified' unfairly."

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There was a time in America when NASA had a clear and stated goal of achievement--a purpose beyond the imaginations of anyone on earth. 41-years-ago today, America reached that goal when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. Among the great achievements of mankind, this one stands alone.

The space program was born about the same time I was, so I had the privilege of watching as the program advanced from Mercury to Gemini to Apollo. Each stage of progress brought new and exciting images to our tv sets, and we couldn't wait for the next phase as it would bring us that much closer to the stated goal--landing on the moon. To us--the kids--this was pure science fiction.

On July 20, 1969, many of us in the neighborhood were gathered around a tv set in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Ellery Knake of Urbana, Illinois, when we witnessed the greatness of our nation. The world watched with us as Walter Cronkite did the play-by-play. I was 13-years-old. I had no idea at the time, but in three short years I would find myself standing on the banks of the Indian River in Titusville, Florida, as Apollo 17--the final moon mission--left the launch pad with Gene Cernan in command.

Today, I'm not so sure NASA has a purpose, let alone a goal--"...landing a man on Mecca and returning him safely" sounds more like a job for the State Department, but that's just me. However, there was a time, and it was 41-years-ago today...

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Monday, July 19, 2010


Via Atlas Shrugs--I've seen a lot of politically motivated attacks in the past, but this one just might take the cake.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


This story just hit the wire so I'm not sure what it all means just yet, but I have a feeling it isn't good. Read on.

National Tea Party Federation
(via Noisyroom)
Mark's blog

Newsmax story

Alaska Dispatch, Miller campaign

CNN report

Sacramento Bee's story

Wm Owens of Tea Party Express TV comments (vid removed)

CNN Political Ticker via Kristinn Taylor at Free Republic

Joe Wierzbicki, coordinator for the Tea Party Express, issued the following statement Monday in response to the Tea Party Federation’s announcement Sunday about the Federation’s relationship with the Tea Party Express:

“The Tea Party Express with over 400,000 members is by far larger than the Tea Party Federation’s entire membership. Most rank-and-file tea party activists think we’re talking about Star Trek when we try to explain who the “Federation” is. Given the absurdity of the actions by the “Federation,” this is quite fitting, since their conduct is alien to our membership.”Groups trying to say who can or can’t be ‘expelled’ from the tea party movement is arrogant and preposterous. Perhaps this explains why so many tea party groups have left the “Federation” during the past few months. Whatever the reason, most tea party activists are focused on taking back their country and the upcoming 2010 elections and not silly power games being played by individuals such as those in the “Federation.”

“To add to the absurdity of the “Federation” they have also informed us that our members can’t participate in something called their “basecamp” communication network, which makes us think that the individuals involved in the “Federation” spend a bit too much time watching science fiction movies and cartoons. We here at the Tea Party Express prefer a focus that is more grounded in the Constitution and electing tea party conservatives to offices of import in these 2010 elections.

The “Federation” has enabled and empowered the NAACP’s racist attacks on the tea party movement, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

“Circular firing squads of groups within the tea party movement attacking one another accomplish nothing, and on this issue the Tea Party Federation is wrong, and has both enabled and empowered the NAACP’s racist attacks on the tea party movement. Which is something they’ll realize when they beam themselves back from basecamp.”

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At the beginning of the 1960's, John Kennedy set a goal of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely. At the end of the 1960's, Ted Kennedy got drunk, drove his car off a bridge, killing Mary Jo Kopechne. At the very same time, Apollo 11 was nearing the moon, preparing for a July 20 landing, thus fulfilling half of John Kennedy's goal. You could write the script but Hollywood wouldn't believe it. Too much "suspension of belief" required. Audiences wouldn't buy it. Yet, they did.

Here's one of those parts that's not believable: 3 lawyers know of the accident, return to the scene, return home... and during that time not one of these lawyers picks up a phone to notify the authorities that there's a person trapped underwater in a car. These men--two of them anyway--are officers of the court.

"The details of the evening vary, depending on whose version of the facts one reads. The basic facts are these: Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne left the Lawrence Cottage together. Ted Kennedy was the only one to return. According to Ted, he failed to negotiate the sharp right hand turn onto Main Street (Chappaquiddick Rd) and instead headed left onto Dike Road, then off the bridge. He dove into the water to try to rescue her, but failed in his numerous attempts to extract her from the car. He walked 15 minutes back to Lawrence Cottage to fetch Gargan and former US Attorney, Paul Markham. The three of them returned to the site of the crash and Markham and Gargan tried to rescue Mary Jo, but found the currents too strong.

