Sunday, July 31, 2011



Wisconsin has become ground zero in the fight between corrupt big-union bosses and the fiscally responsible conservatives, which are trying to usher in legislative policies that will fix their state’s budget.

Six Wisconsin State Senators that have represented their constituents with honesty and integrity are under attack from the left. They have engaged in productive debate and advocated for fiscally responsible solutions to Wisconsin’s financial woes.

The well-funded and well-organized Democratic Party and Big-Union machines are trying to defeat the State Senators featured below. It is time to reclaim common sense. The Tea Party Express is coming to Wisconsin to defend these conservative Senators.

Reclaiming Common Sense Tour Route


12:00 Noon – 1:30pm :: Rally in Hudson, WI Location: Lakefront Park Bandshell First Street Hudson, WI

5:30pm – 7:00pm :: Rally in La Crosse, WI Location: Copeland Park Oktoberfest Shelter 1130 Copeland Park Dr. La Crosse, WI


11:00am – 12:30pm :: Rally in Fond du Lac, WI Location: Village Park

2:30pm – 4:00pm :: Rally in New London, WI Location: Crystal Falls Banquet Facility 1500 Handschke Dr. New London, WI 54961

6:00pm – 7:30pm :: Rally in Merrill, WI


2:30pm – 4:00pm :: Rally in Kenosha, WI

5:30pm – 7:00pm :: Rally in Milwaukee, WI


12:00 Noon – 1:30pm :: Rally in Rhinelander, WI

5:00pm – 6:30pm :: Rally in Allouez, WI Location: Legends Brewhouse and Eatery 875 Heritage Rd De Pere, WI 54115

Join this battle and support our team that will be hitting the ground in Wisconsin and defending conservative values!

*Senator Robert Cowles (R) – Senator Cowles’ time in Wisconsin’s capitol has been dedicated to cutting waste and fraud. He has made strong calls for audits to both the public energy sector and state Medicaid program. He has been an ally to Wisconsin taxpayers, advocating for efficiency in government by cutting wasteful spending. As Senator Cowles faces a recall, he needs your support!

*Senator Alberta Darling (R) – Senator Darling has recognized the dire state of Wisconsin’s budget and has worked hard to reign in spending. She has co-authored the Job Creation Act, promoting private sector growth while voting to cut taxes. Senator Darling is working hard to protect Wisconsin and she needs your help!

*Senator Sheila Harsdorf (R) –Senator Harsdorf feels Wisconsinites are taxed enough and the only way to fix the budget is to slash government spending. The Senator has made a strong stand against the union bosses focused on recalling her saying: “Union bosses don’t run government, people do. I will not be intimidated into voting against taxpayers.” She has proven to be a strong representative of the people, but needs your support now!

*Senator Luther Olsen (R) – Senator Olsen is a dedicated proponent for education and has tirelessly advocated on the students behalf. He has recognized the flaws in the education system and by voting for Scott Walker’s collective bargaining law, shows he understands the damages big-unions have done to our education system. As Senator Olsen comes under fire from the desperate unions, he will need your help!

*Senator Randy Hopper (R) – Senator Hopper ran for office wanting to change the “politics-as-usual” mentality. Upon entering office, he donated his legislative pay raise to three YMCAs’ Strong Kids Campaigns. As a former small business owner, he is focused on economic development and job creation. He has committed to lowering taxes and growing the economy – support Senator Hopper as he fights off this unwarranted recall election!

*Senator Dan Kapanke (R) – Senator Kapanke, a veteran and former business owner, was named “Legislator of the Year” for is innovative ideas and strong stance on Wisconsin’s out-of-control spending. Senator Kapanke was one of the big proponents to the collective bargaining law that was passed in Wisconsin recently. He is a proven conservative reformer, which in-turn has put him in the crosshairs of the unions. As the recall election approaches, he needs your help!


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Thursday, July 28, 2011


In all practicality, this is John McCain's last dance in Washington, so he doesn't give a rat's ass what he says or what you think. So, it was just a matter of time before McCain crowed loud enough lest there be any doubts about his true nature.

