Thursday, November 30, 2006


Betsy Newmark's column covers the history of Congress' management during wartime. She starts at the beginning--the Founding Fathers--and shows us why the President should be in control during times of war. A history lesson.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

THE WAR IS ON--AGAIN with update

We are bombarded daily with similar stories, and with each reading they become less shocking, and that's by design. I'm here to say that you should be shocked. This crap is beyond belief, in this country, anyway. It was unheard of when I was a kid growing up in Illinois, and then it slowly leached into our system over the past couple decades. You should be shocked. But, sadly, you are not.

Your NATION is being taken away from you and it will not be given back without a fight. A bloody fight. The "mall zombies," those who choose to not participate, are helping to give our NATION away. Just giving the damn thing away, and relegating their children and grandchildren to a life within our borders that is unthinkable. But, in their defense, there is a SALE going on...somewhere.

If my grandparents were alive today, or my uncle Marion, there'd be some furniture being moved around. They wouldn't stand for this for one second.

Why? Because they weren't busy shopping; they were busy building this NATION for their kids and grandkids, the same NATION that we're selling off piece by piece. They would be ashamed of us.

Read this article. And if this picture "offends" you, get over it. For others participating in the war, click here.

***UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt gets involved--Calls Mayor Daley out. Kitty posts a similar theme. Radio Patriots get in on the act too.

This picture was painted by Loyd Fannin, and you can buy some of his other great works here.




"A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

Political Correctness operates the same as a re-education camp within our borders. Yes, you are being re-educated daily. The promoters of this doctrine are everywhere and yet you can't point a finger at any one individual or organization, unless you direct your attention to the MSM as a whole.

The MSM operates on the principles of Political Correctness; its efforts have slowly seeped into our political arena, valued institutions, your speech and thinking.

Those who believe in PC clearly don't get the "big picture," nor do they understand the danger involved in promoting it. Either that, or they have an agenda.

Whether it be PC or the war in Iraq--especially the war in Iraq--there are many who don't get the "big picture"--this would be one of them. Tamarika would suggest "lest," I'm sure.

1938 is upon us again...

Thanks, Vic.


Monday, November 27, 2006


Andi says:

"Never underestimate the value of pets. If you have one, I would suggest giving him/her an extra hug tonight, or a long belly rub. Take your pet on an extra-long walk or give them a special treat "just because." Cherish your time with your pets, and never take them for granted. One day, you'll give anything for one more hour together."

Just because.



Click to enlarge.

If you're ever in the neighborhood.

Hat tip to Vic in Arizona.



Ex-Brigadier General Janis Karpinski is getting even with Donald Rumsfeld. She's now saying that Rummy personally authorized the illegal treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison while she was in command of the facility.

Karpinski says she read a memo from Rumsfeld detailing the methods (Newsmax):

Karpinski, who ran the prison until early 2004, said she saw a memorandum signed by Rumsfeld detailing the use of harsh interrogation methods.

"The handwritten signature was above his printed name and in the same handwriting in the margin was written: "Make sure this is accomplished"," she told Saturday's El Pais.

From my reading of the article it doesn't appear that Karpinski actually has the memo in her possession.

Karpinski is upset over being held responsible for the acts at Abu Ghraib prison, but, it appears that she was going to lose that rank anyway. Apparently, while completing paperwork for her promotion to general, she forgot to include an arrest she had in Florida for SHOPLIFTING (WaPo) (CTV):

"The shoplifting charge stemmed from a misdemeanor incident in which Karpinski allegedly stole cosmetics in Florida before she was promoted to one-star general. Her failure to disclose the arrest was against Army regulations."

It just slipped her mind, I guess. A full-bird colonel arrested for shoplifting? I watch a lot of news and I've never heard about this arrest on tv. The two articles linked above are from early last year and it's the only place I've seen it mentioned, and then it was only mentioned deep into the article.

Karpinski's cred with me is limited, at best. Maybe the folks in Florida know more about this arrest.


Friday, November 24, 2006


Iran wants to play by its own set of rules. This organization doesn't go along with that attitude and sends Iran packing.

If this is true, it should scare the hell out of you.

The blogless Mary Ann in Ohio sent this video to me about Tucker Carlson and the Imams being removed from their flight. I'm not a fan of Tucker, but here he is anyway.

Singing legend has passed on. What a life she had.

Leftovers from the interview with Dr. Cyril Wecht on the JFK assassination: It's an interesting list. Here's the follow-up on the first name on that list. This family was huge in Illinois media for decades; Marathon Pundit will remember them, I'm sure.