"According to Gargan, Kennedy and Kopechne left together and when Kennedy returned to Lawrence Cottage, told Gargan that he had an accident and told him of the car going over the side of the bridge. Kennedy directed Gargan and Markham to the location and waited while they attempted to rescue Kopechne. When they discovered rescue would be impossible, Gargan insisted, repeatedly, to Kennedy to contact the police. After about 20 minutes of Gargan’s insistence, Kennedy bolted from the car and swam the channel (approximately 500 yards) from Chappaquiddick to Edgartown where he had a room at the Inn. Gargan assumed that Kennedy would contact the police from that location."--link.

Why do I think that Gargan and Markham went on to wonderful careers, raised wonderful families, enjoyed wonderful retirements and grandchildren? All the things Mary Jo would never have.

Tonight, 41-years-ago, Mary Jo Kopechne would prepare for a party on Martha's Vineyard that would end very badly for her... and her family. Ted would be ok.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Friday's Hannity show produced a very important exchange, giving us a look at the current political climate in Nevada. Tucker Carlson was filling in for Hannity, and his guest was Frank Luntz who was doing the guest shot from Las Vegas. The topic: Harry Reid, Obama and the mid-term elections.

TMH at Noisyroom has the Fox video.

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Friday, July 09, 2010


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"Just 485 Sacramento-area buyers signed sales contracts for new homes in April, May and June, according to a report being released today. It was the industry's worst sales performance in modern times, and possibly for a half-century."

Read more

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Thursday, July 08, 2010


An email this morning from Kitty Myers of Kitty Litter, tells of the closing of one of her local hotels--The McClintock Hotel.

Doing business in Corning, New York, The McClintock is steeped in local history, dating back as far as the 19th century. Towns big and small across America have hotels like The McClintock; some are still operating, many are not.

Progress and bad economic times force many of them out of business. However, their histories make for interesting reading, and The McClintock has history.

The McClintock was around when the government decided it needed to make rules on when and where one could drink. The government also decided it was necessary to define just what constituted a "hotel." Don't you just love the government? Always there to help out or get in the way, depending on your point of view.

As the article points out, The McClintock had to make a few adjustments so it could fit the government's definition of a hotel, thus allowing it to serve drinks on Sundays.

A most interesting read about a Corning, New York business that's about to close its doors for good. For this hotel, the history book is about to close too.

Kitty points out that she used to work across the street from The McClintock, an experience that prompted her to write a story about the hotel:

"Spud Shelanski lives on at the Alabaster Bar & Grill," by Kitty Myers.


*UPDATE: Kitty adds to the story in the comment section--Buddy the dog, a taxi, and a TV commercial. And, of course, the government!!

The bar owner had a beagle named Buddy. Buddy would lounge on the front window and charm people as they passed by. He was famous in the area for frequenting restaurants and begging for food. And because he tended to travel a ways for goodies, the owner put a tag on his collar instructing anyone who found Buddy to put him in a taxi and send him back to the McClintock. The taxi drivers knew the bar would pay the tab.

This led to one of the best commercials for the bar. The taxi company and the McClintock combined forces and made a tv commercial for people who wanted to enjoy a safe night out, and they used Buddy. It showed him arriving at the bar by taxi, having fun and then getting into the taxi to go home.

Eventually, the health dept. put at end to Buddy's visits to the McClintock.


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Sunday, July 04, 2010


...I believe in and shall fight for THE AMERICAN CREED:

"I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic; a sovereign nation of many sovereign states; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my duty to my county to love it; to support its constitution; to obey its laws; to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies."

(Written by William Tyler Page; adopted by the Government Committee on Publication, and accepted, April 3, 1918, by the House of Representatives, on behalf of the American people.)


Marathon Pundit honors 5,561 of our fallen.
TMH at Noisyroom: Happy 4th of July from Noisyroom!
Pam Geller: The Noblest of Birthdays.
Malkin: Happy 234th
John Kass--Chicago Tribune: Pigs in a pen deliver lesson about freedom.
Andrew Breitbart: "Big Peace" Launched


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Saturday, July 03, 2010


Abu Daoud (Mohammed Oudeh) was one of the key planners of the attack on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. During the attack, 11 Israelis were taken hostage. Later, during a botched rescue attempt, all 11 of the hostages were killed. Shockingly, the Munich Games were not canceled. *(Correction: 11 Israelis died; 9 of the 11 died in the rescue attempt.)

Daoud, like Charles Manson in the Tate murders, did not participate in the Munich attack, he just planned it. And, like Bill Ayers, Daoud has no regrets:

"In 2006 Abu Daoud said he 'regrets nothing' and would not apologize for being one of the masterminds of the Munich attack. He told Germany's Spiegel TV it was up to Palestinians to 'fight as long as it takes Israel to recognize our rights…You can only dream that I would apologize.'"

In 1972, we had no 24-hour cable news coverage. So when this international crisis broke out, ABC had to go with what reporters they had available on the scene. Jim McKay, a sports reporter and the face and voice of ABC's Wide World of Sports, was their go-to guy.