We've long known McCain to be a liar, a RINO, a progressive... he's all that and then some. We know it, he knows it and without a doubt the world knows it. But have the voters of Arizona figured it out, yet? I wonder about them (with the exception of all residents of Surprise.)

Andrea Shea King--cross-posted at The NoisyRoom--shared her thoughts and included the thoughts of Dave from Dallas. Dave is the type Washington insiders simply loathe, because he has them figured right down to the last ruble and expresses his thoughts in a very clear and understandable manner. No Washington speak coming from this Texan. He knows "ruling class" when he sees it and says as much.

After thinking about the McCain floor speech yesterday, I was reminded of his '08 concession speech. Some have forgotten it--for good reason--but it was clear to all what this man was all about. When I listened to it the night of the election, I remember getting the feeling Obama and McCain were playing both ends against the middle and the election result was predetermined long before the actual election. It never felt right. And then McCain took the podium to announce his defeat.

First, the speech is 10 minutes or so but you need only listen for a minute, maybe two. If you go any deeper the vomit begins backing up in your throat. This concession speech was so ridiculous that his own people immediately turned on him, and McCain had to raise his little bitty arms to get them to back off... then he went forth with... well, just listen.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It's a rare honor to meet people like Debbie Lee and to know of her son, Marc Alan Lee. I met Debbie one early morning in Berkeley, California, as we stood together along with many other patriots to fight the city council's actions against the local Marine Corps recruiting station. It's the one and only time we met, but I will never forget the day or her. She is a true American Warrior, and one deserving of your support. Benjamin Smith writes about her in the Tea Party Tribune. You know what to do...


An Open Letter to All Patriots | Tea Party Tribune, by Benjamin Smith

I want to introduce you guys to someone who has changed my life — in crazy ways, great ways and tormenting ways — but all for the better. Her name is Debbie Lee and her son, Marc Alan Lee, was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq on Aug. 2, 2006.

I met Debbie at CPAC last year, listened to the heroic efforts of her son on that fateful day in Iraq and her amazing life story. She also spoke of what she was doing with the Tea Party Express and the present state of our country’s political problems. Needless to say, I was in tears. Seeing the purity in her soul, I immediately offered her my assistance in anything she may ever do or need (and that’s just the way we should be with the families of our fallen).

Since I have met Debbie, I have heard so much about her son and learned from him as if we were swim-buddies. I have also grown to understand and appreciate Debbie’s organization, Debbie’s organization was founded and inspired by her son’s last letter home, before he was killed. This letter is an illustration of war and the nasty people associated with it. In the letter, Marc pleads with us to do ‘random acts of kindness’ and truly take care of each other as Americans. Debbie’s organization is her way of picking up the flag in the wake of her son’s death.

America’s Mighty Warriors is a multifaceted organization aiming to help the families of the fallen in their time of need and grief, by sending care packages to military overseas and by advocating for troops. What some may not realize is, when a person is in the military, the soldier does not have civil rights – he or she has the UCMJ.

Debbie is an amazingly driven and busy woman and she needs help with a bunch of things (I am not telling her that I am writing this…. I know she wouldn’t let me post it).

She runs an all-volunteer staff — and we all know good help is hard to find – and strong volunteers are sometimes even harder to find. She speaks all over the country, many times for free.

I am here today to tell you of her service and dedication to the cause of our troops. She is committed to educate people on the importance of military and help civilians understand the sacrifices made by our military every single day.

I ask you to help this noble woman on her quest by helping her and volunteering or giving some money. This woman is amazing and deserves our help.

This week is her birthday and Aug. 2 is the anniversary of her son’s death.

Understandably, this is an emotional time for her and she needs our help. I recommend that you go to the site and listen to her speak and to read her son’s “Glory Letter.”

If it touches you, then consider helping America’s Mighty Warriors with a donation or with volunteering your time.