JFK's religion was front and center during the 1960 elections because a Catholic had never been President. Brainster points out that Romney is facing a similar problem. Interesting numbers.

I agree with you, Larry. You're a coward.

Kramer has pretty much destroyed what was left of his career, and worse yet, he's damaged the Seinfeld series. You can never watch Seinfeld again without thinking of Michael Richards and his racist rantings. Too bad.



Tuesday, November 21, 2006

DALLAS, TEXAS, 11-22-63 with update

***UPDATE: If you missed the first broadcast at 3 EST, you really missed a great show. I think it was the best interview to date. You can hear the rebroadcast at 9 PM EST by using the link at the bottom of this post.

43 years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, Texas, while riding in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza.
On today's Constitutional Public Radio, Mark and Andrea will be revisiting that day and interviewing one of the medical experts who played a major role in Congress' 1978 investigation.

Dr. Cyril H. Wecht was called on to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations. He argued against the theory that Kennedy was shot by a lone gunman from the Texas School Book Depository, a finding that the Warren Commission embraced. It was partly as a result of Wecht's testimony that the final report stated that:

"the committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy."

Because of that conclusion, it could be said that the Warren Commission's final report was incorrect, or worse, a fabrication. Wecht attacks the Warren Report on many levels, but his main focus was on the single-bullet theory; a theory that was created (invented) by Arlen Specter.

Read Dr. Wecht's testimony to the HSCA here. (I'm sure Dr. Wecht will discuss the neck wound on today's show. It's a key item in the case)

Information on just about EVERYONE involved in this murder, click here. You probably don't remember this woman, but she was one of the most interesting figures involved in the investigation. She was one of the people who decided to commit suicide, so the report says. As a young child, I remember watching her on tv. I had no idea she was wrapped up in this story until years later. Mark and Andrea probably remember her.

Many books have been written about the assassination, however, none to my knowledge were ever kept out of this country until many years had passed. For background on a book like that, click here. To read the book, click here. I first learned of this book in 1978 but couldn't obtain a copy at that time because I was told it was probably out of print. I remember this book because a retired CIA agent told my poli-sci lab about it while he was lecturing at my college in Monterey. No one in the class will ever forget what he told us, and because of his lecture, I never lost interest in this case.

Many people suggest that the media in the United States and abroad were manipulating this story (and still are) in an effort to confuse the public, to hide certain facts, or to just paint a picture the government wants you to see. I don't know what to tell you, so just click here. With all the talk of media bias, one must wonder if this isn't happening today. Just a thought.

Dan Rather was on the job in Dallas that day, too, doing what he does best:

CBS News Southern bureau chief Dan Rather was one of the few reporters to see the Abraham Zapruder film on Monday afternoon, November 25. In his narration of the film as part of CBS nationwide television coverage that day, Rather said the President's head "went forward with considerable violence." This narration confirmed the so-called "Oswald position" for the nation, but he said nothing about the violent backward motion of the President's head which would have suggested a second gunman to conspiracy believers. Rather apologized later in 1970s when the Zapruder film was shown on television by saying it was "an honest error." Some things never change, do they?

Unless you were Dan Rather, you didn't get to see the Zapruder film until March of 1975, when Geraldo Rivera showed it to the American public for the first time on his nightly tv show. 12 years after the fact? That begs another question. Prior to 1975, the American public saw "still" frames from the film in magazines, books, and newspapers.

Live Cam in Dealey Plaza from the sixth floor window.

Just for fun, read Jim Garrison's 1976 Playboy interview. This man went through the wringer, and then some.

CONSTITUTIONAL PUBLIC RADIO can be heard live on the internet at 3 PM EST. Join the live in-show chat room, or call the show toll free at:1-800-648-1437. You won't want to miss this show.

Someone once said, "The best way to believe the Warren Report is to not read it at all."


Friday, November 17, 2006


I saw this video over at Ace of Spades and I had to steal it. Times have changed in this country.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Andi's World points out that Mercedes-Benz has a new ad campaign staff. They're not too smart but they're sure gettin' the word out. God love 'em.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Greybeard, at Pitchpull, is a man I'd really like to meet one day, and on my next trip back to Illinois I will try to make that happen.

However, most people who meet him didn't plan on it, nor are they in very good health when they do.

He always comes to them...usually in the dark of night; the lucky ones, I'm sure, are most grateful that he stopped by.

In this post, he shares with his readers some of the people he's met this month--all Darwin Award Winners.



If not, that's ok. Michelle Malkin does. Malkin was "bleeped" on the O'Reilly Show for using a term that refers to "testicles." I wonder if it's ok to say "testicles"? If you watch the video, her bleep comes about 3/4 through but it's worth the wait, especially O'Reilly's response.

