Thursday, June 30, 2005


The Dakota Pundit makes note of a travelling exhibit making its way across her state. The exhibit is attempting to educate or re-educate the locals about the World War II internment camps that were located in ND during the war. WWII's version of Club Gitmo? She makes some interesting observations in this post.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Even though the subject of voter fraud has been a frequent topic on the front page of papers like the New York Times, and the subject of many a John Kerry after-election speech(whine), I doubt you'll find this story on the front page of many papers. And I'm sure Kerry won't be on Hardball anytime soon commenting about it, either. Yup, Bush stole the election!

Reporting from Illinois is Marathon Pundit.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005


This Army wife is asking for help. Please get over there and see if you can be of assistance.

Hat Tip: Black Five




Monday, June 27, 2005


Kitty at Kitty Litter has come through with photographic documentation of her "busy" control center. Included in the photo is the soon-to-be-famous "DOG CAGE." I didn't believe it, but there it is. I'm afraid if I had a dog cage in my area, I'd probably find myself in it. So, now that she's come through with a pic, I thought I would do the same with a full-view of my control center. Compared to hers, I feel a bit like "Monk." Apparently, she's a lot more busy than I am.

I think she should get pics from everyone in her blog circle and do a post showing where all the good work is created. Thanks, Kitty, that was fun.

P.S...Kitty's having blogger problems, so when you click on the link, scroll down to see her pic.


Sunday, June 26, 2005


Having anything positive to say about The Sacramento Bee isn't something I do, but to be fair I must give them credit for reporting the results of an earlier in-house investigation, though it pains me to do so.

Back in May, Bee columnist Diana Griego Erwin, was allowed to resign because she was unable to verify the existence of some people mentioned in her stories. Translated: She was fired for making them up. Erwin's exposure wouldn't be that surprising except for the fact she's a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. The west coast's version of Jason Blair. The Bee promised to dig further into her back columns to see if they could be verified, and the results, so far, are off the charts. Up to this point the Bee can't verify the existence of 43 people mentioned in her columns.

The Bee hasn't gone all the way back to the beginning of her writing career yet, but it looks like this won't end until they take a peek at her papers from college. If you're a news junkie, and I know you are, today's article is a must read.

UPDATE: I forgot to add that The Bee requires free registration. This article is worth the price of admission, though. Thanks to John at Marathon Pundit for that reminder.


Friday, June 24, 2005


Here at the Thirdwavedave Control Center, I've got the right time, the right cup, and the right website. Do you?

You say you don't need a clock or a coffee cup? Well, consider a "Classic Thong" for the low, low price of $7.99. And it's Made in the USA. You can't beat that!!

My order was in Wednesday and at my front door Friday.

Time is ticking, so get over to their store!!




Rumsfeld is one cool customer. He took Ted's best pitches yesterday and didn't swing at one of them. Ball four, take your base, Mr. Rumsfeld. Kennedy tried to call him out on strikes but you have to actually be in the game to do that. I think it's clear Teddy's not in the game.

Teddy isn't the only one not in the game; his party isn't either. Kennedy and the democrats, at best, are reduced to sitting in the cheap seats booing those on the field making plays. Spectators. After all, John Kerry made a career out of spectating from the Senate bleachers.

Kennedy thought it was time for Rummy to resign as SECDEF, but I thought a better idea would be for Kennedy to resign, thus making room at the table for someone with an idea, a solution, and a plan of action. In other words, someone who supports America and its service men and women. Other than a scotch and soda, Kennedy doesn't bring much to the table.

But, you have to understand that Teddy is at his grumpiest this time of year. His political career officially ended 36 years ago next month. It was in all the papers along with Neil and Buzz. Not a good time for the "weak kitten in the litter." 36 years? Time does fly. Don't you think it's time, Mr. Kennedy?

And I noticed the reporting of Rummy's appearance with Kennedy in the New York Times. The Times just can't bring itself to call a terrorist a terrorist. Their headline reads:

"Timeline for Iraq Pullout Would Aid Insurgents, Rumsfeld Says"

But what Rumsfeld actually said was:

"It would throw a lifeline to terrorists who in recent months have suffered significant losses and casualties, been denied havens and suffered weakened popular support," said Mr. Rumsfeld. "Timing in war is never predictable. There are no guarantees. And any who say we've lost this war or that we're losing this war are wrong. We are not."