Debbie has a heart of gold and takes absolutely no money out of AMW herself. All donations go to her charity and to the troops. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for our troops. I have watched her walk up to multiple military men at the airports and buy their lunches or dinners and I’ve seen her hand out ‘thank you’ cards to servicemen and women she didn’t even know. Debbie is a treasure and we need to help support her in all she does because it is good and right.

Debbie accepts donations through her website. Please visit the America’s Mighty Warriors Donation Page to send what you can.

Help me help her please. It would mean a lot.


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Hat tip: The Radio Patriot

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Fresh off a trip to New York City and experiencing six airport terminals without once being molested by TSA, Andrea Shea King is playing "ketchup" at her site. There's so much to blog about on a normal day that one can sometimes get overwhelmed by it all, especially when you get behind on the constant flow of information and breaking news. Head over to her site--The Radio Patriot--and see why she was invited to the big city.

For me, it's one of those days too. Which subject to do I rant about?--and I'm in a ranting mood. Lucky for me, one of my "Special Ops" comrades has made my job that much easier--Kevin Jackson from The Black Sphere. His recent rant was linked in the "Special Ops" email thread. I've always wanted to be with the special ops guys and gals--the Edward Lansdale type of life and all, but it's really nothing like that. Just a lot of very smart operatives who know their stuff and are able to express themselves ever so eloquently. This makes them very dangerous and troublesome to many in the DC power structure--both sides of the aisle have no idea what to do with them or the Tea Party in general.

Getting back to Jackson, he posted his rant this morning and I will be sending you over to his site for a look see, as well as adding him to my blogroll. What's more, this evening I will be having show host Andrea Shea King make mention of Jackson's very pointed rant about the process in DC and individuals working the process against us. (You don't know this, but Andrea's spooled up like a Rolls Royce jet engine, awaiting clearance to taxi into position) She gets this way from time to time.

When Andrea rode with the Tea Party Express, in this case TPX IV, I did daily updates as Andrea reported from the road. Oct 30, 2010, TPX pulled into St. Louis for their Tea Party Express rally. Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit captured this photo of Andrea and Kevin Jackson. In the background is Herman Cain speaking to gathered patriots. It's great photo composition on Hoft's part.

Here's Kevin Jackson's rant: TEA PARTY CRASHES ORGY.

*Kevin Jackson is author of the Amazon best-seller The BIG Black Lie, and The Black Sphereblog.

TONIGHT: The Andrea Shea King Show--9 PM ET. Call in at 646-478-4604. See you in the chat room!!


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Monday, July 25, 2011

"Allen West Challenges GOP"---(and boy does he!!)

Hat tip: Shoplifted from Terresa Monroe-Hamilton's NoisyRoom. (TWD's thoughts: Rep Allen West is currently holding a position he's clearly over-qualified for. Being a congressman is not the highest and best use of his time, energy and resources.)

Allen West Challenges Republican Party to Show Leadership


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**Just received this via iPhone from Andrea Shea King. Andrea is inflight back to the Space Coast from an engagement over the weekend in NYC. She'll be talking about her trip and the debt crisis as well on tonight's Andrea Shea King Show--9 PM ET.

Speaker Boehner, GOP Leaders Outline Two-Step Approach to Cut Spending, Avoid Default