Also, Malkin has a poll about Steele...hmmm..."Balls of Steele?", it was something else. Anyway, I think it's good he didn't take the RNC chair (thx, GB) because he will make an attractive VP candidate in '08.

***Brainster has gone and done it with his endorsement of John McCain. He received a little flak, then he responded to each one of them. I don't like McCain, never did and probably never will. However, I like what Brainster is doing: Getting the discussion started, and early .

***John Ruberry has Nancy Pelosi, CAIR, and "correcting the patriot act" all in one post. Nothing to worry about, though, Pelosi is looking out for America. Sleep well.

***Stuck in Ohio. Well, if our angel, Mary Ann, had a blog, she'd point you to this story. I know she would.

***Corruption in Congress. Check out this site for the dirt. Don't know if it's true, just linkin' to it. (I really think it's true)

***The Bedford Incident. If you simply sink the SOBs, you don't have these problems. Ever.


"Read, be outraged and count your blessings..." Andi's World sticks it right in your deal with it!


Sunday, November 12, 2006


You know, just when you've just about given up on today's kids, one like Nichelle Cushing comes along and restores all faith. From the Anchorage Daily News:

The 15-year-old Palmer High School sophomore never met Pierce, an 80-year-old widower when he died Aug. 13 in Anchorage. She only knew he was a military veteran and thus deserved to have the traditional "lights out" signal played at his funeral and to have it played by a living, breathing human being.

"I feel our servicemen should be buried with an actual bugler," she said, "not a recording."

A few years ago, she watched a televised veteran's service at which taps was sounded from a boombox. The mechanical music offended her, so she found a battered Civil War-era bugle, taught herself to play it and, at age 11, became the youngest member of Bugles Across America.

We haven't had much good news this past week, but Nichelle Cushing's story is one that will carry me for quite some time. Read the whole story here. Then share it.



Hat tip: Ace of Spades



...that Melanie Morgan will be on The Andrea Shea-King Show tonight. Melanie will be joined by Gold Star Family, Joe and Jan Johnson. All the details and links are here.

(Go ahead, click on it.)

To purchase this poster and other items, click here.


Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today's the day dedicated to all our VETS. Many blogs are posting about the day but one in particular stood out for me, Andi's World. Thanks for sharing with everyone, Andi.


Friday, November 10, 2006


San Francisco talk radio host and Chairwoman of Move America Forward, Melanie Morgan, will be a guest on The Andrea Shea-King Show this Sunday night in Orlando. Melanie arranged for the Gold Star Families to secretly travel to Iraq this past week and will be bringing one of the families on Andrea's show with her. Joe and Jan Johnson will share with Andrea's listeners their experiences while in Iraq.

Melanie co-authored a just released book, American Mourning, which features the Johnson family. The Johnson family went to Iraq to see for themselves what is going on over there and to tell the troops that there are Americans who support and believe in their mission.

While in Iraq, the Gold Star Families were on hand to witness the reactions to Saddam's death sentence, the democratic takeover of Congress, and Rumsfeld's resignation. In addition to meeting the troops, the families were able to meet with many high-level Iraqi government officials. For more on the trip, go to Move America Forward. Lots of pics and links. Melanie has done a great job on this site in an effort to keep us informed.

The Andrea Shea-King Show, produced by Mark Vance, airs on Sunday nights in Orlando and can be heard live on the internet on WDBO 580 AM at 9 PM EST. You can join the live in-show chat room here. And you can call the show toll-free at: 1-800-329-5858

Tell everyone about this story--let's get a BIG CROWD in the chat room Sunday!!

Other Melanie Morgan posts are here, and here.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I think the picture says it all. Because of many people across the nation, including the blogs, our buddy, Tom, isn't in the mix. And for that we can be thankful. There will be plenty of time to discuss this sickening turn of congressional events, but I chose to focus on that which I can do something about. Something near and dear to our hearts--our wounded. I hope you'll join me.

We have less than a week remaining to reach our goal of $180,000. Less than a week! If you haven't donated yet, do so now. If you haven't blogged about it, now's the time. If you've already blogged about it, do it again, and again.

As of this morning, we've collected just under $120,000. I don't want to reach our goal, I want to surpass it and bring many needed laptops to our guys and gals. They've come to know they can depend on the blogs. Let's finish strong!!

This blogger says, "Keep your eye on the prize." Let's do just that.

About Project Valour-IT


Marines in the Garden of Eden--eBay auction--BID NOW.

Gulf War Chronicles--eBay auction--BID NOW.