Ya got no game, Ted, so don't you think it's time?


Wednesday, June 22, 2005


No mention of this story in the MSM. However, the History Channel will be broadcasting the entire event soon. The date hasn't been set, but they did indicate a mid-2005 airing. Details here and here.

***Because of this man, your life has never been the same.

***Handing Kitty a tissue...

***I've got a bad case of ADC. It's an old clip but it's still good to see a CNN host get the treatment. From Ace of Spades. (push play)

***Milblogger down at Black Five.

***Can I get "extra mashed potatoes" with that? From the Pam Meister.

***Can't mention this one enough.

***This morning Don Imus was attempting to make a joke about Tim Russert's friendliness towards his (Imus') son, but halfway through it he realized he was about to step in it and quickly backed off and went on to something else. Imus somewhat compared Russert's overtures to that of Michael Jackson's pedophilia. No one was laughing. Even the I-Man has his limits.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Though I don't think it's enough, Dick Durbin's apology on the Senate floor is certainly a start. Many want Durbin to be cencured or forced to resign from the Senate; I support these efforts completely. We'll see how it goes, but I think this will probably be the extent of his punishment for now. I'm sure there will be a political price to be paid by the Senator in the future.

I want to thank everyone who played a part in the effort we started last week; millions of bloggers made this apology possible. In particular, I send my gratitude to Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, Power Line, Brainster, and Polipundit for taking the time to link our small sites so we could have a bigger stage in order to get our words out. Without your help, Dick Durbin wouldn't have been on the Senate floor today apologizing. And I thank each and every blogger who linked my site; in my mind you're all Great Americans.

Kudos to all of you!



Fox News' Shep Smith just reported that the missing Cub Scout, Brennan Hawkins, has been found alive after being in the wilderness since Friday. Nothing like some good news. For more info on the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of America, click here.


Monday, June 20, 2005



I've lived in California for the last 30 years, but I was born and raised in Urbana, Illinois, and to this day my family has a farm in operation in Illinois' 15th Congressional District. So, I wondered what the entire "Illinois Congressional Delegation" felt about Senator Durbin's comments. I contacted the offices of each Senator(2) and Representative(19) in Illinois and asked the following question:

Does your office think Senator Durbin should apologize?

Here are the results:

Sen. Durbin-D 202-224-2152 Will not answer phone. UPDATE: Got through to his Chicago office and they say his latest statement is all they have available. No opinion it is.
Sen. Obama-D 202-224-2854 -No opinion

Bobby Rush-D 202-224-6500 -No opinion
Jessie Jackson-D 202-225-0773 -No opinion
Daniel Lipinski-D 202-225-5701 -No opinion
Luis Gutierrez-D 202-225-8203 -No opinion
Rahm Emmanuel 202-225-4061 -No opinion
Henry Hyde-R 202-225-4561 -No opinion
Danny Davis-D 202-225-5006 -No opinion
Melisa Bean-D 202-225-3711 -No opinion
Janice Schakowsky-D 202-225-2111 -No opinion
Mark Kirk-R 202-225-4835 -No opinion
Jerry Weller-R 202-225-3635 -No opinion
Jerry Costello-D 202-225-5661 -No opinion
Judy Biggert-R 202-225-3515 -No opinion
Dennis Hastert-R 202-225-2976 -No opinion
Timothy Johnson-R 202-225-2371 -No opinion
David Manzullo-R 202-225-5676 -No opinion
Lane Evans-D 202-225-5905 -No opinion
Ray Lahood-R 202-225-6201 -No opinion
John Shimkus-R 202-225-5271 -No opinion
I found an opinion in Iraq, though.

POWERLINE calls Durbin.


Saturday, June 18, 2005


Just lookin' around for this guy.



Right now I have what is best described as a "Durbin Hangover"; the last couple days have been a whirlwind of blogging, phone calls, emails, and emotions. It's comforting to see how many in the blogging community have come forward to flex their individual strenghth against the likes of "Little Dickie Durbin," as Hugh Hewitt likes to call him. It gives one hope.

Now that the phones in Washington D.C. are being answered by automated devices and the MSM is all but ignoring the Durbin story, one has to ask, what next? At this time, I don't know. However, contributing to this new site is as good a place as any to start: Bloggers for Censure.