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement on the two-step approach for cutting spending and preserving the full faith and credit of the United States that GOP leaders discussed with their Republican colleagues today:
“Republicans have put forward a responsible, common-sense proposal that meets our obligations to the American people and preserves the full faith and credit of the United States. This plan is far from perfect, but it adheres to our principles of ensuring that spending cuts are greater than any debt hike and it includes no tax increases. Importantly, it reflects the principles of ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance.’
“Time is running short and it would be irresponsible for the President to veto this common-sense plan and run the risk of default. I would encourage the Senate to pass this plan and the President to sign it.”
NOTE: This two-step approach outlined by GOP leaders today will (1) make spending cuts that are larger than any debt ceiling increase; (2) implement spending caps to restrain future spending; and (3) advance the cause of the Balanced Budget Amendment – without tax hikes on families and job creators. Here is more information on the plan:
  • Cuts That Exceed The Debt Hike. The framework would cut and cap discretionary spending immediately, saving $1.2 trillion over 10 years (subject to CBO confirmation), and raise the debt ceiling by less – up to $1 trillion.
  • Caps To Control Future Spending. The framework imposes caps on discretionary spending that would establish clear limits on future spending and serve as a barrier against government expansion while the economy grows. Failure to remain below these caps will trigger automatic across-the-board cuts (otherwise known as sequestration).
  • Balanced Budget Amendment. The framework advances the cause of the Balanced Budget Amendment by requiring the House and Senate to vote on the measure after October 1, 2011 but before the end of the year, allowing the American people time to build sufficient support for this popular reform.
  • Entitlement Reforms & Savings. The framework creates a Joint Committee of Congress that is required to report legislation that would produce a proposal to reduce the deficit by at least $1.8 trillion over 10 years. Each Chamber would consider the proposal of the Joint Committee on an up-or-down basis without any amendments. If the proposal is enacted, then the President would be authorized to request a debt limit increase of $1.6 trillion.
  • No Tax Hikes. The framework includes no tax hikes, a key principle that Republicans have been fighting for since day one.
Two-Step Approach to Hold President Obama Accountable Posted by Speaker Boehner's Press Office on July 25, 2011
All year long, House Republicans have led on the serious issues facing our country and set the terms of the debate over the debt limit. Republicans insisted if the President wants his debt ceiling increase, the American people will require serious spending cuts and reforms. This framework, while far from perfect, meets House Republicans’ criteria by (1) making spending cuts that are larger than any debt ceiling increase; (2) implementing spending caps to restrain future spending; and (3) advancing the cause of the Balanced Budget Amendment – without tax hikes on families and job creators. While this is not the House-passed “Cut, Cap, & Balance,” it is a package that reflects the principles of Cut, Cap, & Balance.
The framework outlines a two-step approach that would hold President Obama accountable and certify government spending continues to be cut as the debt ceiling is raised, despite the President’s demand for a $2.4 trillion debt limit increase all at once -- without spending cuts that exceed the hike. Here is more information on the plan:
The framework includes spending cuts that would exceed the amount of the increased debt authority granted to the President. The framework would cut and cap discretionary spending immediately, saving $1.2 trillion over 10 years (subject to CBO confirmation), and raise the debt ceiling by less up to $1 trillion to approximately February. Congress must vote to cut spending FIRST. Then, the President may ask for debt authority of up to $1 trillion, which will be subject to a vote of disapproval by the House and Senate that can be vetoed by the President.
The framework imposes spending caps that would establish clear limits on future spending and serve as a barrier against government expansion while the economy grows. Failure to remain below these caps will trigger automatic across-the-board cuts (otherwise known as sequestration). This is the same mechanism used in the 1997 Balanced Budget Agreement.
The framework advances the cause of the Balanced Budget Amendment by requiring the House and Senate to vote on the measure after October 1, 2011 but before the end of the year, allowing the American people time to build sufficient support for this popular reform.
The framework creates a Joint Committee of Congress that is required to report legislation – by November 23, 2011 – that would produce a proposal to reduce the deficit by at least $1.8 trillion over 10 years. The committee would be made up of 12 members, three each appointed by the Speaker, House Minority Leader, Senator Majority leader and Senate Minority Leader. Co-chairs will be chosen by the Speaker and Senate Majority Leader. Each chamber would consider the proposal of the Joint Committee on an up-or-down basis without any amendments. It would not be subject to filibuster in the Senate. If the proposal is enacted, then the President would be authorized to request a debt limit increase of $1.6 trillion. The goal of the committee would be to produce legislation that reforms entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, protect them from bankruptcy, and put them on a sounder financial footing.
The framework includes no tax hikes, a key principle that Republicans have fought for since day one

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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hat tip: Joe and Doris, Northern California.

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FDR’s Infamous Court-Packing Scheme

by Jacob G. Hornberger

Among the things that pro-New Deal advocates hardly ever bring up is one of the most shameful acts by a president in U.S. history. That’s the infamous “court-packing” scheme that President Franklin Roosevelt proposed when the Supreme Court was declaring much of his New Deal unconstitutional.