NEW!! USAF Thunderbirds Memorabila--eBay auction--BID NOW.


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Following up on yesterday's show about the Gold Star Families secretly traveling to Iraq, Mark and Andrea will be interviewing Melanie Morgan. Morgan is the Chairwoman of the Sacramento based, pro-troop organization, Move America Forward, which made this historic trip possible.

Mark and Andrea interviewed Larry Middleton on yesterday's CPR, but Middleton was only able to give sparse details surrounding the trip. Middleton's cousin, Beth, has a boyfriend, Kristinn Taylor, who is on the trip. Taylor is the President of the D.C. Chapter of Free Republic, and was notified by Morgan just 3 days prior to leaving for the middle east.

Melanie Morgan, I would suspect, is in constant contact with the Gold Star Families, and will be able to pass along more details of the trip. The families are expected to return Friday or Saturday, at which time the full story of their trip will be covered. Hey, maybe the MSM will do some reporting as well. You just never know.

If you don't know who Melanie Morgan is, here's a little background:

She's the Chairwoman and co-founder of Move America Forward; she co-hosts a highly rated talk radio show on KSFO, San Francisco, and she just released a new book, America Mourning. Did I mention she writes a column for WorldNet Daily? Well, she does.

Morgan has traveled all over the globe to support our troops--from Crawford, Texas, Washington D.C., to Iraq!

Tune in to CPR today at 3 PM EST. Join our chat room here. And stop by Mark and Andrea's blog.


Monday, November 06, 2006


From the Sacramento Union:

"In a stunning and historic trip under the utmost secrecy, a delegation of families of fallen U.S. troops have traveled to Iraq to counter critics of the war effort, just days before the Nov. 7 midterm elections."

"The delegation of “Gold Star Families” agreed to provide the Sacramento Union with an exclusive account of their trip to Iraq based on the assurance that news of their mission would not be published until they had safely left Amman, Jordan."

"So secret is their trip that even members of the Bush Administration were kept in the dark about their planned activities."

If you haven't heard about this historic trip, it's because the MSM would rather you didn't.

After mentioning the story on The Andrea Shea-King Show last night, Andrea was contacted by someone who is close to one of the families.

Today, Andrea and Mark will be interviewing this person. This is still developing, so there might be more by show time.

CONSTITUTIONAL PUBLIC RADIO broadcasts live on the internet at 3PM EST. Join the live in-show chat room here.

This is one story you'll want to hear about and it was made possible by Melanie Morgan at Move America Forward.



We're at the halfway point in Project Valour-IT's fundraising efforts. As of this morning, we've raised $86,000 of the $180,000 goal. That's a lot of laptops!! But we're only halfway there and we need to continue getting the word out so we can reach our intended goal.

Team Army and Team Air Force had been fighting it out for first place, when Team Marines decided to go past both of us. Didn't see them coming. Though they're bringing up the rear, Team Navy is still in the game. Keep an eye on them.

You can check the progress of all teams, join one (Air Force), or simply donate a couple bucks. I suggest doing all three here.

Team Air Force is commanded by John Noonan, OP-FOR.

Won't you join us at Team Air Force....?


Sunday, November 05, 2006


There's nothing like waking up on Sunday morning, having a cup of java, and reading that Saddam has a date with the gallows. I read that he requested to stand before a firing squad but was refused. Good. Hanging is what he deserves. Malkin has all the details. This guy should be hanged too.

Of course, the actual hanging won't take place for quite some time because of appeals and other trials Saddam will be attending. My hope is that he stays healthy so that he can one day feel the rope being placed around his soon-to-be broken neck. I wonder if he'll go out like a man or cry like a baby? Reminds me of a Cagney movie.

I ran across a page listing executions by year in the States. Interesting. Something happened from '68 to '80, but it appears we're back on track. Personally, I don't agree with executing people in this country under the "reasonable doubt" standard; I think there should be a higher standard for taking one's life, but that's just me.

Anyway, Saddam will be enjoying what remains of his miserable life in a cell. We'll make sure he's comfortable in all ways. He'll enjoy the best in medical care, clothing, and, of course, he'll be eating good food. In fact, the other day, Saddam enjoyed Chinese fare. Afterwards, he opened his fortune cookie:

I have no doubt "doors" will be opening for him. First his cell door, then the "trapdoor."


Friday, November 03, 2006


If you're on the fence, then maybe this will help.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades



Our resident "Snake Driver" and all-around good guy, Greybeard, who blogs his heart out at Pitchpull, thinks his kid is brilliant.

I agree.