I have much more to say about Durbin, but for now I'll just encourage you to visit Blogs for Censure and put a link on your respective sites, and formulate your plans of action for Monday morning. Remember, half the Senate and most of the MSM are hoping you'll tire of this issue and move on to something else. Prove them wrong.

Before I go, read a couple comments from Iraq. Here and Here.

Hat tip: Blogmeister USA and Lifelike Pundits.


Friday, June 17, 2005


....and it's starting to come out in the print media. It only takes a second to send an email or make a phone call to your representitives in D.C. Pam at Blogmeister USA makes it very clear what she expects from hers. She has the link for contacting your rep and a bonus cartoon, which is pretty good.

Hat Tip: Powerline.



To my surprise, someone else has a position on Durbin. Sheila sent this in from Senator George Allen of VA. And she didn't have to call him for his position:

Sheila said...
I didn't even have time to try to contact Sen. George Allens office, they sent out an email early today that covered several topics including Durbin:

"Earlier this week, Senator Dick Durbin, the Senate Minority Whip, likened the actions of U.S. soldiers at Guantanamo Bay to those of “Nazis, Soviets, in their Gulags,” and regimes that had “no concern for human beings.” Senator Durbin’s disparaging remarks on the floor of the U.S. Senate were reprehensible. To compare our brave and honorable American troops to the Nazis and other brutal, murderous regimes is outrageous and irresponsible. It is appalling to me that a U.S. Senator would disparage our men and women in uniform in this way. This hateful assertion can be demoralizing to our brave troops and their families praying for their loved one’s safety back home. Moreover, it must bring glee to terrorists and those who are enemies of America. The patriots serving in Guantanamo and elsewhere around the world are truly some of the finest that our nation has to offer and I’m so proud of the way they represent America. I believe Senator Durbin should ask for forgiveness from the troops and their families for his absurd, deplorable analogy.George never minces his words...:-)

Good for George Allen.



Matt at OVERTAKEN BY EVENTS gets the silent treatment from his reps in the Senate. For a body that loves to yammer on and on about a lot of BS, they're sure quiet these days when it comes to something important.



Michelle Malkin will be on H and C this evening, and I don't think she'll be talking about breastfeeding.



Senator Obama, D-Illinois 202-224-2854...."The Senator has no public comment at this time. Maybe in a week." Take your time, Senator. No hurry.



I was having a discussion with someone regarding calling the Senate about Durbin's comments, and the person stated, "I don't do politics." I understand some feel this way, but understand this from Hugh Hewitt, who puts it out there better than anyone:

"BTW: If you don't "get" this, you are really far removed from the country's center. It isn't a Democrat-Republican, left-right thing. It is an American-anti-American thing. Period."

Our fighting men and women are taking fire here at home and I know they'd be happy to see us cover their flank.



Hey! Looks like we've found a second Senate member with a position on Durbin.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin



Thanks goes out to Pam and Mr.and Mrs. Media Matters for informing me the "Comments Section" wasn't working properly.

Sorry about that.



Welcome to those linking from Michelle Malkin's site. That was a surprise! I'm pleased to see Michelle keeping the focus on Durbin and his anti-americanism. This morning I thought I'd give a few more senators a call and get their positions regarding Durbin. They've had plenty of time, so I was sure they'd all have a position by now. Think again, Thirdwave.

John Thune 202-224-2321...."Equating American Marines to Nazis is irresponsible and wrong. Senator Durbin owes our men and women in uniform an apology.” I guess the few dollars I sent him are paying off.

Charles Schumer 202-224-6542...."He hasn't released a position, yet." Don't bother, Chuckie.

John McCain 202-224-2235...."Mr. McCain doesn't have a position, yet." I'm guessing he won't be running in 2008.

Harry Reid 202-224-3542...."Not aware if Mr. Reid has released a position, so I'm unable to comment." That's ok, I have a good idea what his position is anyway.

Hillary Clinton 202-224-4451....Solid busy signal all morning. Probably on the phone with Schumer and McCain. UPDATE: "Mrs. Clinton hasn't released a statement, yet." Next time I'm calling collect.

Remember this: The Senators can't duck your questions and the MSM won't be asking.