Not only was the philosophy of the New Deal, with its elements of socialism and fascism, alien to the principles of liberty and free markets on which our nation was founded, it was also in violation of the principles of limited government established by the Framers in the Constitution. That was why the Supreme Court was declaring much of the New Deal unconstitutional

There were four justices leading the way toward declaring New Deal programs unconstitutional: Sutherland, Van Devanter, Butler, and McReynolds. They became known as the Four Horsemen. Sometimes, the decisions declaring a New Deal program were 5-4, with a justice named Owen Roberts joining the Four Horsemen.

Roosevelt had an option that he could have pursued to circumvent the Supreme Court, one that the Constitution itself provided. To achieve the economic revolution that he sought, he could have pursued an amendment to the Constitution, one in which he formally asked the American people to reject the free-market way of life on which the U.S. had been founded and to accept a socialist and interventionist economic system.

Instead, he deceitfully led the American people into believing that this new economic system would actually “save” freedom and free markets, despite the fact that its welfare-state and regulatory principles were directly contrary to those of a free-enterprise system, that is a system free of government control and interference.

Even worse, once he realized that the Supreme Court was interfering with his plans by simply doing its job, he proposed his infamous plan in which he sought to pack the Supreme Court with his judicial cronies, so as to have the necessary votes to sustain the constitutionality of his programs.

Here’s how FDR’s plan was going to work. For every justice over the age of 70, Roosevelt would be able to appoint an additional justice. He had calculated that given the ages of the sitting justices, his plan would give him the necessary votes he needed to get his program sustained.

Roosevelt claimed that the reason he was proposing his plan was simply to relieve the workload of the Supreme Court. It was just more deceit, which was exposed when the Chief Justice of the United States showed that the Court was up-to-date with all its cases.

To the everlasting credit of the American people, they raised a tremendous uproar and protest against the plan. By and large, Americans realized that Roosevelt was altering America’s economic system in fundamental ways. After all, they lived in a country in which people had lived for more than 125 years with the right to accumulate unlimited amounts of wealth and to do whatever they wanted with it—and in a country in which economic activity was, by and large, free of government control.

But given the Great Depression, many Americans were willing to let Roosevelt get away with his new-fangled economic system. Not so, however, with the judicial system that the Framers had established with the Constitution. Americans refused to let FDR go that far, and their outcry against his court-packing scheme caused Congress to overwhelming defeat it.

Roosevelt, however, ended up winning the war. Soon after his court-packing scheme went down to defeat, Justice Roberts voted with the other side in the watershed case of West Coast Hotel vs. Parrish in 1937. From day that forward, the Supreme Court would never again declare any of Roosevelt’s economic programs unconstitutional, especially once the Four Horsemen began retiring from the bench and being replaced with pro-New Deal justices.

While Roberts always claimed that he had not switched his vote in response to Roosevelt’s court-packing scheme, his vote became known in judicial annals as the “switch in time that saved nine.”

Unlike the legislative branch, which oftentimes responds to popular will, the role of the judicial branch is different. Its job is simply to place legislation against the Constitution and determine whether the two are consistent, regardless of whether the legislation is popular among the masses or not. If it isn’t constitutional, then it is the job of the Court to so declare it. With his court-packing scheme, Roosevelt tried to tamper with that system. While the scheme failed in the short run, Roosevelt got his way in the long run.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Doesn't quite seem possible, but it's been 42 years since man first walked on the moon. A technological feat so awesome that I doubt it will ever be surpassed. It's one of those few "Where were you?" moments that happens in life.

Each year I try to honor the day. It's usually a proud and happy day but this year it feels different: It's a sad day since it marks the highest point in American manned space flight, and tomorrow the American manned space flight program comes to an end when Atlantis rolls to a stop on a Florida runway. Technically, NASA will still have a manned program, just no vehicle to carry American astronauts into space. If that's our goal, we'll be paying the Russians for a seat on one of their rockets. Like I said, it's a sad day.