PROJECT VALOUR-IT...and other news

Fundraising for Project Valour-IT is coming along very well. We're one-third of the way there, but there's still much work to do. Don't let up now!! Team Air force is in second place, solidly. Team Doggies are in first.

There's now an auction taking place at eBay for two signed books by Richard S. Lowry; proceeds will go into the general fund.

Marines in the Garden of Eden--BID!!

Gulf War Chronicles--BID!!

Team Air Force's Commander, John Noonan.

**********OTHER NEWS

CONSTITUTIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, hosted by Mark Vance and Andrea Shea-King, has unveiled its new CHAT ROOM. The other one was nice but had some speed issues. The new one operates beautifully and will be a great addition to the show.

BTW, It's Blogger Friday at CPR. The show airs at 3 PM EST live on the internet. The new Chat Room is located here. Come join us.

Mark and Andrea blog at The Radio Patriots. Today, they have a story about an upcoming program on Fox TV that you'll not want to miss.

BLOGMEISTER USA has all kinds of good posts. Check her out.

A Rose By Any Other Name gives you something to think about.

MR. AND MRS. MEDIA MATTERS dressed Parker for Halloween. Stop by and leave them a note.

Question: Anyone out there have news about John Kerry?

Brought to you by The Radio Patriots. Thanks!!


Thursday, November 02, 2006


Today's interview on CPR with Kevin and Mary Jane McManus was one of the best. Brainster joined the interview and really made it memorable, and if you missed it, I encourage you to catch the replay at 10 PM EST. The show begins at 9 PM, but if time's an issue, 10 PM is when the interview begins.

Kevin and Mary Jane were involved in the documentary, Stolen Honor. It was the movie John Kerry didn't want you to see, and because of his efforts, many of you didn't. However, because of patriots like Kevin and Mary Jane McManus, enough of you did see it, and, today, Kerry's present address doesn't involve the number 1600. All I can say is, thanks for your service.

Again, listen to the replay, which begins in the second hour of the show (10 PM EST). And, Brainster, you were magnificent!! Andrea and Mark--I hope you can get them back on the show again soon. Great job...and what timing, too. (Chat room will be open, too)



It doesn't take a Lt. Columbo to figure out that John Kerry was taking a swipe at our military during a speech in California the other day. After all, Kerry has priors in that department. It was so obvious that his own party turned on him, forcing him to post an apology on his website. Well, he calls it an apology. I call it an insult, not so much for the wording he used, which was poor, at best, but for how he delivered it: ON HIS WEBSITE!!

Yes, on his website. Someone on Fox compared this so-called apology on his website to that of firing someone by TM; or by breaking up with your girlfriend by voicemail. Good points. Who apologizes to the US Military by website? John Kerry does.

Kerry has attacked our military on many occasions, and when he did he looked for Congressional Committees or press conferences to get the word out far and wide. The other day he made it "crystal clear" when giving his "I apologize to no one" speech, and he made damn sure he was in front of tv cameras, lights, and microphones. Crystal clear.

But, when his hand was forced by his own party, a party that was running away from him as fast as they could, Kerry posts a so-called apology on his website. No tv cameras, no microphones, no bright lights, and no Q & A session afterwards. Just a post on his website.

At his website, you can read his lame statement. But, to get a real look at Kerry, check his right sidebar for the videos he has so proudly posted. He has the Keith Olbermann piece from MSNBC. If you haven't seen it, you should. And, he posts the "I apologize to no one" speech from the other day. I think this tells volumes about Kerry's position toward our military.

It's time we started asking the questions Kerry has avoided so well, and they begin with SF 180. Kitty's pulling the curtain back on Kerry's past too. Brainster posts a Kerry cartoon that says it all.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Not bad for a non-story. Kerry has stepped in a warm, steamy pile, and I don't see him gettin' out of it anytime soon. An apology from this asshat would be meaningless, anyway. Pics below are from Michelle Malkin and The Radio Patriots. Thanks!!



I'm thinking there should've been a TEAM COAST GUARD, too. Because someone has to go out and locate TEAM NAVY. Lost at sea. The four teams are bringing in lots of money and are on pace to surpass their goal. Check on the teams' progress, join up, blog about it, and donate a couple bucks towards as great cause. Click here.

If you're late to this party, Project Valour-IT is explained here. If you're interested in joining or donating, I suggest doing it through TEAM AIR FORCE. Just a thought. There's a DONATION BUTTON at the top of my side bar. Use it.

TEAM AIR FORCE'S commander, John Noonan of OP-FOR, is doing a superb job of leading us to final victory. However, we could use a few more blogs to join our team. You can join TEAM AIR FORCE by clicking here. It only takes a second or two. Our door is open.

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