In addition to Malkin's site, Hugh Hewitt is all over this topic, too, and I don't think either one of them are going to let it go. Now get on the phone and see if your Senator has a position and blog about it!


Thursday, June 16, 2005


Durbin should be kicked out of the Senate and brought up on charges for giving "aid and comfort" to the enemy. He's welcome to make these statements, however, they should be made behind closed doors so not to embolden our enemy. Pam at Blogmeister USA has a post with details.

I was curious what other members of the Senate had to say about Durbin's comments against our troops. I called a few Senate offices to get the staff's response.

Ted Kennedy 202-224-4543...."Not quite sure, I'll have to check on that." Not quite sure?

Joe Lieberman 202-224-4041...."Mr. Lieberman has no comment at all." Really?

John Kerry 202-224-2742...."Sen. Kerry doesn't have a position on Sen. Durbin's comments." Why doesn't this surprise me?

This is your United States Senate at work. Proud?


Wednesday, June 15, 2005


The big news this week wasn't Jacko's verdict; it was Arnold's call for a "special election."

After being elected governor, Arnold got a few things done, and fast. Then he made attempts to work with the legislature to make the big changes needed here in California, but the Dims weren't having any of that. When it comes to messing with the entrenched power brokers in Sacramento, "no" is the automated response. Since it's obvious the Gov isn't in a position to get anything important accomplished, he's presenting it to people who can: The voters. The blood-letting will soon begin and the streets of California will be running red. This is much bigger than the re-call election that brought him to Sacramento, and if it's successful it will have nationwide significance. It's a rare politician who puts his entire political future on the line and goes "all-in." I think he has a winning hand.


***LIFELIKE PUNDITS didn't go to medical school, but they're able to pinpoint Terri's cause of death. Makes sense to me. And, Mrs. Media Matters weighs in along with La Shawn Barber's two cents' worth.

***The MSM relishes a good story. It wouldn't surprise me to see this coward on 60 Minutes, Hardball, and that show where they don't allow the idiot host to wear a shirt and tie, Coast to Coast.

***Howeird is Dean? Click here and listen up.

***She's feeling their pain. Those poor SOBs. Oh, the humanity!

***A reminder of "real" pain.

***For the "lib-dims," minorities can be oh so pesky.

***Ruffini has a good point. I hope someone's listening.

***1984 is here. Type in your address and look over Big Brother's shoulder.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005


H. Ross Perot made a rare TV appearance on Hannity and Colmes this evening to announce Operation Homecoming USA. Perot is one of the movers and shakers who helped organize this event to officially provide the Viet Nam Vets with the welcome home they never received.

Perot, though getting up there in years, was able to handle Alan Colmes' obligatory left-wing questions regarding speaking out against the war in Iraq. Leave it to Colmes to bring that up while Perot is announcing this great event. I'm sure the MSM will show its ass while reporting on this week-long event.

This event begins in Branson, Mo., but will be played out all over our nation with ceremonies in every professional baseball park. It is huge, and long over due.

For all the details, go here.




Monday, June 13, 2005


Hookers are very expensive, but I've always been attracted to them.

And I don't mind paying for them.

UPDATE: Picture of TWD with a hooker. (Lower right)

Hat Tip: Black Five.



....but a Great American too. Denzel Washington's donation to the Fisher House got posted at a couple sites and that was the end of it. I made a note to post about the story, too, but it just sat there for whatever reason. The MSM didn't mention it as far as I could tell, either. No surprise there since it's a story about taking care of our troops. This story needs to be posted at all our sites.

Then "A Soldier's Mom" posted about Fisher House and the wristbands they are selling to raise money to take care of the troops. Our troops. The ones that are wounded and need our help. Mom's post got me motivated to post about it. The great thing about Fisher House is that all the money you send them stays with them. Their Admin costs run about 5%. "A Soldier's Mom" is an important site; stop by and say hello to her.

Denzel's checkbook might be bigger than ours, but your donation is equally as important. We have very few in Hollywood that stand up for the important things in life, so I think we should follow Denzel's example and send a couple bucks to the Fisher House and support the soldiers that need our help. You don't see the Jane Fonda opening her checkbook for our troops, do you? No, but she does issue "non-apology apologies" in order to sell tickets to her movies. Bitch.