The journey to have Americans walk on the moon didn't begin on July 20th, 1969, when Armstrong opened the Eagle's hatch; it began with John Kennedy setting a goal for America back in the early 1960s. JFK didn't live to see the day nor did his brother Robert. Brother Ted was otherwise preoccupied, securing a good legal defense team.

On the morning of July 16th, 1969, Apollo 11 sat atop the towering Atlas V rocket on launch pad 39-A. The Florida weather was in a cooperative mood. The goal of the mission was simply stated: send a man to the moon and return him safely. Buzz Aldrin recalls the moments just before being strapped in for launch:

"While Mike and Neil were going through the complicated business of being strapped in and connected to the spacecraft's life-support system, I waited near the elevator on the floor below. I waited alone for fifteen minutes in a sort of serene limbo. As far as I could see there were people and cars lining the beaches and highways. The surf was just beginning to rise out of an azure-blue ocean. I could see the massiveness of the Saturn V rocket below and the magnificent precision of Apollo above. I savored the wait and marked the minutes in my mind as something I would always want to remember."

Yes, we will always want to remember. God Bless America.


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Monday, July 18, 2011


Congressman Allen West says what we all know to be true: OBAMA IS A MARXIST.


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I will be the guest on the Terry Lakin Action Fund Radio Show Monday afternoon at 3:00pm Eastern, 2:00pm Central, 1:00pm Mountain and Noon Pacific.

Here's the link to listen live on Monday afternoon or streaming. The streaming file will be posted Tuesday morning.

I was asked to do a wee YouTube video on LTC Lakin and was delighted to oblige. Here is it.

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Monday, July 11, 2011


Yesterday, the Radio Patriot was telling me about a post Terresa Monroe-Hamilton did at NoisyRoom on Big Brother's latest project: Smart Meters. If you're not up to speed on these devices, by all means hit the above link and learn about them.

I've heard of these Marxist monitoring devices and was wondering when they'd begin arriving in my town. So, I stepped outside last night to take a look. I was quite surprised at what I found attached to the side of my home. First thing in the morning I was shooting video of what I found. I suggest you take a look around your home as well. Big Brother has arrived, and he's headed your way in the very near future.

The Marxist nightmare is beginning to take shape, and it's moving fast.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


"The Undefeated" coming to a theater near you July 15th. See it!

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Saturday, July 09, 2011

"Some of the best nothing money can buy"

Following in the same vein as a post I did earlier--"Are Conservatives Really This Stupid," this 4 minute video lays out another look at what's being presented to us and the world as action being taken, when in fact nothing at all is being done. Just words and so-called debate fashioned and presented in such a way that it appears that action is being taken. Hat tip: NoisyRoom.

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"Are Conservatives Really This Dumb?"

That is the question and I'm fairly certain we all know the answer. We see this type of analysis--asking the important questions but ending up confused--all the time. It's about time people started to notice the absurdity of it. From The Radio Patriot via Pink Flamingo Bar:

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


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Gently lifted from Terresa Monroe-Hamilton's NoisyRoom.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


The jury has decided Casey Anthony is not guilty on the charges of murder. With the exception of a few loose ends, this case is over.

Because this case involved the tragic death of a beautiful baby girl, coupled with her mother’s life in jeopardy, it was high drama. It was a soap opera. It was the ultimate in reality tv. It also was a major distraction, and I’m happy it’s finally over and done with.

A few days ago, one of the brilliant legal talking heads referred to this case as the “trial of the century.” All I could do is shake my head in disbelief. In my opinion, this case was nothing more than the distraction of the century.

The real “trial of the century” is the one that has been ongoing for years: Communism vs. The United States of America. We the People are the defendants and so far it’s not looking good for our side. This is the case we should be totally focused on and fighting to win—at all costs! This is the trial of the century, and for centuries to come.

You want high drama? This case is the definition of high drama—our lives and the lives of millions around the world literally hang in the balance, so you had better start paying attention and get involved in the process of fighting for freedom.

Not tomorrow, TODAY!


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