When ABC confirmed the report, McKay reported to the world, "They're all gone."

Members of the 1972 Israeli Olympic team, photographed just before their departure for Munich. The 11 team members taken hostage and subsequently murdered were: 1) wrestling referee Yossef Gutfreund (inset), age 40; 2) wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg, 33; 3) weightlifter Yossef Romano, 31; 4) weightlifter David Berger, 28; 5) weightlifter Ze'ev Friedman, 28; 6) wrestler Eliezer Halfin, 24; 7) track coach Amitzur Shapira, 40; 8) shooting coach Kehat Shorr, 53; 9) wrestler Mark Slavin, 18; 10) fencing coach Andre Spitzer, 27; and 11) weightlifting judge Yakov Springer, 51.

(This story via Breitbart News.)

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Friday, July 02, 2010


What do you call a state with the highest unemployment rate, highest foreclosure rate and, percentage-wise, one of the worst budgetary messes in the nation? Nevada.

"Seven out, line away," the stickman said.

Politically, in Nevada, the name Reid is synonymous with Mudd. Just ask Harry's son, Rory, who's reduced the use of the family name in his bid for Nevada's governorship.
Rory 2010! Good luck with that.

Come November 2nd, Rory and his pappy might find themselves on a father-son outing. Out of politics, that is.

I have some friends with elderly parents living in Reno. They visit them at least once a month, sometimes two or three times. On their return, I require a Reno status report. Each time it's worse, and the latest was more of the same but with one additional item that flew under most economic radar screens.

Hot August Nights, the biggest annual Reno draw, is slowly beginning to leave town. HAN began 24 years ago and draws hundreds of thousands (800,000) of people to the city for a week-long party. It's an economic cash cow, but it's drying up. Locals are being told that the producers are moving the concert-car convention to other cities because too many people are signing up for the competition. Not enough room in Reno? BS. Locals know what the deal is, and if you look at the HAN website, you'll find the truth buried in one of their FAQ sections explaining the move. It boils down to protecting the "economic viability" of HAN. In other words: Reno is dying a slow, painful economic death and HAN is moving on to greener pastures. South Lake Tahoe and Long Beach, California will be reaping the influx of tourist dollars as HAN begins partial openings in those cities. A five year contract has already been signed with Long Beach. This is a huge blow to Reno; Harry and son will be feeling it in November, too--Chilly November Nights.

Many businesses in Nevada have closed, about to close or going through various forms of reorganization. Some famous, some not so famous. One of the more famous cases--historic as well--is the Cal Neva Resort located at Tahoe's North Shore. (North Shore is just down the road from Reno.) Because of its history, Cal Neva's failure makes for an interesting read, mainly because of its former owner: Frank Sinatra. Back in the '60s, Frank, Dean and Sammy filled the place to overflowing. It was the place to be... and to be seen. Except, of course, in the case of Sam Giancana. In '62, Marilyn Monroe spent her final weekend out at the Cal Neva. Days later she was found dead in Los Angeles. (As a side bar, I bet Burt Boyar could tell a few stories about the good ol' days at the North Shore with Sammy. Whenever I think of Sammy, I think of Burt.)

Months ago, however, Cal Neva finally fell victim to the current economic realities of doing business in Nevada. Business that dated back to the '20s. Even though it was some months ago, people won't forget the historic significance of Cal Neva's demise as they enter the polling booth; it won't be lost on the Reids, either.

Staying in the vein of gambling, let's move east to Massachusetts where those elected to misrun the state's business have come up with the solution of solutions to plug their massive budget gaps:
gaming expansion. Hey, it worked great for California. There isn't enough room here on blogger to explain just how bad this decision is, so I won't bother. Just enjoy the ride to economic and social Hell, Massachusetts.

Turning around and heading back west, the fine folks running the city of Maywood, California have also come up with a solution to solve their econ probs:
fire everyone. This includes the police dept. Their plan is to "contract out" all city services, thus becoming a "contract city." Police coverage will be contracted through the county, and other services will be contracted to nearby cities. How creative. Why not open a casino? Idiots. With this contract option, one question came to mind: what if a city decides to follow Maywood but doesn't have a nearby police force that's able to take the contract? What then? Maybe this is where Obama's grand plan begins to creep in.

As you go about celebrating this weekend,
take time to consider our nation's founding, its documents and what this nation means to you and to millions worldwide. And don't forget about those who wear our nation's uniform, either. They're about the only friends we've got.

If you find yourself hanging around the house on Sunday,
TCM is running Yankee Doodle Dandy at 5:30 PST. One of the best patriotic movies ever produced. "My mother thanks you; my father thanks you; my sister thanks you; and I thank you."

Frances Langford stars in this movie. I posted about her passing
here. She was a doll, and a true American patriot too.


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