Not only am I getting the purple wristband, I'm sending in enough to get the dogtags, too. I will proudly display them with the ones the Army gave me.

Hat Tip: PoliPundit and Gateway Pundit.


Saturday, June 11, 2005


I'm a big fan of "Mail Call" and the Gunny, R. Lee Ermey. Friday night the Gunny went to Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri to fly the 2nd seat in a B-2 bomber. The Air Force doesn't let you fly in a B-2 without going through some extensive training and tests first.

The Gunny passed with no problem.

Our entire B-2 force is assigned to the 509th Bomber Group out of Whiteman. 21 bombers at $2 billion a pop, and it looked to me like we got our money's worth. After the Gunny's flight was complete, the Group's commander presented Ermey with some items to remember the flight with. One item was the squadron's patch with the number "341" added to it. This signifies that the Gunny is the 341st person to fly in the B-2.

The Gunny also added some trivia about the 509th at the end of the show.

General Paul Tibbits (ret), who piloted the "Enola Gay" over Japan in 1945, was also in the 509th Bomber Group. Today, the 509th has a LTC Paul Tibbits IV flying for them, the General's grandson. (And, for Chris at Lucky Dawg News, when Gen. Tibbits was a 2nd LT, he shot Skeet with LTC George S. Patton.)

Semper Fi.


Friday, June 10, 2005


Lucky Dawg News says it scooped the MSM on the Los Alamos story. Take a look see.

I'm pretty sure Charles Rangel has pushed a little too far this time.


Arianna Huffington was on The Factor yesterday debating O'Reilly. This chick is out to lunch, a long one. If this is the best the left can do, then they're in for some turbulent times ahead. She couldn't debate her way out of a phonebooth. I almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

Does anyone on the left ever put together these "Freedom Concerts" that celebrate America and its Troops, like Sean Hannity does? I watch all the cable outlets but I only see Hannity doing it. I may have missed them. Does anyone know? I hate to think the left only gets together to bash the President.

If you're waiting for a jury to decide your guilt or innocence, I would say Friday is not the best of days. I have a gut feeling today is Jacko's day. Just a feeling.

Congressman Paul Ryan's office called me yesterday to inform me they won't be getting any pictures of their Chief of Staff, Andrew Speth, from Iraq. I was going to post them here but he's not in a position to blog like some of the other troops. Too bad.

Mrs. Media Matters sent this for you to play with. Have your coffee first, though.

Major K was interviewed by the BBC. It turned out just as he thought it would. And, I'm proud to say I made the Major's list of Allies. My first Iraq blogroll.


Thursday, June 09, 2005


***Here in Folsom I've got the prison on one side and Al Qaida on the other...just down the road. They're probably in all our towns.

UPDATE: The Toronto Trim?? I've heard it all now, ladies.

****When I first saw her name in the paper, a red flag went up. I thought it strange, though not unheard of, that she used her maiden name. LIFELIKE PUNDITS explains why.

***Warning: Try reading just one.

***Iraqi oil production: A view from the cockpit.

***I put this site together a few years ago to locate all my Army buddies. It took some time and the help of a P.I. but I found most of them. Look Ma, no airplane! TWD then and now.

***When I go to a restaurant and see this sign, I immediately ask for my 50 cents back. When they tell me I have to contact the vendor, I ask to use their phone. Idiots.

***O'Neill offers Kerry some help.

***Pam at Blogmeister USA is making the grade in my homestate. (scroll)

***I really don't like RAP music, but I had to give the boys a try...not bad, either. Live!! From Lucky Dawg News.

***John Wayne weighs in. And I agree with him.

***Ben Stein says all that needs to be said. From Powerline.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Powerline has two must-read updates posted today. One is about Pepsico and the "speech" that won't go away. Pepsico is demonstrating "how not to handle" a PR problem; they're giving a free clinic on "putting your brand name at risk." ATTENTION all CEO's: Watch and learn. The other is on Kerry and the workings of SF 180. JFK must be on Pepsico's board.

***After Indra Nooyi issued her apology, Pepsico figured, and hoped, that all of you would chill-out and go about your business. Not happening!! Major E is still in the ring slugging it out with Pepsico. Pepsico is looking a bit dazed, and for good reason: The Major has cut the ring in half and Pepsico is running out of places to hide. Read about it here. If you feel like asking Pepsico about this, click here for all contact info.

***Kerry, like Pepsico, figured he'd sign SF 180, release what he wanted to the public, and that would be the end of it. Not happening here, either!! A Powerline reader submits his take on how SF 180 works and how Kerry is manipulating the process. He still can't shake that 1978 discharge, though. Read it here.



Trust me, I'm over the obsession with Kerry and I promise not to be snarky anymore. Here's what's cool around my neck of the woods:

***Major K wants to show you how you rank in the world of richest people. After you see it, you'll take a moment to be grateful. Check it out here.

***Lifelike Pundits says this man has truly gone nuts, and I agree. Just throw the shells on the floor.

***The "Kitty Litter" box is full. She'll show you how Terri Schiavo could've survived. Plus a great Kitty pic you shouldn't miss.

***Brainster on the Wizard of Weininess. See for yourself and add to the list.

***Lucky Dawg has a speech on video that's well worth seeing again. Lucky Dawg is the man.

***Mrs Media Matters never wore a uniform for the military, but this gal is up on the front lines. A true American Patriot. I love her.

***A Soldiers Mom will tell you how to vacation in Baghdad. I love her, too.

***Hurl is flying his Cobra around Baghdad, but he has to eat while CNN is on the tube. He's not too happy about it.

***And, since you've gone this far, try this. I hate this thing!!!!


Tuesday, June 07, 2005


At the risk of be labeled "politically obsessive and snarky," as some would suggest, I would like to give a reason for still caring about John Kerry's military records. This may surprise you but it has nothing to do with John Kerry, and everything to do with the MSM. I already know Kerry is a fraud, and I figure millions of others have come to the same conclusion.

Kerry exited Viet Nam with a record Audie Murphy would be jealous of, yet he wasn't in country long enough to get a good tan. Last year he "reported for duty" again, but somehow failed to disclose the centerpiece of his campaign: His military records. You'd think he would've remembered that little detail, or had someone in his employ with the IQ above a grapefruit that could. To suggest Kerry wasn't smart enough to include these details is laughable. The man is a fraud, period. If you disagree with me, prove me wrong by getting Kerry to fully disclose his records. I'll make it easy, too, just explain to me why his discharge is dated 1978, instead of 1972. That should be easy enough.

The MSM's job is to report the news. Simple enough. They should not be in the business of helping one candidate over the other, as was the case last year. In addition, they should make great efforts to avoid the appearance of doing so. To do otherwise is very dangerous.

Last year John Kerry came within a whisker of being in the White House, however, had the MSM done its job, he wouldn't have come close; the election would've been over in October at the latest, and the debates would've been a moot point.

When Kerry announced he was "reporting for duty," the MSM should've been on him about his records like the Tates at a Manson Family parole hearing. Instead, they looked to Texas. Luckily, the Swifties were able to fill in for the MSM while they were AWOL somewhere in The Lone Star State. I'm thinking they were in a bar watching PBS tape "Austin City Limits."

So, when Kerry's records finally show up in their entirety, it will cause many to wonder why the MSM chose not to pursue this obvious story, and then they will have some 'splainin' to do. SF 180 has nothing to do with Kerry anymore; its all about the MSM not doing its job. Since Tim Russert of MSNBC trapped Kerry into saying he would release all his records, I encourage you to email them insisting they follow up on the story. I'll let Imus off the hook for now; he doesn't give a s*** what we think, anyway.



Would you like to know what's in John Kerry's military files? I know I would. Not only does Kerry not want you to see what's in there, the MSM doesn't, either. So, it's time to do what did with the Dan Rather "Fake Docs" story: Put pressure on NBC and Tim Russert. Once a high-powered journalist like Russert is forced to do his job, the rest of the MSM will get on board. If you don't put pressure on NBC, this story will flounder around on the internet and lose steam. Polipundit has led the charge on this issue; now it's time to finish it off.




When you email and call, demand that NBC/Tim Russert start pursuing this story NOW.

UPDATE: I did all three in less than 2 minutes. Ted, at the MTP studios, said he'd pass the message on. Let's see if he does.


Sunday, June 05, 2005


All things worth having come at a price. Freedom is certainly worth having and the Allied Nations paid dearly for it sixty-one years ago.

Take a moment and consider the scene pictured above.

Many of the troops you see wading through the water didn't live but a few moments after the pictured was snapped. All of them must have been sick with fear; their minds racing with thoughts of loved ones back home, and of the job ahead of them.

Everything we have and hold dear today was bought and paid for by the brave troops in the picture. Think about it.


Friday, June 03, 2005


I think Nixon got screwed twice. I was listening to his brother, Ed, on one of the cable shows and he said something that I was sure I heard wrong. So, I looked it up and, to my amazement, I had heard correctly, but I still find it hard to believe. Here's what his brother was talking about:

On April 10, 1978, a federal grand jury charged Felt, Miller and L. Patrick Gray with conspiracy to violate the constitutional rights of American citizens by searching their homes without warrants, though Gray's case was dropped before trial. Felt told Ronald Kessler:

"I was shocked that I was indicted. You would be too, if you did what you thought was in the best interests of the country and someone on technical grounds indicted you."

The case went to trial in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in the fall of 1980. On November 1, 1980 former President Richard Nixon appeared as a rebuttal witness for the defense, and testified that presidents since Franklin D. Roosevelt had authorized the bureau to engage in break-ins while conducting foreign intelligence and counterespionage investigations. It was Nixon's first courtroom appearance since his resignation in 1974. Nixon also contributed money to Felt's legal defense fund. Also testifying in their defense were five former attorneys general.

No wonder Felt didn't want anyone to know who "Deep Throat" was. First, he screws Nixon for not giving him the Director's job at the FBI, then he turns around and picks his pocket! The MSM, I'm sure, will bypass this portion of Felt's background. After all, they might not get another chance to slap Nixon around. In addition, I think this points out that Nixon had other ideas who "Deep Throat" was.

Felt's history here. Nixon's here.



Who said there's no good news coming out of Iraq? Major K has a piece of good news. He also has a report on some of the recent fighting he was involved in. You won't be reading about this in the MSM, so check it out.

Note: If you look closely, I think you can see him saluting.



***As I said before, if Jacko gets prison time, he blows town to sip "Jesus Juice" with Polanski.

***Screw the Chinese....and that goes double for McGovern.

***And while I'm at it, screw this guy too!

***Hurl finds Lefties inside the wire.


***PEPSICO dodges Major E's simple question.


Thursday, June 02, 2005


As Mark Felt's daughter, Joan, parades her father around with his walker like a carnival barker selling tickets to a midway sideshow, she reminds me of Serepta from the movie "The Shootist."

In the movie, Serepta, played by Sheree North, pays her old lover, J. B. Books, played by John Wayne, a surprise visit before his impending death. However, her motivation for the visit wasn't to pay her respects. Serepta wanted to convince Books to marry her so she could profit later from being Mrs. J. B. Books. She explains to Books that there's going to be a book written, "a real corker," about his life and bloody times as a shootist, and by being Mrs. J. B. Books she was assured future income in which to support herself.

J. B. Books tells her that he still has some self-respect left and throws her ass out.

I think if Mark Felt had as much control of his affairs now, as Books did then, he'd throw his daughter out on her ass, too. Hey, Joan, Newsflash!! Your daddy kept this part of his life a secret for a reason. Now that your dad can't remember what he had for breakfast, you thought it would be a good time to tout him as a hero to the world, while working to secure a book deal. You could've maintained your family's self-respect by at least waiting for your dad to die. But, he might've hung on too long for your comfort. After all, you've got bills to pay, right?

Your good father kept this a secret to protect himself, his retirement, and above all, his family; he knew what he did was not honorable. To unmask himself as "deep throat" early on would have exposed his family to future attacks from those he'd screwed. This may be the only heroic thing he did.

On Rush's program today, he mentioned that Felt currently lives in his daughter's home in Santa Rosa, Ca., in a converted garage. The irony being that Watergate began in a Washington D.C. garage and has come full circle to a garage in California. Now that's irony.

Mark Felt was the #2 man at the FBI, but he didn't learn a thing from his boss and mentor, Hoover. Joan, being the daughter of the #2 man, didn't learn a thing, either.

One thing is certain, though, Watergate was a real corker!

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